As I am hovering and getting image of covering my garden and the top of it as my conscious side of mind, I will then begin to dig so that I can get a look at the ground beneath to see what condition it is in and this is where the actual impression comes in. I start to take my shovel and dig the first hole to the ground, now why would I do that? It is because I have an impression in myself that I need to dig deeper so that I can sow some seeds for a beautiful tree, some flowers and some vegetables maybe.

In the process of me digging for the gold, the fresh dirt then I know there is a hidden world beneath what I can see and as I dig more I get more curious, at the same time I am discovering that it is possible to change the patterns that are already in the ground. I can begin to see what I have to change when I dig, though it may be disturbing and alarming for my subconscious mind, but the deep beneath in the dirt where my seeds are going is where they will shoot roots, the get into land where they can grow.

Sowing the seeds that I have chosen specifically is the same as our thinking, and those seeds has been planted for a reason etc. let’s say, I want to grow some strawberries, then they will go into my subconscious as some of the healthy choices. The thing I am impressing myself with is among sacrifices etc. so I have dug into some other habits I want to eliminate therefore, I am changing one habit for another. My garden current is filled with few weeds that has no place there, but still has a purpose, and that purpose needs to be eliminated for others to take their place, that takes work.