I refer this to as my conscious mind, the part of my mind that have the ability to think or reason, I am that type that always are looking into things with a very analytical mindset. When I first got started in knowing this, or actually before I got to know it, I had no clue why I was getting the things I got into my life, and I didn’t even ask why. I can say that today it is pretty obvious why I get things into my everyday life now. My garden is my description of how I see things and almost in what order.

The fertile soil or I say start at the top so I would not even confuse myself, which means, like going around with a camera and creating a new – above the ground atmosphere. I do start with my childhood home as a reference because the grass was always green and my dad always tried or kept in moderation. Imagining I am only watching through the camera lens because that makes a black background, so what I see through the lens is the creation of the garden. The other view is seeing myself filming what I see through the lens. If you have a good imagination and perception, then you can play as me with the scene.

The garden has plain ground, so in my imagination I am with the camera filming and creating what I want, like dirt some places and green grass other places. Then I see my job as to be a creator as I write and direct, okay it sounds like a film set but I prefer to see it as something that comes forward like out of nothing, it is the creative part of energy in our mind. My garden is what I make of it, it has to contain flowers and some trees etc. is has to have bushes with fruits, and some places I will have to place seeds, more is yet to come as it is my garden.