When travelling national and international there is a card that fits all, it is like a credit card with prepaid amount. The cool thing about it is, that it is cheaper that regular paid tickets. I could not see myself with a card like that, because it worries my with the technology that it is created with. The credit card we use every day is enough for me to establish a connection between my bank and what shop spend money on. I like the idea of just becoming automatic and everything just runs as smooth as possible. But it is also a way to live under the capitalism and communism.

The upgrade of a system is in real a step towards a one world system, and it happens all over. This could be a conspiracy and I am still inclined to believe a one world system is coming, but first we have to be introduced to various updates and upgrades. The difference between an updated system and an upgraded system is, the updated system is being corrected learned by errors from etc. customers who experience things like late trans-actions, or maybe something like forgetting to sign out at end destination. I have experienced one woman who ran toward a bus, because she forgot to sign out at her end-destination.

To give a little enlightenment, then ask if you have accepted by putting a cross on a paper of given your vote for new product etc. used by millions. Our system we have here is not been voted for, it has just been implemented for us to use, and no one besides some very few friends had been putting up some questions. Other people don’t put questions, because they have not been thinking about it, they just follow commercials and accepting the so-called freedom the system provides.