Here I am again, and this time I am doing small experiments in my friend’s shop, well, it’s actually the storage I do it with, I am making this blueprint for storage count, which he probably already have. Current I believe he already has it, but I love to create things on my own and keep the control in the storage. I have used simple tools as Microsoft excel and I will continue to use them, because it’s a program I know, and I am also in the process of learning excel as I also use word every day, I also use Powerpoint so to speak.

The storage system is built by shows in sizes and centimeters and there is so much that I first had to redesign it because it was a mess, then after I have sort a got the whole thing into system, then my next job is to store the whole thing in my memory, so when someone asks where is what, then I can say with precision. It is my way of having control and a sort a power. The way I have commenced the modifying is by making this excel and I did it in an opposite way as I did once learn, not because I wanted to, but because I barely remembered how I did it back then.

I was on the way home when I was repeating this modifying thing, I then associated and got the idea of an application, and then the associations came up. The application I was thinking about, was to help people get things into order, like their own storage of clothes etc. or their storage on their work, that is if they have shipments every day like some marketing etc. I will think about the application as I all the time think of ways to improve things and create new ones.