I have begun to play more with the program released by piriform, you know if you have a computer, most people have, then you should download defraggler from them, because I have discovered several thing about them. when it comes to fragments on a computer, I am experiencing that at the moment, and it’s quite annoying, but happily for me I have this tech nerd, he knows I believe he is that. What I like about the program is that besides the change of colors in options, then there is a quick defrag and the regular defrag, I think I saw that in another program just like it, but chose this from piriform.

The program has as many other programs, options. One of the options I discovered was there is chosen specific options for regular defragmentation and quick defragmentation. In each one there are several options like, it is possible to choose the size of files that has to be moved somewhere to the disk or not, and it is both quick and regular defragmentation. This is cool stuff. What triggers me most was in some hidden partitions where there is always fragments that I could’nt get defragmented, I then put my time more into the program and chose some different options.

Now this is the time where my fun began, because I am so much in the habit of doing something, and then I don’t know the cause or what or how something occur, it then becomes a headache and I then will need to go into twice the work to get it done and find the solution, but the fun thing is, that I get to know myself and to think in solutions and not only that, but also when I am out in public when people are complaining of pain etc. or close friends, then I am up with a solution to ask for understanding.