“The explanation of health – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – goes through nutrition”.

I work with Herbalife and that is no secret, I am an Herbalife member so to speak. Before I got real started to earn some points or sales with Herbalife as they call it, I had the most difficult time with asking for orders. it means I was not very proud to expose I were in network marketing as almost anyone I came across saw Herbalife as some illegal thing going on, it appeared much different as time has gone by. I can now that I have used the products for 8 years and will continue to do that for years to come.

A little while after I got started, as every marketing starts new ones, are trying to make it big and almost drown themselves in leads, and new customers. I did that as well, though one thing I had overlooked is, that when starting one or helping another one beginning a new lifestyle, the first thing to actually be done is to establish a relationship built on trust, but that didn’t happen here, no it was a sale, and I do believe the customer could hear that, so they quickly declined. after those few experiences I kind of evaluated the things we had to say and I did few practices on how to act, but it didn’t work though I tested on few new customers. It scared me yes.

I did then commence the study of our body, and the processes to get into why Herbalife’s nutrition should be the first and foremost, I have then come to conviction that Herbalife is not about selling, it’s about helping others get better, and direct them on a sort of path, and I have done that now, so in these times when I hear of someone having some health issues, I say with confident voice, I can help and I will. Now an order is placed and it is actually one of my friends and what he doesn’t know yet is that I have experiences from another site which I will of course tell him when we meet up again.