The system that is present in many countries, and regions, well I don’t believe that every country of the 220 there are, is the same as Denmark, so I say both regions and countries. When applying for some help from the system we as citizen needs to be approved to get some help, oddly enough, we need not to have abundance or unlimited resources but just enough to go by, and if it is shown in the system we can get more than, just enough, then the assistance or help is cut off. I do understand that things can be limited, though I am convinced to get where we are, we will need to take from an abundant source.

What do I mean by communism? Communism I was told at first was just a system, I asked few times but apparently didn’t listen to what was said, then I asked my new friend from our work, what exactly communism is, then she put it my way, since I was talking about all the control and being a victim, and our society is under surveillance that almost everyone here is under the system as communism, and at that point it all made sense. Today then I phoned with my friend since he pays me small deeds to help him, he expressed as he supports this system, that I had a right to demand some paycheck to survive.

Our conversation went on for a bit, to how and why taxes and paychecks are handled, and since he is a supporter of it, I take it then he is caught in poverty or limitation, because I know our feelings are like magnets, so what we put out of emotions, we then draws to us. This is described in the documentary The Secret. I am not a supporter of communism as that, because the role of money is like this: what service we deliver is in direct proportion to what we earn.