I am every week now in an online seminar with training to reach a higher level in Herbalife, that means of course to get a training to get a leadership attitude, to be coached by one who is in a top position in the business. I believe it is every Thursday and the ones who are committed to make a change, they are there at every call. The purpose of it is to raise our awareness, and get to see a certain vision of ourselves as leaders. The one who is hosting the seminar, has been in the business for 22 years and I have only been inside for 8 years, and though I haven’t reached far is perception of things, so why am I on is because I will have to build the vision of me being at a new spot, that could be one level up or several.

I have this current view of me as I haven’t yet moved up, that I then are building this new idea of faith that I have to reach the new level to get all the 50% discount as Herbalife allows, I should mention that whenever an Herbalife member buys just a single product or a certain amount of volume, let’s say I buy at 25% then my sponsor earns the rest because every product that is shipped out has 50% discount. So people who does not understand might ask, but ain’t that cheating, and I would say no, because there is this personal bond between  a member and a client that values the product and service rendered.

What is perceived here is the service from all kinds of network marketing, I am in several, or at least I am registered so I have the potential in 4 or 5 businesses, but what lies closest to my heart is Herbalife. They just possess and continues this knowledge of the founder’s vision that every home across the planet has a shake standing in their kitchen for a healthy meal. These calls then builds up a new belief that I can not only make 10.000 points at BlogJob but also at Herbalife.

“We all want things – https://tinyurl.com/q7murhr – though there are always a price”.