I have on a wall at home two papers that illustrates the way to creation, and the opposite called disintegration. When I look at them almost every day I have a habit of tendency to look more at the fear and anxiety place, I would catch myself doing that, then I quickly turn over to the creation side of attitude, that is where faith becomes the wellbeing and turns into acceleration. Where my study comes in is the repetition of the creation side because, if I or you are not in that direction, we are in the opposite direction.

After then discovering my habit of leaning to the fear side and the actual reason why I have studied so much is because I desired to know how people I bump into or just everyone to practice my intuition. I then use my conscious attention to sense how much in fear they are, then, to kind of give them the hint that what they actually express much of their time, my habit is then changing to a small-talker or a tiny conversation to make people feel heard instead of exposing them to their fear which would be entering their comfort zone, and that zone is only going to change if someone can speak to their feelings and being news that can lift them and bring value.


The first part and process of the creation side, is the question for understanding or just understanding of things as they are, and better yet, the understanding of oneself, also known as the quote, “know thyself”. I have experienced it takes a lot of time not to ask the environment, but to turn the questions inside for own education and self-discovery. Once we do that, we will be able see some other value that we did not see before we started.