In the movie Hungry for Change I really like the speakers view on health, and how today’s food are designed to make us want it you know really have a hunger for it. We are literally being deceived and disclosed by the truth to buy foods so to speak. One teacher among the few I chose to follow and study, had this certain attitude and shared my previous time as I was hooked on television-shows. I remember the phrase; the only fun I had been the people on TV having fun. That went right into my mind, and still is there, I even have the picture of her saying it, and with her expression on the attitude.

When I stumbled upon this film, I was actually in search for something else as in change. If I remember correctly then I was searching for more mentors to get more than one or two opinions about the mind, and the search gave an unexpected result. This hungry for change search meant I got the insight and confirmation about what we eat today and what we are eating, or what is eating us. When I began to watch the film, I was caught or sold by it, I even began to like the female lead-role, as she was a bit misplaced but she was illustrating to live the everyday life as we are consuming too much sugar and meat etc. milk is included, and I’m talking about milk from another species that we drink.

As I progressed the film, and some days after I decided to make the successful repeat from when I saw the secret, then I would pick two or three people from the film, follow what they have been studied and get wiser on my own health. This led me to watch the movie on repeat and to watch it when I was laying down to rest.