I liked when Bob Proctor expressed in a call that he wants to meet anxiety every day. I was actually stunned to hear him say it. At first I was thinking, why would he do that and, right after I started to ask myself; what can I do to meet anxiety every day as millions get psychotropic drugs. I want to be a mentor for people as Bob is, I actually want to outgrow him in any way possible, and that means I have to get to that point where I become a goal-seeker, and also to that point where I do not worry what other people are worrying about.

I often get Bob Proctor in my mind as I like his attitude when we are in a call, whether it be the six minutes to success or his streaming club which I am not in right now, but will return soon. Now that we know he wants to meet his anxiety and I know why, because he knows it changes his vibration which is feelings, and it also sets up a habit to change a lot and makes it easy, and sort of comfortable. I could see where this would go as I study him and his programs a lot.


I guess he would gladly repeat in a call or in a chat, that he would do almost anything to meet an anxiety to show people what he means instead of always talk about it. I don’t know what he would do, but after all he is seeking the border every day, therefore he must be in a some kind of habit of wanting to change. So finishing up I would add as an advice when you meet Bob in a call, he is very intuitious if there is a word like that, I assume not but now I have invented it.