This might seem familiar to some and to some it might seem obvious, and to me it is now after two or three years obvious, but I have not yet impressed my subconscious mind. Bob Proctor was unconscious competent at that time, and he went around for nine years and wondered what happened.

The Neuro-Linguist Programming or known as NLP is a way to decibe the process of habits etc. I have a friend in Canada who gave me in one evening a week’s value of NLP leaning and how it was put together and who did take courses of known people, he saw their signatures in a book where the course was held. The NLP and change of habit goes like this or some like it; unconscious competent, then conscious incompetent, goes to conscious competent and last unconscious competent. That is like the wave of change when we learn to take a new route or taking a risk of something and meet anxiety. Going to Bob Proctor then he was given the book, Think and Grow Rich. He followed what was said and instructed and from his own explanation he earned more than he knew how, this is something that went on over two years timespan. I always sort of understand why he then started to ask himself the question, why he earned as much as he did. I always remember some of his stories of what he then did as he suddenly earned that much, one is he went to a car-dealer, he then pointed out a car and said: I would like to buy that one.

I also sometimes see myself as he did there by all those money just keep pouring in, then after that I unconsciously choose to let the idea go and focus on my health and the spreading of it. I should and you should really be focusing on what we want to give.