I have this commercial thing I am watching every day, then I think about or observe the commercials quite well, such as who is the sender, what are they planning to sell, what is the purpose of the commercial, and as you read this and don’t know me, then I love to search behind the curtain.

In these new commercials from the carbrand Volkswagen, german of course, they show all the benefits as sales do and no cons, I guess that’s the best way to sell and as long as it looks good it sells. I am very much that type now with increased curiosity that means I like to wonder about things and then ask a question or two. The commercial is about their new car I assume with all this electronic in it; like sleep sensor, I guess if we are tired the car can register how awake you are and alert, that has google predicted that in 20 years from now, we will have automated cars just like certain public transportations, we have one that almost does it in Copenhagen, our metro.

As we progress in electronics and that we demand faster transportation, some people are creating or building new things, they actually add things, and I know how to build etc. a smart phone, you start by brainstorming all ideas and wants, then the technology has to be chosen, and then production can begin. Where I am going is that the more electronics goes into cars and our everydays, we give up our own control stage by stage, you can call it conspiracy, but I can see the pattern now.

When the commercial will be back hopefully I can go into more details about it and expose what is coming, of course we all want our day to be easier, but when it comes to that it can’t be made more easy, then we will express something else. I should add as the last thing here that the reason why we remember commercials is they are comics and ridiculous, and the editing makes us be interested.