This day was a little special or much more than anticipated. I was kind of invited to this reception by present institution I once lived in, then we are rewinding time back 20 years. I believe I anticipated more people from back then this day because the leader of that institution was changing spot

This day was a little special and once I was present in the place of the departure reception, I began to think of several people who were missing and was only asking about one I remember and after that I only mentioned few others.

When I was with the public transportation I had these blogideas and to associate and observe as I was born and raised in that city, so I had a few flashbacks as I was travelling. That is kind a healthy to go into the past and mess a little with the memory, then use neuro-linguist programming to change various views of scenery, just in that case.

The primary of the day was the visiting in the old place where some guy were shifting jobs that he had been with for 20 years or so, and the plan was after that to visit my friend’s danceshop, and in advance I told myself to give the storage a rest that day to get a good look back at where I was and to change views on stories that came up. You can say I was sentimental and I also told her when I came to the shop, that I really wanted to continue but yet I wanted to take a little rest because of the look-back and reflect. As I recall from my memory I also typed down few questions that could lead to my friend’s increase in sales or advertising.

My last thing of that day was to do a daily report, but that did not work out, I guess changing habits can be tough, I actually know it can be tough because I know habits are in the subconscious mind.