I have written many blogs, but not enough to express I have a certain love or obsession with Herbalife. The way it is meant to be expressed is in shape of me getting around the world as I have recently heard of one that has used social media to become a massive inspiration to many, and I decided yesterday to get in touch with that distributor so that I maybe could go the same direction.

I can only wait for a bit to get feedback from leaders as they value their time very much. I can go through everyone’s fear of being rejected or accepted, I mean a physical presentation of Herbalife, and the difficult thing would be to give people something to make an order on, because my website is under update.

Going to why I love Herbalife is because they still go by the philosophy of using herbs and going in high quality, I have seen their facilities and where they produce their things. They have recently opened a facility in United States.

I remember once, that was actually back in September 2014 where I got this mail from the Nordic office, that some products and they were the only one, some perfumes, they went out of stock and all the rest apparently either were return to sender or sold out. That was not the favorite mail, besides that I know other products has been taken out also because of sales, that was a product called Male Factor. When that product went out, I called my sponsor to ask if this thing had happen before, and he said yes, then it came clear to me, Herbalife is always improving.

The other thing about Herbalife I love is my story. It is very close to Mark Hughes story, the founder. As he lost his mom to some drug-overdose because she was hoping to lose weight, I don’t think she made it that far.

There are many factors to why I love this company as you can see, and the stories will keep coming as I begin to associate.