When I think of money you know a dollar bill or my own Danish currency, it could be Swedish crowns etc. I think of something that has been as an exchange of a service. Money is used if I give something to you and you give something in return to me. It is perceived as a simple thing, an exchange put simply.

I have been listening on repeat to Earl Nightingale’s recording on money, and every time I listen to it, I get more into the vibes of selling or giving a lot of things as more service. The quotes he shares of us when we do not earn money, I do think of what I can give life and in return get a lot of money, but I have to expect no return but to focus on the service I render to people. The friends I have in network, do on occasion say they hate money, and that they are evil. I am then inclined to add that, money is not evil because if you don’t have them, you can’t get any food, besides if you grow it yourself, and I mean from own garden and not buying seeds for growth, I do think you get my point. These few people are sometimes saying, we do not need money and was only created out of debt, they are probably right, but they get them anyway each month, yet I stand with my perception, and think of why they were created, and what to replace them with if they were taken away, because if there is no exchange I can vision the trouble and confusion from people.

The economy is today this way that, banks are doing heavy commercial to lend out money and only to those who are in strong economy and not the poor, I know the Federal Reserve has a huge role in the U.S. economy, but what I am going into is the exchange of services and products. I give you a service or a great product that value your life, and in return, I get money from you. We have to keep asking for orders to keep the money flowing.