I have over the past year been more aware of the perception of our planet as it spins around itself, and take a turn around the star we of course call, sun. When I got the application that shows what time the sun rises and sets. There is the Julian day mentioned, that one I got into.

You might say, there is a lot of applications that shows when sun rises and sets, then I am inclined to say; yes there are many apps, but I just need some few information and I like it separate, not that I like one application for it all, but I like it more detailed than to have a lot of information in one piece. One application I can mention I have had is a measurement application, it measured the temperature and humidity and distance etc. I think there was more, but now I can’t remember it, I wish I could though. This sunrise sunset application has some various information about one day. It has the date, the astronomical rise and set, the nautical ruse and set, the civil rise and set, the transit and the important keyword, Julian Day. You can calculate it on your own how long time ago Julius took over the Roman calendar, December 31 2017 is Julian Day number 2.458.119 then divide that by 365 which is a year, now we got when Julius took over. Then imagine back in time, when dinosaurs thrived on the planet, they also experienced the light and dark as we did probably. If we assume they did, they might not think as a certain date in the year, they were just hunters and other roles in nature. You see it is a whole new perception here, just think of if the dinosaurs had their calendar, but they didn’t or I assume they didn’t.

As I write this we are in 2014, and that is set by Christianity, I don’t mind the religion as they are above 100 of them, but I only know very few, and my mentor has mentioned one common thing about them; we have to add faith, but what he might not know or haven’t told, is that they are for control.