I Remember September 11th

I still to this day remember this day in 2001. I was cleaning the house while listening to music. I had the house all to myself as the boys were in school and hubby was at work. Then the phone rang. It was my Mom telling me to turn on the t.v. because the twin towers had just been crashed into. I did not believe it was real at first even hearing it from a person that I knew would not make something like that up. I turned on the t.v. , no channel surfing needed, it was on all of them. My heart still goes out to all of the families that lost loved ones in all of the attacks that day.

It does seem strange to me that once again, on 9/11 I was in the mood to do a lot of cleaning. I started out this morning getting the dishes washed. Next I went outside and got the feed bags of burn pile trash into regular trash bags. I then finished filling them with stuff from in front of the garage that is piled up. They are ready to go to the edge of the yard tomorrow night. But I was not done there yet. I got the clear coat on my pumpkins next. img_20160911_120932287 I like the way that they turned out. It was finally time to take a break. We went to eat at Mom and Dads and sat for a while talking.

When I walked home I got back to work. First was to clean up Jills mess from when she thought it was lots of fun to shred the outer layer of the dog food bag. As you can see she was helping me. img_20160911_165933181 Once all of that was swept up I mopped the area also. With the rain off and on the last couple of weeks it needed it bad. While I was doing this I got another trash bag started from other trash in the kitchen also. That is a lot of stuff I wont have to do tomorrow. Last I headed outside to my hummingbird vine. It has done a lot more growing. You can see them hanging down from the top here. img_20160911_181935516 I got them threaded through the top and they are now started down the other side. img_20160911_183814244 I will soon be wrapping them around the outside and when it blooms next year it should be very pretty.

So I had a good day and hope you did too.

Wild Weather Day In Ohio September 10th

Good evening. It has been a wild day here. This morning started out warm and breezy. I took advantage of that to get some things done outside. First I pulled all of these weeds. img_20160910_125158315  I had let these grow as they helped keep the pumpkin vine out of the driveway. But as it is dead now it was time for them to go. Once that was finished I got the two mums planted that I have. It looks a lot prettier now. img_20160910_130849271_hdr I really love the color of the closest one. I had never seen one that shade of purple. When that was finished I headed out back to clean up more. I think I now have all of the trash from the old burn pile bagged up and ready to go in the trash. There is still some unburned wood laying there. It will go to the garden to be burned in a few weeks. During all of this time the temperature was in the eighties.

But as I was finishing up with the burn pile I could see a storm coming in. The wind had been gusting up for a little bit by then. So I got all of my hanging baskets and pots on the table set on the ground. I also turned my table and glider upside down. Then I went and took care of Moms plants as she was not home. Next was to get Duke in and Jill out to potty before it started raining. This is how it looked outside then. img_20160910_152813952 While I was looking at that I realized that we could have named Jill storm cloud. She is about the same color as you can see by this picture of her taken at the same time. img_20160910_152817564  Then the rain came. At one point it was so hard that I could not see the road out in front of us. That storm also started us cooling down a lot. It finally passed but it had fun with my fire bush out back. img_20160910_165645724

After the rain ended I did my chores and then we headed out to go to Burger King. About that time the sun decided to come back out for a little bit. That made this wonderful view. img_20160910_193230202  It looks like the rainbow comes out of that farm. It is now in the sixties and we have another storm coming from the sound of it.

Hope all of you had a great day. It was fun and definitely not boring here.

Wonderful Thursday September 8th

It was a wonderfully comfortable Thursday. We had a nice breeze and cloud cover for a lot of the day. Because of this I got a lot of things done today.

The first thing to do was get the weed eater out. I got all of the backyard done before my batteries ran out and made me stop. While I was doing that I was also looking at my gourd plants. They are looking great. Here is a few pictures of them.

img_20160908_130546128      img_20160908_130626075       img_20160908_130524800 img_20160908_130534667     There are more out in the garden with the pumpkins and indian corn. I will be starting to decorate with them soon. I also took a picture of my favorite fire bush this year.

img_20160908_130619918  There is two in the pot and I love the way they look very full planted like that.

The next thing I did was move the rest of my seed trays and pots out to the carport. I had forgotten that I had these in a wooden box by the dog pen.

img_20160908_142539718 That is a lot to forget about. But they are now sorted and stacked on the bench waiting for next year.

Last was my fun project. I gathered up my small pumpkins that I bought at the auction and carried them out back. After washing them good I got them painted a bright red.

img_20160908_162708030  I have them in sets of four as I plan on spelling Ohio out on them. I got these finished just in time except putting the letters on as a storm came through. I will get the letters done in the morning.

I did have to feed in the rain this evening. But it felt great with the cooler air coming in and the rain was a warm one. I needed to clean the water trough so Grace roamed around the barn while I did that. I think she enjoyed herself even with not getting to go out and graze.

That was my boring day. Hope yours was a good one too.

Very Very Tired September 6th

Good evening. It has been a long and very tiring day for me. I took my Mom in for a very minor surgery this afternoon to do a biopsy on her lymph nodes. She was supposed to go in around one in the afternoon. At around four thirty they finally got her into the operating room. The surgeon had been diverted to do an emergency open heart surgery. At least that is understandable as a reason. Hopefully that person is ok. The surgery and recovery only took about three hours. But that put it going on eight oclock. They got her to her room and we were able to see her for a few minutes before we headed home. She was still high from the anesthetic at that time. At least she has a nice view. IMG_20160906_160602740_HDR This is outside he window. She is on the second floor so can see the whole court yard. They are just keeping her over night as long as nothing goes wrong. But I am exhausted from all of the waiting and about ready for bed.

That left hubby having to do the evening chores. From what he said everybody behaved for him. I was expecting to hear complaints about my chickens at least. They are rotten little brats a lot of times. The only thing he complained about was Jill. She was on the go all day he said, except a short stretch that he put her in her crate. I can tell she was on the go as she is passed out beside of me right now.

I am going to get the dogs rounded up now and everybody bedded down. Hope it was a great day for all of you. I have to go back to town to pick Mom up tomorrow and get Dad to a doctors appointment.

Happy Labor Day September 5th

Happy Labor Day to everyone in internet land. Hope you had a good one. I did for the most part. After my usual morning chores I headed out to shop yard sales. I only got a headless mummy Halloween decoration while I was out. But it was fun to go running around. I also ran into three different old school friends that I dont see very much. Each time we stood and talked for a few minutes.  While I was running around hubby and the neighbor were cutting the old rotten apple tree down. I thought I would have to burn the center out a little bit to be able to plant in it. But it is rotten enough that it is ready for that now. Too bad that it is too late in the season now.

Once home I had planned on relaxing today. But Jill had other ideas for me. She finally learned how to get across the baby gate. So I needed to move a few things around to move her crate in with the other ones. Now she has to learn to be in it more than she has been. But since she is getting to be a big girl it is now time. Just means a lot of barking for the next night or two and less sleep for us. At least until she gets used to it. That is finished now thankfully.

Then for dinner I made a home made pizza. It had bacon, sausage, and pepperoni on it. I had it layered thick enough that we had to use forks to eat it. But it was soooooo good. Now my belly is full, I am tired and my bed will be very welcome when I finally get there. But first I need to put the dogs outside again and take Jill for another potty walk.


Saturday September 3rd

Hi again. It has been a nice Saturday.  I missed yesterday as I was just too tired. I just have not slept good the last couple of days and then have extra stuff to do also. Most of the extra stuff ha to do with George. It helps to keep them moving after they are gelded, so I have been going out and making him work in the round pen or taking him out for extra walks. I am fitting that in around all of the other things.

Yesterday was the produce auction. The pumpkins are coming in heavy already. The heat is ripening them early. They had some very nice sized ones there if it was not so early to have them set out. I did buy some jack be littles and plan on painting them. A friend of mine bought some of the little white ones for her mom to paint also. I am going to take mine back and see how well they sell painted up to spell out Ohio. This is a good time of year for that as football has now started.

After we got home I did some weed eating and finished that up this afternoon. But first thing this morning I had to take Jill to get her booster shots. She was very nervous about the car ride. This was the first one without her brother riding with her. But Jill did great while we were there. Tomorrow morning she ets her flea pill and we should be set for the next month. She slept on my lap for a long time after we got home. But this evening  she got back to her normal ornery self. She did finally wear back down after romping and playing with her Mommy Bunny.  Daddy Duke even played with her a little bit. He is starting to get this puppy thing figured out now.  They are all stretched out snoring now. I love the peacefulness of the house this time of night.

It is almost bedtime for me. I am hoping that I sleep better tonight than the last couple of nights. At least I dont have to get up early tomorrow morning for anything. Hoping Bunny lets me sleep in. She is usually good about laying beside me and keeping me warm. Hope you are having a great start to the holiday weekend where ever you are at.

Great Day Shopping September 1rst

Good evening. It is now less than two months before Halloween but I am already seeing some Christmas stuff out in the stores. I refuse to buy that until after Thanksgiving. But I had a great time at Good Will this afternoon. But first a full run down of my day.

It started like normal with chores but I had to check George a little better than usual. He has a little bit of swelling but not bad. It looks like he is going to heal good. Then I got headed out to do our shopping.

First was my two local stops. At the first one I picked up five pounds of ground beef, a pound of ground sausage, a half pound of slab bacon (that is the thicker cut) and a bag of taco cheese for twenty five dollars. And all of that meat is fresh ground or cut so I know a little better what I am buying. Next was the gas station to fill up. While I was there I asked him if he can get the type of tobacco I buy. If he can I can start shopping at the other bigger town I prefer instead of the one I usually go too. They are about the same distance but one is easier to drive in and the people are friendlier.

It was then time to head to that yucky city. I got my tobacco and then went to Sav-A-Lot for most of my groceries. Next was a stop at Office Depot to drop off my packages to ship to Amazon. They are a UPS dropoff. WalMart finished up my grocery shopping. While I was there I got a couple of more toys for Jill.

Finally I get to the fun stuff. I actually had money left. So I dropped off my donations at Good Will. Then I went in to shop. I need some more summer shirts but did not find any that I liked. But I did spend twenty dollars there. I got several new Halloween decorations. IMG_20160901_152427576 The tombstone was brought out as I was about ready to leave. I already have three, so I am now well on my way to setting up a graveyard in the garden area.  IMG_20160901_152431767  This is a good sized cauldron. I have a mister that I can set in it and turn on to look very eerie.   IMG_20160901_152654995  This witch is animated and just adorable. She needs new batteries but that is no problem. She was also in the cart when I was getting ready to leave. IMG_20160901_152712403This skull lights up. I think it will look good in front of a tombstone. IMG_20160901_152715886 This pumpkin guy dont do anything. But I will hang him in a window.  IMG_20160901_152718861  Its hard to tell but this is a bat that hangs and when turned on spins in circles like it is flying. I also got a new bean bag chair for Jill to play on. IMG_20160901_153246509  It looks brand new. And the greatest find got my Christmas shopping for the kids started. Sorry I forgot to take a picture before I folded it back up. But it is an Ohio State comforter. This also looks brand new. I got it for ten dollars. So all the other stuff was only ten dollars together.

My last stop was Big Lots. I got me some candy and the four girls each got a new shirt for Halloween. Bunnys and Jills are matching. IMG_20160901_153028690 IMG_20160901_153231680 IMG_20160901_153134586 IMG_20160901_153352498  I could not resist at only eight dollars each. Poor Duke never gets one. I need to get busy making him one. He is soo big that I can never find them in the stores to fit him.

That was my first day of September. I am hoping the rest of this month goes as good.

Happy Last Day of August

Good evening and happy last day of August. I swear it just started last week. I know we got a lot done this month but at the same time it does not feel like it when I look at what still needs done.
But to recap, the barn got cleaned, the green beans got canned, I got the shed cleaned out and the carport is now mostly organized and I got the last of my bushes planted. I also got my bell peppers picked, diced and in the freezer. Most of the house has been de-cluttered and most of that stuff hauled off to Good Will. Yesterday I went through my video games that we had collected over the years. I have about one hundred of those now boxed up to take to town with me tomorrow. I am mailing them to Amazon and as long as they are all good I will have about a three hundred dollar credit with them. Love their trade in program since I found it. I did most of the Christmas shopping on that last year and will be able too this year also. Plus it freed up a lot of storage room.
Today was a nerve wracking one for me. I had the vet out for George to get him gelded. He wants to tell you mostly about that himself. But I hate anything that puts my horses on the ground. The vet I used this time prefers to do it that way. My usual vet is in his eighties now so he has quit doing it. He always sedated them but lightly enough to keep them on their feet but not be able to kick fast. I like that a lot better. But George came through it just fine. Here is a picture of him drunk on sedative. IMG_20160831_133144337 He did not like me taking that one.Once he was back up on his feet I felt a lot better. He got two teeth pulled while we were at it too.

The weather man says we are supposed to cool down into the seventies for a few days now. Maybe I can get some of the heavier stuff taken care of while the temps are like that. Then when it gets hot again I wont feel so bad about taking it easier. One big thing we still need to do is get the new fence run for Grace. She is the goat I got this month. I am now trying to find her a boyfriend to run with her and help eat the brush down around the pond.

That was my month. Hope yours was a good one too. Just think it is almost Halloween.

Good Evening August 30th I Am Back!!!

Good evening. I have been gone for some time now. I thought I would try out a different site that had big promises. But they keep changing the rules as they go so I am back! I still plan on keeping an eye on the new site but this is a much more relaxed place to be. So now to update on life here in Ohio.
Things have been pretty much the same as usual here. It has been very hot and humid here for most days. That is normal this time of year. We have been getting some rain after having too long of a dry stretch. But now it has been coming often enough to make things feel better at least for short stretches at a time.
We got some clean up down around the place so far this summer. But there is still more to do. I am still happy as things are starting to look better. A few things are being put off until next year due to cost because of a couple of other things deciding to break down. Like we had to replace my washer earlier this year. That took the new dog fence money. Now we need a new antenna tower as the trees in the area are growing and starting to block our internet signal. I want that more than a new dog fence.
I also got some new bushes planted new tires set up and growing plants good and my humming bird vine finally started growing like it was supposed too. I was about ready to dig that thing up and throw it away. It as been planted for three years and this is the first year it has grown very much at all.
Bunny has written about her babies at the other site a little bit. She had a black boy and a blue girls this year. They are adorable. I will let her tell you all about them later this week.
George is doing good. He is still a testy brat but that will soon change I hope. The chickens are getting impatient wanting turned back out. They dont have much longer. The gardens are almost finished. The pumpkins are getting ripe early because of the hot weather. The tomatoes have to be picked green and set in a window to ripen or they start to rot. The cucumber, green bean and bell pepper plants are done for the year. That is all canned or frozen for use throughout the rest of the year.
I think I have covered everything that has happened of any importance. I will keep writing steady for the most part and look forward to seeing all of you again.

Good Thursday July 14th

It has been a good day here in Ohio. Hot and muggy again but still a little bit cooler than the last few days. It is supposed to continue for the next couple of days with highs only in the eighties. Still very warm but better than the nineties.
I tried to let my young chickens out of their small pen in the chicken coop this morning. After I caught each one and put them out of it, I closed the lid but did not wire it back into place. When I went out to feed them this afternoon they were back in it. They found a spot where the wire was bowing and jumped back home. So I opened the top and left it like that for tonight. They are still shy of the guineas and the guineas are taking advantage of that. I will need to remove them again in a few days if they dont move themselves. The youngest babies are about ready to go outside now.
We also got a new internet antenna today. The old one was not drawing a strong enough signal in anymore. My internet is working a lot better now than it was before. But in the next few years we will have to get a taller tower as the antenna is now at the top of it. There is a lot of trees between us and where the signal comes from, so as the trees grow we will start having problems again. But that should be a few years off.
The rest of the day I just sat in the house enjoying the fan and playing with the puppies. I fixed chicken nuggets and fried potatoes for dinner. That was a fairly fast easy meal that did not warm the house up too much. A cool bath finished off the night.