The Latest Grooming Products for Guys

Worry no more on your dull and odd scents. Here are the newest and best grooming products that will smell or look you hotter and appealing to the crowd.

1) Frapin Nevermore – one of the mysterious, abstract and often incomprehensible perfumes created. Yet, one of the worth sniffing for due to its romantic and slightly creep back story. Don’t you know that in the wake of Edgar Allan Poe there are three red roses placed and a Cognac flask (Frapin who also happens to make France finest Cognac course). Its a direct reference to “The Raven,” in which Poe laments the loss of each memory with the word “Nevermore,” this dirty rose of a fragrance captures the smell of the graveside offering.

2) Hanz de Fuko – One of the finest creative hair products that is a certified organic ingredients and came from the natural plant extracts. It is greasy, absorbing type or styling powder and is sugar-based gels. These products are the viable solutions for guys whose styling routine involves mixing and matching countless products to achieve the desired look.

3) Nuit D’Issey by Issey Miyake – as many reviews says it is the latest incarnation of the ever-popular L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme. This version gives new taste to the normal bright, vibrant 90s scent. What this product possesses is that it is even darker with notes of leather, incense, spices and black woods.

4) PC4Men by Paula’s Choice – daily skincare needs or maintenance? Have this product on your list. It removes blackheads, redness and eventually an anti-aging product that also prevents wrinkles from coming out. Not only that, it includes facial wash, shaving cream, a fantastic “Soothe+ Smooth” post-shave liquid and two moisturizers – a night repair one and a daytime for shielding your skin from the sun

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The Big NO (In My Opinion) – Men’s Fashion

Women love to see Men dressing up appropriately and presentably but there are instances that men just love to wear anything that they see at hand which makes somehow irritable to women. If I were you better to avoid this kind of get-up.

1) Shirts with Slogans – Anything that is below the belt saying like of that sex, condoms, marijuana and etc. If there is something you want to convey to your partner just say it so, don’t let your shirt do the talking use your mouth instead.
2) Short Shorts – You can wear shorts but not to the extent above the knee. Don’t act like your one of the ladies legs that has no hair at all or who possess that curve thing and shiny part legs. Remember that men normally have masculine bold type of body.
3) Vests – Wearing vests is good particularly if it’s part of a three piece suit but beyond than that oh please don’t wear them! You will just look like a service crew if you’re on a date mind you. Simplicity still rocks take note of that.
4) Anything that Sparkles – Avoid that shinny sheen get-up. It’s very distracting when you stroll around the corner and people are staring at you. Mumbling things that are very inappropriate. You just turn your date into something buzz on the street.
5) Brashly Printed Suits – Prints are pleasing to the eyes it just take proper mixing of apparel at the same time it should fit on the occasion you are into. It’s not that you can wear them as a casual thing or on ordinary days.
6) Super loose Shirts – Throw those Hip-hop clothing. It’s very outdated in this generation and you will just an apple of the eye on the streets. Make everything simple and plain in that way you will stood up.

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Famous Diving Locals

1) Sharm El-Sheikh, Egyptian Red Sea
– Who said that they are just all deserts and sands? Well, to give you another idea on what Egypt has. It is also the home to some of the best diving experience in the Red Sea. The place is so relaxing, consists of four pools and offers one of the best snorkeling and diving paradise of coral reefs.
Take a look:
2) Belize
– Situated between Mexico and Guatamela, Belize is the perfect destination for exploration and relaxation for family, cliques and lovers. The second-longest barrier reef in the world that offers a lot of diving courses, you can try the Ambergis Caye, The Blue Hole, The Elbow, Turneffe Atoll and etc. Belize si something you don’t want to miss if you are a enthusiast diver.
Take a look:
3) Little Cayman, British West Indies
– The island is best known as a “haven for tax dodgers”. It is the home to some old-school Caribbean diving. The good time to visit the place is from December to April. Don’t miss the awesome sites such as the Bloody Bay Wall and Jackson’s Bright which feature a sheer coral cliff and incredible marine life. If you want great laid back experience? You just have to visit here.
Take a look:
4) Great Barrier Reef, Australia
– The very famous among all diving locale in the world! You’d expect there to be little left of nature’s beauty. Composed of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands, there are 400 coral species and 1,500 varieties of sea life milling about beneath the surface. It is protected by the World Heritage Site and if you want to be in this place it will take a long planning and preparation to dive, lots of paper works but then it’s all worth it at the end. You will see the rarest of the rarest creature in the sea.
Take a look:

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Greatest Entertainment Landmarks

1) Cheers
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S
– Built around 1969 and named as the Home of Bull & Finch Pub, where exterior shots for the TV show Cheers were filmed, it runs about 11 seasons that’s why this Beacon Street attracts million tourists annually.
2) Mount Doom
Location: National Park, New Zealand
– Compose of three popular volcanoes, namely: Mount Ruapehu, Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe. It’s the famous setting for the Mordor in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies. Mount Ngauruhoe is the youngest, but most forbidding of the three and acts as the Mount Doom since Mount Doom is just a fictional character of the movie.
3) Wadi Rum
Location: Jordan
– Also known as the “Valley of the Moon”. It is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan. The area has been featured in the film of Prince Faisal’s camp titled as Lawrence of Arabia. It’s also the place of the real T.E Lawrence and Emir Faisal staged operations during the Arab Revolt.
4) Abbey Road
Location: London, UK
– Who wouldn’t know this setting by the way? Of course this is the famous area where the band “The Beatles” shoot most of its hit covers. As they say it’s the famous zebra crossing in the world. Thanks to the band they made name for this street.
5) The Hollywood Sign
Location: Los, Angeles California
– This is the famous among all! If you happen to be in Los Angeles don’t miss to drop in this area. A little bit of history, before the sign is read Hollywoodland but then initially erected around in 1923 as a billboard for suburban housing development. In 1944, the sign became city property. In 1949, it was renovated and lost the L, A, N, D letters. And now many movies features this sign but originally it was Down Three Dark who make debut of this sign.

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Boating Destinations

Eventually every holiday many people would love to go on traveling around in different places and tasting great foods in the corner. Well, so much for those things why not try spending your summer get away by just sailing or boating there’s no relaxing way than this. Here are those destinations you might wanna try.

1)      Fingers Lake, New York – This is a good past time for everyone. It has 11 lakes and seven of which are worthy of navigating for cruise. It also possessed the best water landscapes in New York. It’s not even crowded like others have. You just got to try the Seneca Lake best for recreational.

2)      Catalina Island, California – As they say it’s a boater’s paradise in the Los Angeles. The means of getting here is through golf carts and bikes no cars allowed. Its waters have surprisingly great visibility and the boating is a one real scene.

3)      Chicago, Illinois – One of the best boating destinations ever claimed. It has nine terrific harbors, the favorite one is the Belmont Harbor, it’s the home of both motor and sailboats. This boating destination is unique among all since you can sail in the morning and then afterwards you can go bar hopping, art crawling, architecture admiring and boutique shopping for the rest of the day.

4)      Marina Del Rey, California – Regarded as one of the most elegant marinas in the United States. It’s the home of waterfront weddings, the luxurious Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey and also wears the best sunset sails. It’s the largest man-made, small craft harbor in America, with docks that can hold more than a 4000+ boats and yachts.

5)      Kay West, Florida – the ultimate paradise for boaters and serves as the crowning jewel of the place due to its best sunset scenery. You have to go on Conch Harbor Marina where it offers slips that can accommodate vessels to 195 feet. Invite friends and family then for you to experience the great sailing in you life!

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Travel Tips – Sleeping Positions When Inside The Plane

1.)      The Window Lean

–          Obviously this is applicable when you are near on the window. The set up goes like, you have your pillow place against the wall and then you can eventually lean on. It’s the least and one of the most comfortable sleeping positions you can do on the plane.

2.)      Classic Recline

–          Every plane were made for this, what you will need to do is that, press the circular button, push your seat back and sink into the little depth we’re you find the most comfortable position of reclining. Remember not to do this during take-off.

3.)      The Neck Pillow

–          The very basic among all positions. All you need to do is buy a U-shaped neck pillow and lean whichever side you want. It won’t be that easy for sure if you have friends with you normally they will make fun of you when you’re asleep.

4.)      Ball Up

–          If you have nausea issues then this position will help you stabilize for a moment while taking on plane. Just cross your legs, tuck your arms in your chest and plop your head towards your knees.

5.)      The Sit Up

–          If there’s ball up then we also have the sit up. It is simply sitting with your heads at the same time held upward. If you have your hats with you better to put on your face and tip it down so that you don’t get disturbed. Just don’t make this sleeping position too long so that you won’t be experiencing stiff neck at the end.

6.)      Heads Down, Seven Up

–          Unfamiliar isn’t it? Don’t you worry the execution is not that hard either. Pull out the tray table attached to the back of the seat in front of you and inform the stewardess you won’t be needing drinks. At that moment you now have instant pillow which also serves holding your head.






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Get to know your Shoes Sole

All you know is just wearing stuffs with this and that without knowing what is really the label at all. Well let me introduce you to the least names that I know. Here are those:

1) Mark McNairy – It’s one of the classic footwear designed by none other than the American fashion designer Mark MacNairy who is also the former creative director for the Ivy League clothing company. The style goes like a chukka boots, dirty bucks or saddle shoes.
2) Kenneth Cole – You’ve heard some clothing line for this brand and yes he is also the owner of the so-called Kenneth Cole Productions. The design goes like of that loafers, boots and sneakers. It usually has a fixed knot on sneakers.
3) Tommy Hilfiger – This guy is famous for the production of underwear and other stuff. And his style when it comes to shoes doesn’t come as the cheapest and old rock style. It can blend with whatever wardrobe you might in. Mostly the colors are black and brown.
4) Dr. Martens – Its a well-known British footwear having a trademark of air-cushioned sole, upper shape, welted construction and yellow stitching style. The sole looks like a bot hence it is very huge at the same chunky.
5) Ferragamo – One of the classic shoes that every men would like to have in their closet. The design is simple yet it really makes you look like elegant. Many Hollywood stars patronize his work because of its scientific and creative approach. He also emerges the innovation of wedge and cage heel.
6) Cole Haan – It’s a brand name that is founded and owned by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan. It is known for its mid-range shoe style that comes with different colors. It comes on very classic edge.

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The Stache

Renew your style this time by making statements on your facial hair or commonly known as the mustache. We all know it’s one of the best accessories of men in this generation. Take an example the NBA All-Star James Harden of Houston Rockets and celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., the famous Ironman and Johnny Depp of Pirates of the Carribean. It’s one of their best assets why they make it big into their respective fields. Let’s get to know some of its style.

1)      The Van Dyke – It was the Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck who gives birth to this style. It specifically consists of any growth of both mustache and goatee with clean-shaven cheeks. It’s one of the famous, easily maintained and most applied style by men. It perfectly works for round, square and oval faces. This looks draws attention to the men’s mouth therefore maintaining it with the use of razor keeps this style looking fresh.

2)      Slight Scruff – It’s the very classic beard that comes with versatility and easy-to-wear style but definitely looks cool to the men. Its surface is like of that sandpaper since it comes on trimming with your beard and women find it as the sexiest style. What’s even more hip is that is works on all face shape for men.

3)      The Beard – The full length style that eventually covers up the area of your face. It’s kinda annoying to look for those who eventually are not used to it but once you tried it then definitely your gonna enjoy it somehow. Best advice for men having this is that be sure to trim their mustache regularly and apply shampoo and conditioner 2 to 3 days so that it will not look like a stiff nest like those with the birds.

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5 Great Apps for Him

For today’s generation, everyone should be in line with the new technology. One of the greatest innovations for this era are smartphones. Books, music, notes, camera, etc. placed into a very small gadget which you can bring anywhere. Because of this, men should carry great applications to help him with everything he does for a day. Your smartphone can be your wingman wherever or whatever situation you might be.

1. EverNote

With this app, it could add app a good memory. Forgetting is really a problem especially when you are having a hectic schedule. This app is your handy notebook. No more bringing of papers and pens. Just reach in your pocket and type in the notes you want to remember.

2. Cool Guy

Learn how to mix and match your wardrobe. A man should look best every time he goes out. Not only could he get great looks. But also he could impress girls. This app gives you great advices on how you could mix clothes and look well.

4. ESPN ScoreCenter

Get the latest sports scores and news on your phone. Sports is one category in which men have a great pride in. Be updated with your favorite sport team. Don’t be left out when your friends are talking about the latest games on NBA or how USA won in FIBA.

5. Abs Workout

Work on developing a perfect six pack. Why spend so much money on a gym instructor when you can have it on your phone? Let that hidden abs out and be fit. It has easy and executable exercises that you can do even at home. Getting a fit body is no longer a difficult task. No more excuses for not being fit. Be motivated and grab advices with this app.

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Simple Exercise for Your Posture Recovery

You don’t need any lifting equipment for these activities. All you have to do is to stop for a while in what you do, like hooking on your phone and sitting all day out in front of your computer. Get to know these basic exercises that you might have encounter yet you don’t know the exact terms for it.

1)      The Wall Slides – Its one way of improving your shoulders and your posture at the same time.

Key points to remember: Your butt, head, arms must lean on the wall and with your feet slightly bend for supporting your weight. Video illustration here for well execution:

2)      Hip Raises – If you’re an office type person who sits all day long because of the task given to you then you must have atleast to try this exercise so that muscles in front of your hips wouldn’t come as short and tight. Also your butt muscles might forget how to contract. This eventually results to low back pain. Here’s a video guide for you:

3)      Thoracic Reaction – It’s another way for exercising your upper body posture. Most tall persons suffer from this one but now they can eventually avoid that by applying this exercise even just for a couple of minutes. This routine helps mobilize your upper back by rotating at your thoracic spine. It is an effective activity to restore your SUPERMAN like posture. A video tutorial is provided for you to eventually perform it well:

Pretty much convenient exercise right? What it needs is just your willingness to perform it on a daily basis and then you can regain your posture right away. You don’t have to spend a dollar for this one. Why not go ahead and try these routine!

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