I am having a very bad morning.

I woke up in a pretty sour mood and I’m not entirely sure why… but it’s been a downhill battle since then. I took a shower and discovered that I STILL can’t get the purple dye off my skin (this makes day three of me walking around looking like I’ve been hit with a dozen paintballs), a fly landed in my fresh coffee, my son threw half of his breakfast in the floor and the other half in my lap.

So after I put my pants in the washer, I went and sat down in the livingroom, thinking that maybe some time with my hook and yarn would make me feel better. But do you know how much crocheting I’ve gotten done today? Like, maybe a dozen stitches… because my son has decided that he’s 100% done listening to me and he’s going to do whatever he wants. I’ve had to get onto him at least fifty times for doing everything he’s not supposed to do (touching the very expensive TV, crawling behind the livingroom chair, hiding underneath the end-table, pulling my iPod touches off the couch, trying to grab my crocheting out of my hand, touching the heater, etc)… and every time he disregards my warnings and gets himself in trouble, he acts like he’s absolutely shocked and heartbroken that I would dare punish him.

I don’t know what’s going on with him. He’s usually such a good boy… I guess he’s in a bad mood too. Or maybe he can sense my bad mood? Babies are pretty intuitive like that.

I’m looking forward to nap-time, that’s for sure. I need some time to sit down, eat, and clear my head before I absolutely lose my mind. Pray that I can make it to 12:30.