I love my cat


Hi! friends today I am going to tell some think that I love animal so much because, I have my own car in my home and she is so shy. She always lookup for me. when she feels hungry she come’s near to me and roughing her head on my legs and snor slowingly like all cat snor meow. Her voice is so sweet.

My cat is full white in colour and her tail is little bit black at the end of the tail .She is walking like a lion. She done like mouse hahahaha ūüėÄ She only wants to eat a chicken meat and likes to drink a milk.

Did you know cat are drinking water so much because , my cat is alwyas drinking water in 4 to 5 hours and when she is thirsty she come to me and rough my head and go to near water tank . she is so intelligent when I am not lesteining her she shout so much like meow meow. When I am going for eat any thing she come near to me.

I also like dog but we are not keeping dogs as pet. Just for some religious matter ,let it be. Well there are so.many dog near to my home and they are so pretty and nice. I always use to give them a biscut every day and they always come near to me when I am going out. They are also so talented what I am saying they are doing that. when I say them stay here I am coming with your biscut they stay there until I will not come back and when I will come back they come running to me and they shake their tail to show their love .

My friend he have goat and I also love goats because they also so talented and lovely. Well all animals are so pretty and nice . They always loves us.

Thank-you guys for reading this ūüėõ


Hi friends!

How are you?

I hope you all are fine.

I am fine too.

What is going on?

Do you love cats.

I love my cat a lot.

Do you ever keep a cat in your house?

My cat live with me. I set her brd room. I made a little bed which is made of wood for my cat. I set littlevpots of my cat on the table. I always give milk to my cat on time. I put one box  on table which is full of water. I change the box of water every day. My cat remain very neat. She cares a lot of neatness. She prefer neatness. I also dust and clean my cat room on daily basis. I feel so much pleasant with my cat. I spend quality of time with her. She also loves me a lot.

I got the fond of cat from my one friend. She lives in karachi.¬†Karachi is the big city of¬†Pakistan. Now she got¬†married. She is mother of one baby girl. Me and tuba¬†spend our¬†childhood togethet. We eat¬†together. We live together. We spend whole day¬†together. ¬†Because our families known each other. In the¬†morning I spend time in Tuba’s home and in the evening she spend time in my home. We feel very good and bledd when we are together. Our¬†school were¬†different. ¬†But our academy were same. So in the school time we live far away from each other. Then whole the time we live together. She¬†keeps many pets. But she loves cat a lot. First I felt so scary. Then by the passage of time I also become the fan of cat. So credit goes to Tuba. Now I spend quality of time with my cat.

Thank you so much.





Hi friends.

How are you?

I hope u all are fine.

First of all I would like to introduce my self.

My name is Diya.

Today I like to talk about animals.

Animals are another creature of God. I like animals a lot. They have senses just like human being. They eat, sleep and do everything. People are using animals for earning purposes. My suggestion is that people should not beat animals. Because it is also creature. People for earning beat them a lot. You heard before that when there were no transports then people used animals for traveling. They used animals for moving one place to another. In this century some people still using animals for transport purposes. Today I would like to talk about Elephants.

They largest land animals alive today are the elephants. Elephants live in groups. They help each other in many different ways. When any elephant gets injured then there is at least one young, healthy and active elephant which constantly helps and guides the old or injured friend. In Swahili which is the word of Arabic language origin in Africa such an elephant is called an Askari. There are so many facts about the habits and nature of elephants.

Many year ago there lived much bigger animal on the piece of earth called dinosaurs, who were more than an hundred feet long. But like many other big animals and small birds who have vanished from the piece of earth the elephant is also in danger. May be soon they will also remove from the piece of earth. Now people just used dinasaurs article to decorate in their drawing rooms. It has been mercilessly killed and shot for its tusks,  because many article which are made out of its ivory are used as show pieces for the drawing rooms of rich people and also for the drawing room of fashionable people of the world.

We should take care of animals. Because they are good creature and they help us a lot.

Thank you dear.