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UPDATE: Do not join ChatAbout. They are deleting “topics” like there is no tomorrow. They also cut the value of a point in half so each point is now worth $0.005. I tried to say goodbye to the people I had met on that site but my posts kept being deleted. I didn’t mention anything bad with the site in my 3rd try of trying to say goodbye, just “due to many contributing factors/reasons”. They banned my account for asking a question and trying to reconnect with the people I had met on one of their deleted topics. DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE.

ChatAbout is a website where you can chat with people and earn “points” for doing so. Each point is equal to $0.01.  It is a very active site and is consistently adding new areas to their website. The staff is nice and you feel like you are talking to a real person, not an automated bot. You can also write articles and posts for 5 points each. I personally chat a little bit, do the daily things, and listen to radio loyalty. Although that is what I do,  there are plenty of other things to do. Below I have an example of what I do on a daily basis.

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How To Make $16 a Month With Minimal Effort:

  1. Set “Today’s Goal” to 50 points.
  2. Take the daily poll making 5 points.
  3. Take the daily path worth 2 points.
  4. Go to “Bonus Area”, then go to radio. (You can mute it)
  5. Open up the radio and make 2 points every 10 minutes.
  6. Continue using the internet and check back on the radio every 10 minutes for 4 hours.
  7. Receive a bonus 5 points for reaching your daily goal.
  8. (Optional) In the easy section do the offers where you just have to click. (Approx. 5 points each


Payment Proof: Payment Proof

6 Responses to ChatAbout – $16 a Month

  1. Nana says:

    I like chatabout also and it is easy to get points

  2. Nicole says:

    I love chatabout a lot. I use this site and chatabout site. Love them both

  3. Pragati says:

    🙁 ChatAbout Dsnt allow my Country 😛

  4. Pegasus says:

    I am on Chatabout and in the past week I have made $40 which I put on a Paypal card. My plan is to give it to my husband, but I want to just keep building the savings up and if he wants to get something I want to surprise him with the card 🙂

  5. Danae says:

    Oh man, that sucks 🙁 I really liked Chatabout. I was already bummed when I saw that now we need double the points to get the minimum payment… now they are cutting point values too?! Ugh.

  6. This is really a bummer. Honestly, it’s easier to make points by doing the offers in the Bonus Area, but it’s kind of a PITA. I’m staying with the site, simply because it’s really easy to use and fast loading, and the community is nice… but I know I can make more elsewhere.

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