Future Of Social Media That Pays, Min.Cash Out $5

Hey friends! I love to make money online on part time basis and of course love to share earning options with my friends. Since I get lots of information about online earning options from you all everyday so by sharing my earning option is like return gift to my friends for those information.


Today I found a new easy online earning option call Sweeba. It is a social networking site but quite different from other social networking sites and good thing is here cash out threshold is not too high to make cash out impossible. Low cash out threshold shows their willingness to pay their users unlike others where cash out threshold is three digit figure.

It pays you to be social unlike Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. It is free to join and is fun to post there. As they claim Sweeba is the future of social media and it rewards people across the globe on a daily basis. To earn there just post quality content and share your content on social networks. You can post anything but it would be better to post about you and your life.

There posts called as Sweebs. There you can earn money by posting quality sweebs and spreading your sweebs on internet specially on other social networking sites. But keep in mind never try to cheat the system as they check your all sweebs (Posts, updates and comments) before paying your requested cashed out amount. Posting quality content will help both users and site as well. If you post quality content then posts will pull more web traffic and site will earn more. If site will earn better then they will be able to pay their users and will sustain in business for long time. Another good reason here you earn for likes and comments on your sweebs too.

Earning for People From USA and Canada
Sweeb(Post) = .005
Comment = .002
Comment on Your Sweeb(Post) = .001
Like = .001
Your Sweebs Liked= .001

Earning for People From Other Countries
Sweeb = .004
Comment = .002
Comment on Your Sweeb(Post) = .001
Like = .001
Your Sweeb Liked = .001

The minimum amount for payout is $5 and you can cash out with Paypal, Payza, Neteller or Solidtrustpay.

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How I Am Earning Upto $50 Per Month

Most of us are here to earn some extra bucks for us or to support our family. It is not at all easy to earn online especially without any investment. You can earn good amount of money online by investment but it includes high risk. I made up my mind few times to invest on some sites from where my online friends are earning good profit according to the payment proofs I saw on my facebook page.


I use only online payment processor is Paypal and they have imposed many restrictions in case of my country. So basically there is only use of my Paypal is to withdraw money from earning sites. To invest on any site I need a credit card that I do not have so cancelled the plan to earn with investment. Many online users thought like me I mean they want to earn but without investment.

I searched a lot of options to earn online but did not found any site where I can earn consistently $2-$3 per day. So Changed my plan and selected few sites with low consistent earnings. I can say this with my experience. And it worked for me. As I do not possess any specific skill so can’t work on any freelance site.

Right now I am working on five sites and earning $1-$2 easily by working 3-4 hours per day. Here are my statistics:

  1. From site one I could earn up-to $2 a day but I do not have much time so work to earn at least $0.50-$1 a day on this site and it takes one or two hours.
  2. On second site users could earn up-to $40 a day but due do time constraints I work 30 minutes to one hour and earn nearly $0.50 a day.
  3. On third one I work only for 10 minutes and earn $0.10+ a day.
  4. Fourth sites is similar to third one but here I can earn $0.20 to $0.70 a day depending on availability of work. But $0.20+ earning is certain there.
  5. Site number five is somewhat like site one but far easy than site one. Here I contribute one hour and earn $0.10-$0.20 a day.

If you are interested to join me on any of above or all of above message me. I’ll be happy 🙂 to help you, if you join above site with my referral(except second site) I’ll be more happy :D.


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How To Increase Earnings By Connecting With Readers

I am new on writing online and read many posts whenever found time. It teaches me many important things about writing and earning online. Being an introvert I was used to of writing my thoughts and experiences on a regular basis in my personal diary. It sounds strange but I am writing dairy since 8-9 years of my age.

I wanted to share many things but mom was busy with my other two siblings and dad had a touring job. My siblings were chirpy and younger than me, so they got mom’s more time and I felt lonely in my life. Being an introvert it takes time to open up with anyone but I never found a person with whom I could share my feelings.

Somewhere my loneliness pushed me towards writing. Initially I wrote many poems to express my thoughts and feelings. Gradually I felt I my interest is changing. Now I like to express my feelings and experiences in plain words rather than poems.

Importance of writing About Us and uploading profile picture

I am neither a native English speaker nor trend writer. But writing became passion to me and it gives me happiness. So I tried to learn to write better and still read many posts of my those fellow writers who inspires me to write better articles.

One important thing what I learned from one of my fellow writer would like to share with my those friends who are still learning to write better. Do you care to write About Us and uploading your Profile Picture on those writing sites where you write articles? If your answer is no then you are doing a big mistake in terms of earnings and to make connection with readers of your posts. Yes you read right when people read your article they like to know more about you and feel more connected. This encourages them to read your other articles on same site and on other sites too. It helps you to get more page views and comments. Thus more earnings and loyal readers. Now you got to know “How much it is important to write About Us in resource box and to upload profile picture “.

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