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Wikinut ceases paying the users- by changing from revenue-share model program to free authors community

Just like what mylot decided to do some years back. Wikinut has stopped payments to the content creators as from 10th December 2015. Their plan is to remove the revenue share system and operate the site as a free authors community.

According to the latest statement e-mailed to all existing users, the site had reached the conclusion after running into trouble with their advertisers; that led to being left with only two options; either to completely shut down the site, or remove the revenue-sharing system.

The problem is said to have originated from the existence of the fraudsters on the site, who obviously gamed the system by use of botnets, driving fake traffic to their posts as well as fraudulently clicking the sponsors’ ads. There were also cases of plagiarism- where the limited efforts of the site moderators were subdued due to the workload at hand and lack of effective tools.

This might be the similar bad experience the Beermoneynation faced in their short existence online before officially announcing its shutdown. The same case to bubblews and other online revenue-sharing writing/publishing sites that became unsustainable after short period.

It is a worrying trend to the online writing world where the sites provide a revenue-share incentive to the users. It is also a challenge to such sites if they lack reliable tools to curb the violations.

Wikinut owners decided to go for plan B in order to continue existing even though the users are likely to flee the site, going for greener pastures elsewhere, since most were attracted to stay on the site due to payment incentive.

It is also one of the most reliable methods to free the site from the online fraudsters- who usually get attracted to any site that offers payment incentives to the users; hence they will have nothing to hold them around.

The current users are now allowed to opt among the 3 available options;
1. Continue publishing articles for free
2. To do nothing at all; in other words, just stop being active on wikinut and let the already published content to be used by site readers.
3. To leave wikinut for ever, by deleting your account profile and along with your content already published. This option is very definitely for anyone who wishes to remove the articles and publish them elsewhere.

What do you think is the possible future of wikinut? Will they resume paying like mylot or shut down like bubblews?

One Main Mistake That Most Of The Niche Bloggers Make That Has Adverse Future Effects To The Online Business Success

Most of the bloggers or niche website owners can agree with me that choosing the right website niche to create the website about is the main challenge that the online entrepreneurs battle with for long before making their last decision (for it sometimes determine whether the business will succeed or not)

But what if I challenge you that there is NO RIGHT NICHE and that most of the bloggers or niche website creators fail to understand their chosen niche, and get lost along the way, at the stage of content creation, when they do not actually deliver the information to the targeted audience?

The reason here is that; with proper training and experience in internet marketing, the online entrepreneurs can master the art of walking into any niche and building a successful online business, without the need to be a professional or a background experience in the chosen area of interest.

There are some basic essential skills in website creation that many people overlook or never get access to, but their backlash in the future would be fatal to the existence of their businesses, when the website fail to stand out from the crowd and engage their targeted audience (customers to the products promoted on the site) and frustrate the individuals into thinking that online business success is just a dream that was never meant for them (or that they chose the wrong business niche)

In order for the online business to prosper, it should be created in a unique way to offer the services that would satisfy the audience, and also earn the recommendations by the satisfied audience to their friends.

The main challenge is how to build a website that would achieve all the above without engaging in (fumbling and struggling) activities that would compromise the SEO rules.

Fortunately, there are online training programs out there that offer most of these services for free, and guarantee the success in your online business, for those who wish to earn a living online by blogging or operating a successful internet marketing business, regardless of the niche chosen.

The secret to successful blogging business is revealed, and it is now up to you to take the necessary steps and tap into the bottomless sea of knowledge at WA offered by the real people with diverse knowledge and many years’ experience in online business.

Do you still have time for face book after joining and earning $$ on tsu social site?

This is an open letter to the tsu social site users, especially those who have already succeeded in building a reliable family tree and earned their first cents.

This experience has shown every user that the content that was just fun creating has now become valuable and someone is paying royalties based on their activity on tsu, which can also be taken as a control social site in posting to other social sites with one click, e.g face book and twitter.

The drive to make money online among the online community is certainly giving the face book no chance in fighting back to the competition felt from the tsu robust social media of this era whereby it seems as if taking the advantage of its platform MLM MultiLevelMarketing structure to recruit new users every day, both from the face book and twitter and other social sites that has large online membership.

Tsu is now acting as the steering wheel in the social media world by the most social media users who also promote their online businesses to gain wide range of market.

Personally, my account on tsu is not earning for me like I expected just because I have not done a lot, but I find that it is better than the nothing that I was earning through the face book and twitter both combined.

There is also this feeling on the social world that, even though the users are not earning that much, to get rich, most of them see it as the opportunity to earn in multiple ways from their content, especially the bloggers, you tubers and other online content creators in the sense that by sharing their videos to tsu, they will earn both from the views/ traffic attracted on tsu and you tube/ blogging (adsense earnings), where the earnings are deemed passive.

With these advantages the tsu users have access to; will they still have time for face book besides recruiting more friends from face book to their tsu family tree to gain more earning potential?

If you haven’t joined tsu yet, it is the invite only social site and feel free to join here.

Tap into the unlimited online earning potential of tsu

Tsu is the newest social site just like the face book, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, google+, you tube and many other socializing platforms only different in the sense that it pays 90% of its ads revenue to the users, regarded as content creators who own the rights to the content shared hence entitled to royalties realized.

Another outstanding feature about tsu is that it has a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure whereby membership sign up is ‘invite only’, this is to mean that every user signs up under the other user’s referral link, whereby the already existing user extends his family tree. It is through this family tree that the revenue earned is distributed up to the fourth generation of referral. Here is the link for you to sign up now and start your journey to earning online socializing.
Tsu was officially lounged just some weeks ago but now it has thousands of registered users and the number is growing at a very first rate, the sign ups originating from all over the world, promotion powered by the existing members inviting there social network friends to join their family trees and help in gaining potential to earn.
The site’s earning potential lies in the number of followers and friend the user is able to attract, who will act as his audience to which one will share his content with. The larger the following and the interaction through the shared content, the more the earnings.
To the online workers/ content creators, who are already earning from their already created content; the blogposts, images, and videos, this is another double way opportunity. Two way opportunity in the sense that apart from the normal income they are generating from the content on their sites, they will also boost their earnings through the visits through the links of tsu, provided they will share their posts too.
There is also the double sharing opportunity to those who also have membership with the face book and twitter whereby they can still share the already shared post through tsu and increase the chances of attracting visits to the posts.

Sign up here and start earning by posting.

5 reasons why many blogjob users find it hard to write blog posts

In the short period that I have been the member on blogjob, I have come to learn several issues surrounding the low activity in submitting blogposts, the fact that must have prompted the admin to reduce the reward points in some of the sections about using the site.
Here are some of the points which I managed to gather, that seemed to derail my activity on blogjob as well;

Thinking about complex topics to share about: I used to think about complex things that I wished to create posts about and yet I could not come up with enough content about them, and thus ending up not making any progress at all.

Procrastinating: This is the main impeding factor to any blogger, always postponing to write a post about a certain topic, expecting to do so at a later date, ending up to pile up everything.

Using more time than necessary to interact: I personally had and still have this problem; I find myself devoting most my online time on blogjob interacting with other members on the site, motivated by the few points earned, when I should have used the same time to compose several posts for my blogjob sites.

Coming up with topics that you have no enough facts/information about- Of course many of the writers can agree with me that one will always get stuck in the middle of the sentence if he has limited information about the topic that he/she is addressing.

Self-dismissal- sometimes, we writers might have great content to blog about, but we refrain from posting about them in fear of what others/ readers will think about us.

I am learning to let go of the few above weaknesses and believe that if anyone can consider this information addressed in this post and respond positively about it, he/she is going to emerge as one of the greatest blogger both on blogjob and the internet world.

The new strategy to make a living by blogging has unlimited earning potential

Are you one of those desperate online workers who are still searching for the reliable online jobs that you will be guaranteed for the rewards equal to your efforts invested without any fee?

If you happen to be interested in making a living by blogging while working from the comfort of your home without hassles and tussles, then be my guest as I take you through a short guide that will change the way you view blogging.

Now that the internet/ digital world has evolved to make the online working a reliable jobs option, blogging has not been left behind either even though some think that blogging has now been declared obsolete by the coming of micro blogging platforms that have come up with the revenue-sharing strategy to bring together the online writers who work both as the readers as well as the content creators and share a predetermined percentage of the earnings accrued through ads.

With the blog-sharing systems that some blogging gurus have devised, that exist on large and growing platforms such as blogjob for example, Sign up here, one can be able to earn a living by just posting unlimited number of posts per day depending on how quick the writer can create engaging posts that can meet the site rules. And be able to earn through the 50 points rewarded per post, which can be equated to $0.5 dollar per post, in case of the blogger is focusing on redeeming upon reaching 10000 points, besides the passively generated earnings in case the author has a monetized the sites.

Assuming that one is a full time blogger, you can also collect some more earnings based on the active participation on blogjob whereby, you can reply to others’ posts, forum discussions, updating the wall, uploading pictures as well as making new friends.
Just as the welcome page to blog job promises, it all depends on the activity the user is able to create and share quality posts as quickly as possible with the interest of the readers in his mind.

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