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Exposing the most popular witchcraft trick used by witchdoctors in Kenya and many other parts of Africa

It is a common knowledge in Kenya that no customer would present himself to the witchdoctor and leave without getting his problems solved by the witchdoctor even if the problem addressed is faked as long as the customer would pay for the service.

Surprisingly, some of these witchcrafts conduct their services using the holy Bible, just to make the whole exercise look like it is the power inspired from above that is assisting them to perform their ‘Godsend acts.’

It is very surprising to see that a good percentage of the customers who ever visit the witchdoctors, are never able to fathom the real secret that the witchdoctors employ to deceive the customers to feel satisfied with the service and even recommend other friends and relatives by testifying how they got helped.

Here is the most used basic trick that the witchdoctors fool their customers with. When the patient is presented to them, the witchdoctor can be seen to peruse through the Holy Bible and after reading a certain verse or two, he/she throws about the cowry shells and pretend to interpret the message about their arrangement with the life of the customer.

After making the customer to understand his problem as per the arrangement of the cowries, the whole exercise of treatment begins, where the customer/patient is made to drink a certain liquid meant to be concocted from special herbs.

Then the most worrisome stage of the exercise follows, which involve the use of the razor (of which cleanliness is itself a question) to cut small incisions at several body parts, as the witchdoctor sucks at the cuts/wounds and spits out the contents of spell. The ‘spell’ can range from the pieces of glass, pebbles or even pins, etc.

After the exercise, the witchdoctor may advice the patient to go to hospital for further treatment. Here is the real trick used. Before the whole exercise, the witchdoctor had the pebbles, pins, glass pieces, or whatever in his/her mouth.

The so called special medicine given to drink might be just anything, meant to fool the patient, and the spells removed from the body was actually spat from the mouth. And the healing afterwards can be as the result of visiting the hospital and getting treated for the common illnesses which might be malaria, typhoid etc.

Have you realized how being a witchdoctor is just the art of convincing?

The mechanic, the witchcraft and the electronics repairers have a lot in common

If you happen to have at any time in your life dealt with any or all of the above professionals, then you may not be wondering very much as to how the three can have anything in common. The fact is that, all the above named technicians always magnify any problem that is brought before them by their clients so that when they can overcharge them upon fixing it.

Take for instance, the car mechanic; when the customer comes to him with the car problem. Even if the problem is just to sand paper the rust out of the battery terminals so that the car starter can function as expected, the mechanic can spot the problem with one glance, but he doesn’t go straight to it and fix it. Instead the customer will have to give him time to go under the vehicle and fumble with several parts making it look as if he was really fixing several things under the car. After ensuring that he has convinced the customer, he goes straight to the source of the problem and it only takes him a few minutes to fix it.

The moment he confirms to the car owner that the vehicle is fully fixed, he demands a very huge fee claiming that he had a lot to fix and it could have even cost more if it were another mechanic, who would charge according to the time spent to fix the car.

The electronics repairer on the other hand can charge for the replaced device parts he did not include in fixing the electronic device so that he can charge more from the customer who do not even understand the names of the device parts and their market price.

The witchcraft is just crafty as his name spells, he can charge the customer any amount of money for his services since the customer cannot be able to cost the services given.

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