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My First Ever WA Affiliate Commission Earned To My Account, For Facilitating A Sale

I am very excited to have woken up today in the morning to find an e-mail from the Wealthy Affiliate with the following title.

Congratulations! A new WA commission

Here is the copy-pasted e-mail that has shown me the clear signs that I am on the right track towards my financial freedom. Now got the real meaning in the words “MAKE MONEY ON AUTOPILOT”
Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your WealthyAffiliate.com membership and opening your affiliate control panel.

Sale details:
Commission from this sale: $4
Order ID: I-NEQ55L1D24R4
Date & Time: 02/26/201500:08:20
************THE END*****************

I have been a starter member of the wealthy affiliate university for the last few months trying the things that are freely taught under the starter package, just to test the reliability of the opportunity before I can opt for premium membership.

The main purpose of the wealthy affiliate university program is to offer their members with training course, tools and help and support needed to build successful online businesses as internet marketers owning fully functional websites freely hosted by the program.

As a starter member at the wealthy affiliate university, one is entitled to some few benefits that I found to be worth a shot e.g.

1. Promote the program using the available affiliate links and the marketing aids free to any member and be able to earn the recurring affiliate commissions upon the referral of new members, based on the level of the membership.

2. Create a maximum of 2 free niche sites and apply the free training course under the starter package to build a foundation of the future successful online business as one gets to explore the possibilities of creating future financial freedom.

Here is the overview of the expected benefits which the users are entitled to as starter or premium members.

For every invitation accepted, the referrer would be entitled to recurring commission for life depending on the level of membership of the referrer as well as that of the referral in the future. Read here for more information.

My first WA $4 dollar affiliate commission originated from one of my referral advancing to a premium membership under the bonus package.

Under my case, I would have been paid $8 dollars in case I was a premium member and would be entitled to $22.50 dollars each month whenever the referral renews his premium membership, instead of the $11.25 I will be earning each month.

What excites me more is that (with more of my affiliates going premium) I will be earning residual income every month, as I consider going for premium membership in the near future so that I can unplug the full potential of this lucrative affiliate program.

Assuming that I will have over 100 affiliates in the near future (like some members who joined the program earlier) I will be able to be pocketing $2250 each month for life, all passive.

You can also start your journey to financial freedom by joining the program for free here and start building the foundations for your future business here.

How To Build A Lifetime Online Business With The Wealthy Affiliates’ Lucrative Affiliate Commissions With no Initial Investment

The words ‘earn money online from home in the comfort of your couch’ never made sense to me for long until I joined the wealthy affiliates community; for the phrase is overused by scam sites.

Their affiliate commissions program can rather be seen as the most reliable way of making money online by just posting referral links in the web/social media and inviting new members to WA who are serious about what they wish to accomplish in life as online entrepreneurs. Hey! This should not be confused with the link posting offers advertised by the scam sites out there, this is a serious internet marketing affiliate program.

How much to earn will be determined by how many active new members you invite to the program, based on your marketing strategies applied in promotion campeigns, in addition, how serious they take the program and move ahead to the next level.

Earning the WA affiliate commissions with starter member package
As a starter member, (which is of course free) one is entitled to the affiliate commissions only if the referral upgrades to a premium member, which is a limitation that is fair in the sense that it motivates the members to upgrade to premium membership so that they can enjoy high affiliate commissions as well as access all the services offered in the WA training program.

Imagine this scenario: you join the WA training program as a starter member, then you manager to promote your referral link and successfully invite 5 referrals who find WA program as the training program with all the features they have been searching for, and thus upgrade to premium membership (which is bound to happen based on the high quality service offered by WA, stats show 12% of the referrals do so)

Being a starter member, you would have missed on the $1 dollar invite credit (earned by premium members only), but you earn $4 dollars out of the $19 dollar bonus premium payment of the referral. In case of 5 referrals, this would earn a starter member easy $20 dollars. Only $5 more dollars to reach the minimum cashout threshold, which is $25 dollars.

The best thing is that as long as the referral will remain a premium member (which most of the members do), then the premium membership subscription renewal the next month would be the recurring fee of $47 dollars, out of which the starter member referrer earns $11.25 dollars, which recurs each month the referral renews the premium membership payment. With only 5 referrals, you will be pocketing $56.25 each month .

What if any of your premium referrals upgrades to a yearly subscription?
Under this case, the referrer starter member earns instant $89 dollars the moment the payment is made. All possible without spending a cent on the program, out of the fact that starter memebership package is free for unlimited period of time. Here is the link for you to try things out for free. Or use the banner below.

Check out the next post for more about WA premium membership affiliate commission rates.

The Only Short-cut Possible To Make A Living Online By Blogging Through Own Niche Website

As most of you who have tried to make money off your own blogs/websites. You can agree with me that it is never a walk in the park like most of the scams out there promise. But it does not mean that it is not possible, especially if one is dedicated to make it to success and he/she has someone to run to in case he gets stuck.

What would be more encouraging than having someone professional and successful, who is holding your hand to ensure that you do not shoot any blanks, giving you all the support you need, to bring you closer to your success with every sure step you take?

I believe and understand that you have gone through quite a lot in trying to find a way to success, but only got discouraged along the way when your efforts hit the dead end, simply because you did not have the right coach, the teacher who teaches from experience of many years, and who has perfected his skill in making money online.

This person I am about to introduce to you has extraordinary understanding of internet marketing and through his extraordinary experience, he has also majored/specialized in internet affiliate marketing and also devised the special tools of trade that would enable anyone to create professionally designed WordPress websites within a span of 30 seconds, besides giving step by step guidance to enable anyone, attain the financial stability earning from own website.

If you think it is magic, you can check this out for yourself here.
This extraordinary friend of mine is called Kile, the co-founder of the wealthy affiliates university.

So if you need any help setting up a successful online business, or improving the earnings on your already established site, then this is the perfect chance that you can’t afford to miss, and on top of it all, it is free to join and make a foundation upon which your successful online business will be built as a starter member, before opting for premium membership (where the full secret to earn success online will be unlocked).

Let me warn you, your success will all depend on how serious you take the courses and take action, ask questions where you feel you missed something, and the support is 24/7 ready to attend to you, and no question is considered a ‘stupid/nonsense question.

I find it better to tap into the skills of a successful professional than struggle all the way and get disappointed afterwards, losing all the unrecoverable investment. This is just one of the main reasons I find it the only short cut possible to make a living from your niche website- getting taught by a professional and his team of experienced tutors.

If you feel like you need more details about this information, don’t hesitate to leave your question in the comment section.

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