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How To Build A Lifetime Online Business With The Wealthy Affiliates’ Lucrative Affiliate Commissions With no Initial Investment

The words ‘earn money online from home in the comfort of your couch’ never made sense to me for long until I joined the wealthy affiliates community; for the phrase is overused by scam sites.

Their affiliate commissions program can rather be seen as the most reliable way of making money online by just posting referral links in the web/social media and inviting new members to WA who are serious about what they wish to accomplish in life as online entrepreneurs. Hey! This should not be confused with the link posting offers advertised by the scam sites out there, this is a serious internet marketing affiliate program.

How much to earn will be determined by how many active new members you invite to the program, based on your marketing strategies applied in promotion campeigns, in addition, how serious they take the program and move ahead to the next level.

Earning the WA affiliate commissions with starter member package
As a starter member, (which is of course free) one is entitled to the affiliate commissions only if the referral upgrades to a premium member, which is a limitation that is fair in the sense that it motivates the members to upgrade to premium membership so that they can enjoy high affiliate commissions as well as access all the services offered in the WA training program.

Imagine this scenario: you join the WA training program as a starter member, then you manager to promote your referral link and successfully invite 5 referrals who find WA program as the training program with all the features they have been searching for, and thus upgrade to premium membership (which is bound to happen based on the high quality service offered by WA, stats show 12% of the referrals do so)

Being a starter member, you would have missed on the $1 dollar invite credit (earned by premium members only), but you earn $4 dollars out of the $19 dollar bonus premium payment of the referral. In case of 5 referrals, this would earn a starter member easy $20 dollars. Only $5 more dollars to reach the minimum cashout threshold, which is $25 dollars.

The best thing is that as long as the referral will remain a premium member (which most of the members do), then the premium membership subscription renewal the next month would be the recurring fee of $47 dollars, out of which the starter member referrer earns $11.25 dollars, which recurs each month the referral renews the premium membership payment. With only 5 referrals, you will be pocketing $56.25 each month .

What if any of your premium referrals upgrades to a yearly subscription?
Under this case, the referrer starter member earns instant $89 dollars the moment the payment is made. All possible without spending a cent on the program, out of the fact that starter memebership package is free for unlimited period of time. Here is the link for you to try things out for free. Or use the banner below.

Check out the next post for more about WA premium membership affiliate commission rates.

How to use relevant key word tags in posts for your content to rank high on google search results

Use of relevant key word tags in blog posts is a must for your posts to rank high on the google front page during organic searches

Today, I have been mostly busy testing some of the knowledge I have so far gained from the wealthy affiliate university program training about the SEO.

I have been testing several of some relevant key words probably inserted in the search engines by my audience during the google or yahoo searches that lead them to my articles/pages by organic searching.

I have realized that by inserting the exact words I used in tags, my posts came top in the search results on the google front page, especially if my content is about a topic that has not been posted about a lot online.

For example, by use of key words, ‘leapviral scam’, my post titled, ‘LeapViral,is it a scam or just another legit way to make money online’ now appears on google front page

This research has also pproved to me that if I will be able to perform a thorough research on the tags to be included before publishing my posts, my posts will attract a lot of hits, probably after my posts appearing on the first page of the google search results.

I am not sure whether it will be right, (not yet my training level at wealthy affiliate) but I feel like my posts will be more search engine friendly if I use a lot of tags that relate to my posts content.

I have also discovered that by using sufficient tags besides the title that contains relevant keywords, it is enough to make the posts rank high and compete well with other posts in the similar niche thus attracting more organic traffic.

This also means that by optimizing on the tagging (it is recommended to edit the tagging using competitive key words) to all the posts I have so far written and published, it gives my blog/site very high chances of ranking high in the google searches under the competing key words.

As most of you, SEO gurus out there know the framework of any successful website besides faster page loading and attractive design is in its capability to attract more traffic through the search engines when the internet users are directed to your pages during the search for the information pages that contain the search phrases used.

I have tested the waters of wealthy affiliate university, and it has already proven to me that it has all the training courses, tools and support that I have been searching for long without success, which will propel my dreams of building a successful online business without much struggle and reap the massive profits as residual income.

Since it is free to join, here is the link for you to test the sure way of accessing the knowledge that you need to build your future success.

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