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My First Ever WA Affiliate Commission Earned To My Account, For Facilitating A Sale

I am very excited to have woken up today in the morning to find an e-mail from the Wealthy Affiliate with the following title.

Congratulations! A new WA commission

Here is the copy-pasted e-mail that has shown me the clear signs that I am on the right track towards my financial freedom. Now got the real meaning in the words “MAKE MONEY ON AUTOPILOT”
Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your WealthyAffiliate.com membership and opening your affiliate control panel.

Sale details:
Commission from this sale: $4
Order ID: I-NEQ55L1D24R4
Date & Time: 02/26/201500:08:20
************THE END*****************

I have been a starter member of the wealthy affiliate university for the last few months trying the things that are freely taught under the starter package, just to test the reliability of the opportunity before I can opt for premium membership.

The main purpose of the wealthy affiliate university program is to offer their members with training course, tools and help and support needed to build successful online businesses as internet marketers owning fully functional websites freely hosted by the program.

As a starter member at the wealthy affiliate university, one is entitled to some few benefits that I found to be worth a shot e.g.

1. Promote the program using the available affiliate links and the marketing aids free to any member and be able to earn the recurring affiliate commissions upon the referral of new members, based on the level of the membership.

2. Create a maximum of 2 free niche sites and apply the free training course under the starter package to build a foundation of the future successful online business as one gets to explore the possibilities of creating future financial freedom.

Here is the overview of the expected benefits which the users are entitled to as starter or premium members.

For every invitation accepted, the referrer would be entitled to recurring commission for life depending on the level of membership of the referrer as well as that of the referral in the future. Read here for more information.

My first WA $4 dollar affiliate commission originated from one of my referral advancing to a premium membership under the bonus package.

Under my case, I would have been paid $8 dollars in case I was a premium member and would be entitled to $22.50 dollars each month whenever the referral renews his premium membership, instead of the $11.25 I will be earning each month.

What excites me more is that (with more of my affiliates going premium) I will be earning residual income every month, as I consider going for premium membership in the near future so that I can unplug the full potential of this lucrative affiliate program.

Assuming that I will have over 100 affiliates in the near future (like some members who joined the program earlier) I will be able to be pocketing $2250 each month for life, all passive.

You can also start your journey to financial freedom by joining the program for free here and start building the foundations for your future business here.

The most Inspiring video of the Armless Pianist, showing the power of persistence and passion

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXvE6NRdnAo If you haven’t watched this video before, I wish that you watch it now and also share it with some of your friends who never appreciate their physical capabilities.

This is the most motivating video I have ever watched, besides the Will Smith’s blockbuster movie, pursuit for happiness.

These are some of the few videos that the audiences are left open mouthed and only realize that they have been in tears throughout the show, when they touch their cheeks and feel the tears strolling.

I am not affiliated in any way with the video owner, but it is just something that I cannot help recommending to all of my friends. I am sure this can let anyone realize the potential he has as a physically fit person or whatever, and also get challenged to see how a man without arms can be able to accomplish what he cannot, with both hands.

I accessed this video for the first time this morning through a post by one of my friends at the wealthy affiliates, I felt a stir in my emotions, for I had woken up today unmotivated to do anything, but it was like this was tailored just for me, as an inspiration to pursue my future goals. In fact her blog post was headlined, ‘Are You Discouraged Today?’ just meant to encourage all the members of WA who are pursuing their future dream success there of building their own successful online business.

Especially when I watched Liu Wei try to show the applauding crowd how excited he was, but unlike other stars who are physically fit and would have been seen waving at the crowd and the judges, Liu Wei could only show his excitement by bowing.

I have to admit that I was very moved by his performance and if I happened to be one of the three judges, I would not hesitate to give him full credit, for the amazing performance that some of the able bodied professional pianists don’t march.

I have learnt that with determination and persistence, in addition to passion in whatever one decides to do, he will definitely emerge with victory.

Did this video influence your personal life in any way, according how you usually view things?

See Why Upcoming Local Musicians decide to Create songs in their native Tongues rather than International Languages as a Marketing Strategy

The free sea of knowledge at WA has given me access to the online business success marketing skills that have answered many of the questions that have been disturbing me over a long period of time.

How wrong was I to think that composing music with the international language tunes would expose one’s music to large market, more sales and popularize the musician.

In fact, I used to wonder why some musicians struggled to get their music CDs accepted by the music world, when they had produced their songs in their native tongue, limiting their music listenership by the language barrier.

It never dawn to me that they only created their music targeting a certain kind of people, and not everyone. Which is itselt a very effective marketing strategy for any product.

This is the main challenge that many product manufacturers/creators face when it comes to marketing their fully manufactured products, especially if they do not understand who their immediate customers are.

The same knowledge is very valuable to those who would like to make their living online as the internet marketers, which can only be realized after building a niche website upon which the affiliate products are promoted and the affiliate commissions earned based on the sales conversions generated.

By the ‘niche’ website, it means that in order for the internet marketer to reach his/her target audience/customers, the website must be built in a certain way and should have rich content that contain key words that would be searched by the targeted audience and the search engines direct the internet users to land on the web pages and be satisfied by what is getting offered.

This is why good internet marketers with niche websites never go for broad topics, thus limiting the level of the competition, by narrowing down the targeted group of the audience who will find exactly what they are searching online for after accessing the given website.
This one million dollar skill about website creation is just one out of the thousands that can be accessed for free by the WA members, the only online training program with the state of the art tools and support that can assist anyone build a successful online business. Don’t forget to find out more about the WA program here.

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