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Impressive Tsu earnings stats from the other users have given me inspiration to invest more time in the site

Yesterday, I was very amazed by the impressive earning performance by several Tsu users who were posting the images of their Tsu bank sections printouts exposing the unlimited earning potential hidden within the Tsu social site.

There was one post that really caught my attention and made me to realize what I am missing by simply not being active on Tsu and dedicating more of my online working time to the site. The post showed that the user was short of only $9 dollars away from the cash out minimum threshold of $100 dollars. In fact, he might have already cashed out, based on his earning rate of over $7 dollars per day as it was reflected by his ‘yesterday’s earnings.’

However, I was further amazed when I took a closer look at his profile page. The user must have really worked extra hard to achieve his current network of friends and followers in his family tree. He had 9746 followers and 4995 friends in his network.

Comparing this with what I have in my tsu account so far, the bank is still at $0.00 balance, 21 friends and 57 followers, I can see that I have a long way to go if I am serious about ever earning and cashing out on tsu.

Anyway, I am challenged to have realized that to earn a penny from tsu, it is not as easy as a walk in the park or ‘earn a quick million overnight’ opportunity as some of the users put it. It requires a lot of dedication and patience in addition to hard work and the skill of interaction with the old and new friends in one’s network.

Due to my tight daily online working schedule, it will take me a while to build up and sustain a reliable network of followers and friends who will enable me to earn money on tsu at a reliable daily rate.

Here is my invite link for my new friends who would like to learn the new social site earning experience.

Why marketing skill is highly needed for every serious online worker

As an online worker, whether a freelance writer, a blogger, software developer, a site owner web designer etc. as long as one relies on the internet world to sell his/ her content, he stands no chance of competing well for the limited market of his content if his marketing skill is not up to date even if his content is of high quality.

Being a good and successful online working is just same as any other business person where it is a challenge that can be tackled by the individual if he is able to transform himself into several professionals all merged into one, for example; one is required to act as a salesman, an accountant, a marketer, as well as a manager of own business.

Out of the above named professional fields, the online working person can decide to outsource, but before one can do all that, he must have created the content that is targeted to a certain group of the clients, who can only be reached by use of reasonable and affordable means of marketing and promotion.

Take for instance a site owner, after designing and creating a website and posting the expected content, one would need a way to ensure that his site’s content receives reliable traffic in long term so that the website can be monetized and earn consistent income revenue that will be able to outweigh the cost of operation and gain profits, just like any other business.

The online author who writes and posts articles on post to earn on revenue-sharing writing sites is also required to ensure that his posts receive enough traffic so that he can be paid by the site owners based on the ads revenue earned by his web pages.

This is why every online worker must have a membership on several social sites like face book. Twitter, google+ etc with a very reliable following that is genuinely interested in the posts shared.

I Just discovered another wonderful legit site to earn online

It is always good news when the online workers discover a new way to earn online and expand their capabilities to increase their online income through multiple streams which in turn brings about diversification and the level of earning security.

It is pleasure to share some of the online earning ways with the like-minded internet users who would like to learn earning in different ways and maximize their earning potential as well as share the good news with their friends to join in the race to the making the living online.

In my endless online search to discover the greener pastures and to add to the already existing ways that I depend on to make my extra earnings online, and to supplement or substitute the others that are about to dry up, I was able to dig up another legit reliable post-to-earn site by the name bitlanders.

This is another social site on which the users earn bitcoins from the content they share with their followers, called subscribers. The users have to login everyday to earn.

The content allowed to be posted can be anything to do with images, wall updates (called micro-blogs), blogs, as well as videos. The content can also be shared to facebook, twitter and google+ to maximize the earnings each time of posting.

The site is zero tolerant to plagiarized content and thus anyone submitting the copied content risks the user’s account getting deleted without warning.
Bitlanders also has a referral program which enables the inviting user to earn for eternity from his refferals’ activity.

Feel free to join bitlanders through this link and you stand the chance to make me your first follower (subscriber) using the face book sign up.

This site has thousands of users and has been in existence for more than 5 years, you will just wonder why you did not discover this the whole time you have been searching work online trying to make your first dollar only to end up in the hands of the scammers.

For any question, feel free to ask in the comments section. I wish you a wonderful online earning time

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