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All That You should Know About Legit Smart Scam writing Sites?

I have a long list of the writing sites that I have tried to earn from but it is so disappointing to see that most of the writing paying sites that promise a huge share of the ads revenue to the users are getting created each and every day but are not able to stand the test of time in the industry.

Fortunately for me, I am part of one site that never disappoints the users when it comes to the benefits promised, and has been in business for over 10 years without issues with the users, that I can recommend to anyone who wishes to build long term online business with.

It has been a common trend to see that some of these writing sites enter the market with a lot of empty promises, targeting the few users who sign up as first members to invite their friends and thus growing the membership list until they attain the traffic expected, without the need to spend any money on site promotion campaigns.

Most of the like sites seem to enter the business with a different intention from the one they disclose to the users in their “how it works”

Take for instance the following sites which I was a member and once earned some cash from;
Gicacircle- I learnt about this site from a friend when writing on bubblews, and I decided to make an attempt, just to spread the risk of uncertainty of working online. When I had signed up and posted a few articles, I realized that it was not worth my time, thus waited for a while but when I decided to take another look at the site, it happened that the site didn’t exist anymore.

Teckler- I was able to get paid once from teckler before they stopped paying the users, even though the site still exists with content contributed by the users, still earning them residual income.

Bubblews- since I couldn’t cope up with their change in earnings rate and payment policy, very many users couldn’t cope up with the site, especially after failing to pay me over $570 dollars. My account is still alive with over $20 dollars, but could take a lifetime to reach their minimum threshold of $50 dollars, and still wait for more 3 months for the payment to be sent.


Click on the banner below to see an overview of what to expect from this opportunity.

Most of scam sites are highly indexed by the search engines, see why

It is quite unfortunate that the internet search engines rank the scam sites very highly during the search for the online income making legit sites. As the result most of those new to the on line working universe find it hard to hard to really find the legit ways to make money online and mostly end up wasting time and losing money to scams which promise to earn them 1000s of dollars for doing nothing.

As new user to internet work, the victims do not have skill to even run a scam detection on the site promising to change someone’s life overnight after purchasing a certain content that contains a secret that would be used to gain access a chance that no one else has ever discovered yet.

Many have lost money and resources chasing the wind in buying useless software or files that contain nothing valuable but just more exposure to chances of getting scammed afterwards if it is proved that the item purchased did not work.

In fact, many have been robbed of their hard earned cash when they are convinced to upgrade scam item to another scam product only to find out when too late that the software in question was never meant to function the way the scammer promised.

Remember, under some scam circumstances, the victim users of scam tend to think that there are instructions about the new product of the scammer that he has missed to follow in order to come up with the results similar/ related to those others are boasting about in the misleading ‘doctored reviews of success.’

It seems as if he scammers have really mustered the skill of key words use towards the online money making or work from home niche to the extent that the first legit work online sites cannot get indexed among the first thousand result, in case the internet user uses the key word phrases, ‘work at home’ or ‘work online.’

If you doubt this, try to type in the search engine, ‘earn online’ or ‘ways to make money online’ and see.

Many New ways to earn online yet most are just opportunities to exploit users

Since it is hard to achieve financial satisfaction from the few online earning streams that I invest my efforts in, I am always eager to try any new earning ways that I discover, either through the online friends or the posts on some writing sites that I am a user too.

Nowadays, it seems as if the internet gurus are trying to come up with every kind of trick that will enable them to tap into the hungry online job seekers who are ready to try anything that looks legit and offers competitive rewards.

I would like to warn the new online freelance workers that not all that looks like the opportunity is really one, for it might be the other way round, meaning that you are the opportunity to the owner of the offer posing as the opportunity.

One of the priceless experience/skills that the new online users are supposed to learn before accepting the offers that they are not sure about their legality is to learn to filter the scam sites from the legit ones based on the features that are outstanding about the given site.
The best and sure way to put any site that one is opting to work with is to use the search engine, just to see what others are saying about the same site and cross-check the validity of the reviews written about it.

Though it also needs an oversight knowledge to really be able to sample out the paid reviews from the real life experiences, comparing the positive and the negative reviews with the consistencies in the shared experiences can either show you what you are missing if you don’t join others, or the grave that you are about to dig for yourself, when the writing is on the wall.

It is the despair for online lucrative jobs with handsome rewards that can easily mislead the new freelancers to learn the hard way, when they become the victims of scam- chasing the million dollars for just posting links.

Are earning sites with complicated earning structure likely scam?

The online working world has very many opportunities, yet very few are worthy the users’ time.
This is to mean that only a handful of the sites posing as an opportunity are legit and likely to pay for the users’ service rendered according to the accepted terms and conditions.

This is why the users are advised to perform due diligent research about the site they wish to join and not to get disappointed when they realize that the reality is rather different from the face value of the site posing to be worth a try. It gets more complicated to perform a scam check to the site when it is still new and not very much exposed.

There are some sites that you can only learn some hidden rules when you join and start working with them and realize when too late that you will never be able to have your first payment due to the certain conditions that are just unrealistic to meet.

Take for example; there are some data entry sites that promise very good earning rate per task completed. But when you join them, you find that, before you start getting any offers/tasks to complete, you must have about 20 referrals who have also to bring in at least 10 referrals. I am sure the experienced online workers know how next to impossible referring up to 10 users to a new site is, leave alone 20 referrals.

In addition to this, the referrals must at least login to the site once per day; the thing which will always be out of your control,

Before you realize it, you see the deductions in the accumulated points, and that is when you are notified that the deduction was due to the rules violation of one of your referrals (that is if you have been lucky to refer a new user)

This is just part of the experience that I have undergone while trying to earn on one data entry site, which is becoming more and more complicated. Since the user who referred me to the site is going through similar experience, is the site likely to be a scam?

What if the site highlighted as scam is working for you? Cointellect bitcoin mining software contains no threats

I have been working online for over two years and thus I believe to have gained a good experience as to how to be able to identify a scam site and stay away from it and invest my time and efforts wisely in the sites that I am guaranteed of the returns on investment.

It is usual thing when working online to find that no single site where users earn online from can remain clean all the time without the competing sites and those who for whatever reason did not qualify to work on it trying to defame it, by posting fake reviews about the website, highlighting it as a scam. For example, while innumerable posts were getting submitted about bubblews being a scam, I received my first online income from bubblews, and several other successful redemptions, even though I did not receive every expected dollar.

When joining any site that you find highlighted as a scam, at the same time you find others posting the positive reviews about the same site; it is normal to every cautious online worker to have a divided mind as to whether to join or not. But there are the filters that a serious online worker has to consider, you never know, you might be missing something great.
On my part, as long as there are no initial sign up fee, and the payment rules are not that unrealistic- especially, payment on condition that one brings in a certain number of referrals,
I do not see why I should not join and test the waters from inside.

That is the same thing that happened when joining cointellect– cloud hashing bitcoin mining online service. Though there are numerous allegations on the internet web for the site being a scam, I have tried to check them and realized that none of them seems to state the facts as they are, for the site seem to be working for me without trouble.

This leaves me with the conclusion that most of the negative reviews might have been propagated by the cointellect’s competitors. Especially, due to the site’s decent service compared to other companies in the bitcoin mining industry.

One of the allegations that I found not to add up is that the mining software downloaded and installed contains a malware that is meant to steal away the cryptocurrency in the users’ wallets. This had stirred me to perform a full antivirus scan, using the Microsoft essentials antivirus, only to come up with no threats detection and yet I have the cointellect mining software installed and running successfully on my computer.

How to overcome the disappointments of working online

The phrase ‘working online’ can be used to denote several things people do online to earn them income whether legally or illegally. Whatever the online worker is involved in, for instance; the online paid writer, freelance writer, online publisher etc.

There is the involvement of the online clients whose business is to offer the jobs, promising to pay for the services to the willing and able online service providers, but to their disappointment the said clients decline to pay for the services provided leaving the workers very disappointed for the wasted efforts and time invested in the unfruitful venture, when they realize that it was all but a scam.

Unfortunately, this is the point at which most of the online dedicated jobseekers start from, learning by example the hard way and even worse, some service providers fall the victims of cyber crime where they end up investing money in some websites with terms of service that cannot be met to achieve the promised benefits.
Here are some reliabe tips to help the online earners not to be very exposed to the scammers in the cyber world;

Doing proper research homework about the potential client’s payments history: This can be performed by online searching and reading the reliable reviews about the selected site and ensuring that it can pay for the services rendered.

Ensuring that you are working for several clients at the same time: One should not rely on only one stream of online income source whereby some sites can die without notice and all your built up work vanish in a blink of the eye, when the target of the site is met; leaving the dependants disappointed.

To continually be searching for new online opportunities even though you have a stable stream of online source of income; to act as contingency in time of unforeseen occurrence; where the site that one is working for can go offline under maintenance leaving you no other option.

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