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3 things that internet marketing is all about

Did you know that most of successful online working people are internet marketers?

Internet marketing can look very simple but very complicated because it is only made possible when the three things are made to work together in order to earn the internet marketer (the middleman) money in form of commission.

The fully functioning website with reliable internet traffic is the foundation upon which all other 2 items are based on in order to facilitate a sale of the affiliate product.

The product to be promoted on the site is another thing that has to be considered when laying down the foundation of the website, which should be the basis of niche chosen by the internet marketer, who is looking forward to drive the customers to the product they are searching for online.

Engaging the customer and convincing him to accept the product that the marketer is recommending for is third thing that most of the online marketers should be skillful about whereby they earn the commission when the customer actually purchases the product promoted on their website.

Unlike the offline marketing, internet marketing requires an environment whereby the online shoppers are directed by the search engines to the appropriate product they are searching for when they use the search phrases that involve the product they want. Unfortunately, most of the customers don’t really know what they are actually searching for. Therefore, it is up to the internet marketer to come up with assuring review to explain to the customer the value of the product he is promoting and the satisfaction customer will get in using the product.

This is where the challenge is, especially if the internet marketer is promoting the product which a lot of other people are marketing, whereby the marketer with the most engaging and assuring/ persuading skill wins a sale and earns commission on sale.

This can only be achieved through the website content that contains the key words that would enable the site to get high indexing hence more chances of getting read by the buyer.
In other words, the three things that make up ‘internet marketing’ can be summarized as; directing the right customer to the right products to earn a commission on the sale.

Fake devil worship testimonies claiming to create public awareness serve a different purpose

Since the realization of the devil worshipping in some parts of Kenya some years ago, there have been a lot of fear mounted in the public about the capabilities of the members of the dark world and theories about how to identify them from among the members of the public so that they can avoid falling the victims of their traps.

Based on those theories, some opportunistic individuals have come out posing as the former members of the bloody group, trying to explain to the general public about how they were lucky to have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and sent out to warn the general public from ending up the same way.

In order to make their claims more profitable, some of them have come up with audio CDs, or books narrating how they were used by Lucifer himself to destroy the church by misleading the worshippers by use of the money financed from the sea.

In their narrations, they describe how they moved from one place to another by use of magical powers and could deliver the required message to the expected places within no time, cause trouble to the targeted places and celebrate the resulting damage, which could range from road accidents to building collapse.

In one of such audio CDs, one testified to have been behind the torching of a certain boarding high school in which over 100 students burnt to death in their dormitories, and the cause of fire suspected to have resulted from the electric fault.

Recently, there is another video CD release that is selling like hot cake, in which the narrator tries to shade light to the public about how some successful leaders, businessmen and musicians are using the power from the dark world of devil worshipping to enrich themselves.
Since there is no real prove to show that such individuals once in their history worked as the agents of the devil, it is hard to believe that any part of their stories is true, other than just a made up story to get the easy money out of the unsuspecting curious people who either lack faith in the true God or lack knowledge about the truth.

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