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The scammer’s new trick targeting cash from users who have accounts with online banking processors

Today, I received an e-mail in my account claiming to have been sent by Perfect Money, which must have targeted a different person, or it was just the guesswork of the scammer trying the same trick to multiple online users, spreading his fishing net wide so as to scam the unsuspecting victims.

Dear Customer,

Perfect Money has limited your account due to a security issue. Specifically, we recorded a login attempt from an unfamiliar location, suggesting that your login information may have been used by an unauthorized third party.

IP Address:
Country: RO
City: Bucharest

Your account will be limited until you configure your security settings. Please read the attached guidelines to restore your account access.


Perfect Money SR & I
Security Department


To anyone who has several years in online work, it cannot take him/her a second to recognize this as a phishing mail.

1. Any e-mail from the online banking processor would address the customer/user by his/her first or both names, but not a generic title like in this case- ‘Dear customer.’
2. The usual grammatical errors would be spotted in such e-mails.
3. Mostly end up in the spam folder.

Now see where it all becomes interesting?

The scammer is instructing me to read the attached guidelines in order to have my account access.

The trick is that the ‘attached guidelines’ is in a PDF file document that has to be downloaded.

I am yet to know what kind of malicious software that might be contained in the file, but it can be something very harmful to my computer.

This reminds me of a story shared by one of my friends at WA who fell victim of such trick, ending up to download a software that ended up damaging his computer, losing a lot of important data.

I suspect that some online sites that I opened accounts with have sold off my e-mail address to these scammers.

What makes me think that I might not have been their target is that; I have no account with Perfect Money, which rules out any doubts that this is absolute scammer’s trick to get access to the password to the account and be able to steal all cash available.

The wonderful experience that I had with Blogjob earnings PayPal redeem system

Just like I said in the wall update last night before logging out from blogjob, I redeemed the 10000 reward points for $100 dollars, and within less than 12 hours the money is in my paypal account as the instant payment; what a great and quick reliable redemption process we got here on blogjob?

I have been working online for several years, earning and receiving payments through paypal account, but it has been trouble getting the money to my paypal account when the redemption time comes, whereby the payment would undergo several tedious processes before it is lastly sent (or is never sent at all, with no reason)- mostly in form of the e-check if luckily sent. Which means that the payment would be in hold for about 5 more days before the transaction can be completed and the account holder is able to withdraw the cash.

In fact I was expecting anything worse to happen when I was undergoing the paypal redeem process. I am not sure what exactly I was expecting, but my worry was about the blogging requirement number two- the social media sharing requirement of 5 times per each blogpost submitted. I was not sure if I had achieved the required social shares for the 87 blogposts that I had already submitted till yesterday.

Early in the morning today, I was very excited when I logged in to my inbox and found the e-mail sent from blogjob, notifying me that the shipping order had been successfully sent according to the shipping aaddress given. It was after going through the details of the e-mail that I realized that the payment was already in my paypal account, paid instantly.

Although I suffered $4.2 dollars charged fee by the paypal, I am glad to learn that the redeem process on blogjob is not as torturuous as what most of the freelance online workers undergo when reaquesting their hard earned cash.

I wish to assure my fellow blogjobbers who have not yet been able to redeem their earnings for the first time that it is just fun as long as you have satisfied the few blogging rules on blogjob.

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