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Presenting a friendly challenge to bubblews users who once earned a bubblews e-check but now claim bubblews is scam

This is an open letter to my friends we met on bubblews. This is to put straight some of the confusions that are surrounding the uncertainty of the payments earned by some/all the current bubblews users.

If someone asked me to give a brief description about the experience I have regarding bubblews, here is what I would say:

“Bubblews is a writing site of which the owners initially underestimated its earning potential and as a result got overwhelmed by the work it had attracted, based on their high pay rate. Now that the owners of bubblews have attained their targeted goals earlier than they expected, they no longer require the services the bubblers are supplying and yet the bubblers need bubblews.”

I know you are about to ask why I came up with this theory. Here is the answer to your question;

I am not saying that bubblews is not a scam, and yes, it isn’t. I have personally suffered non payments to several redemption requests, totaling to over $500 dollars, but I am yet to be convinced that I have been wasted, for I can blame that on myself for having accepted their terms of use, which I did not take time to read to exhaustion.

If you are still complaining, then show me that you did not accept their terms of use; whereby there was a clause explaining that, ‘the site could decide to change the terms without reason or notice.’

Now here you are. Pointing fingers at the site which gave you the first opportunity to earn online, and no longer requires your services, in other words, contract terminated without notice, whereby you are now persistently working there at your own risk.
Doesn’t that make it clear that bubblews no longer need your services, and yet you are claiming that it is scamming you?

If you really need to confirm my findings, try to request them to delete your account so that you won’t have any relationship with them; I believe they will do so without the second thought. Or if you decide to remove your posts from their site, they won’t give a damn.

The funniest thing is that, some of the scam complaints about bubblews are getting posted to other earning sites that it will take the users a lifetime to be able to earn the income equal to what bubblews paid in one time, even if they get paid consistently. Doesn’t that make those sites more scam than bubblews, only that they are delaying what bubblews paid you in advance?

Now, show me any great online site that you are able to earn a decent income for the tasks you performed on bubblews.

Aren’t you challenged, dear bubblers?

Seo and keyword knowledge as the most powerful tool for online business success

For any online business to thrive to success, it requires a website that ranks well in the internet search engines. In order for the search engines to find the website and pick it as one among the top search results, the website should have web pages or posts that have sufficient keywords that the internet users key in to the search engines when searching for solutions online.

Since there are millions of websites around the web having similar content, that is if they belong in the same niche, a website with quality content is the only one that would be accessed by the search engine crawler and be cached among the top searches, hence a high probability of getting visits from the search engine.

Aside from creating your own website, even to become a successful online freelance writer to work online on PTP PaidToPost websites has to muster the knowledge of key word use in his posts or else most of the written work would become a waste when rejected by the clients for failing to pass the required standards.

It is also the challenge to most of the online writers to come up with the required necessary key words that would march with the niche of the website and blend well in the search results when the users search for information typing in the search engines some word phrases.

It can be a bigger challenge to the website owner who hires the freelance writers to create posts for his website and yet he doesn’t have the SEO skills whereby he would end up accepting low quality content for his website resulting in attracting low traffic.

So, SEO skill is a universal challenge to all the online workers aspiring to become the owners of the successful online business that would be able to stand the test of time, beating other online entrepreneurs in the same niche.

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