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How I am making $$$$ Passive Income as a Wealthy Affiliate without any initial financial Investment

WA paypalI can say it was just a coincidence that I came across an online earning opportunity that has proven to me that there is unlimited earning potential online as affiliate marketer.

In fact, I was chasing a scam site called monthlyyouths.com and wished to find more information before I could decide to join the site if I found any convincing review online from those sharing their personal experiences.

Instead I came across a well elaborated scam review about monthly youth and the review author instead recommended joining the wealthy affiliate as the only online business opportunity with proven reliability.

Then I had to give it a shot since it costs nothing to join as a starter member and there is no compulsion to upgrade to a premium member for as long as one wishes but people voluntarily upgrade based on the more earning potential that would be unlocked.

As a starter member, one is able to earn by simply promoting the program and earning the affiliate commissions based on the number of referrals who opt for premium membership. The starter members are also entitled to recurring commissions of $11.25 on each referral premium membership renewal each month.

You can learn MORE HERE about the breakdown of how affiliate commissions are earned by the starter and premium members respectively.

Hey! Don’t be confused that it is just another pyramid scheme scam online. This is not just a program to recruit and recruit like many scams out there. Instead it is a program that gives the members the platform, training and access to tools and support aimed at creating successful online businesses. It is all about gaining the ability to create high ranking niche websites that provide leads to sales of affiliate products, earning you the percentage commission per sale.

After a little while of promoting the wealthy affiliate through the blogs and social sites, using the training skill I had freely acquired in starter member package, I was able to refer a few new members and some of them who found the opportunity worthwhile upgraded to premium membership, and it earned me affiliate commissions.

It was very exciting moments to wake up to emails as copy-pasted below;

Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your WealthyAffiliate.com membership and visiting your affiliate stats page:


New Sale Details
Commission from this sale: $4.00
Order ID: 0DW595417X076513B

After a month or so, it was the time to celebrate recurring affiliate commissions and it was exciting to receive other e-mails like below;

Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your WealthyAffiliate.com membership and visiting your affiliate stats page:


Recurring Sale Details
Commission from this sale: $11.25
Order ID: I-89LR4TE9PWK4

I wasn’t satisfied even though my earnings in wealthy affiliate account steadily increased- until I started receiving WA PayPal payments for the first time as shown below in the payment proof representing my latest payment.
Click the to enlarge for a better view

Usually, the payments are sent on the first day of each month whenever the amount in the account balance reaches $25 dollars.

I now feel confident that I could be making $1000s if I was able to learn about this awesome online opportunity earlier and also assure everyone willing to start fulltime online business that the wealthy affiliate is the foundation and pillar to success. Anyway, I have decided to settle with my starter membership for a little while and enjoy the passive income, before going in full blast as a premium member.

Feel free to JOIN ME HERE for free and take a tour through the unlimited earning potential you will be exposed to. And also meet a community of awesome like-minded people who call themselves the wealthy affiliates. And feel the pride of becoming one of them too.

For any questions don’t hesitate to ask, but before that you can find all the answers to your questions within the WA once you join. Just click on the banner below and it will take you to your future paradise.

Wikinut ceases paying the users- by changing from revenue-share model program to free authors community

Just like what mylot decided to do some years back. Wikinut has stopped payments to the content creators as from 10th December 2015. Their plan is to remove the revenue share system and operate the site as a free authors community.

According to the latest statement e-mailed to all existing users, the site had reached the conclusion after running into trouble with their advertisers; that led to being left with only two options; either to completely shut down the site, or remove the revenue-sharing system.

The problem is said to have originated from the existence of the fraudsters on the site, who obviously gamed the system by use of botnets, driving fake traffic to their posts as well as fraudulently clicking the sponsors’ ads. There were also cases of plagiarism- where the limited efforts of the site moderators were subdued due to the workload at hand and lack of effective tools.

This might be the similar bad experience the Beermoneynation faced in their short existence online before officially announcing its shutdown. The same case to bubblews and other online revenue-sharing writing/publishing sites that became unsustainable after short period.

It is a worrying trend to the online writing world where the sites provide a revenue-share incentive to the users. It is also a challenge to such sites if they lack reliable tools to curb the violations.

Wikinut owners decided to go for plan B in order to continue existing even though the users are likely to flee the site, going for greener pastures elsewhere, since most were attracted to stay on the site due to payment incentive.

It is also one of the most reliable methods to free the site from the online fraudsters- who usually get attracted to any site that offers payment incentives to the users; hence they will have nothing to hold them around.

The current users are now allowed to opt among the 3 available options;
1. Continue publishing articles for free
2. To do nothing at all; in other words, just stop being active on wikinut and let the already published content to be used by site readers.
3. To leave wikinut for ever, by deleting your account profile and along with your content already published. This option is very definitely for anyone who wishes to remove the articles and publish them elsewhere.

What do you think is the possible future of wikinut? Will they resume paying like mylot or shut down like bubblews?

The reasons why the success in online trading is mostly short-lived

Most of the online currency or stock day traders join online trading sites expecting to double their invested finances within a short time span and get rich overnight, but only to become disappointed when they lose all their investment into the market even after gaining some profits consistently for a while.

Though some of the online trading platforms advice the users/traders to take precautions before investing on their platforms as well as warn the traders about the risk exposure, most of the platforms do not rely on the normal factors influencing the currency exchange rates in running their platforms, instead manipulate the system to ensure that most of the investors lose as compared to those who gain; of course that is the way trading platforms make money online.

This can be confirmed by one example found on the online platform called etoro. After being a trader there for almost a year, it dawned to me that the system is always manipulated to act against the expected trends as could be confirmed by the changes in factors affecting the currency exchange rates. As the result, many traders are caught by surprise when the market moves the wrong direction and the trades are closed in losses.

Initially, it was never a problem when the market acted against the opened trades of the traders, since they could hold their trades and wait for the market recovery so that the trades can be closed in profit, which is not possible anymore since the introduction of the overnight rollover fee, charged to the account balance. This means that the longer the trader holds the trades, the more he is charged.

As anyone invests in any online trading platform, just get it straight that it is just a game of gain and loss, there is a probability to gain for a while before losing everything afterwards. This is to clarify that your general knowledge and skill about forex cannot determine your success in online trading.

Fake devil worship testimonies claiming to create public awareness serve a different purpose

Since the realization of the devil worshipping in some parts of Kenya some years ago, there have been a lot of fear mounted in the public about the capabilities of the members of the dark world and theories about how to identify them from among the members of the public so that they can avoid falling the victims of their traps.

Based on those theories, some opportunistic individuals have come out posing as the former members of the bloody group, trying to explain to the general public about how they were lucky to have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and sent out to warn the general public from ending up the same way.

In order to make their claims more profitable, some of them have come up with audio CDs, or books narrating how they were used by Lucifer himself to destroy the church by misleading the worshippers by use of the money financed from the sea.

In their narrations, they describe how they moved from one place to another by use of magical powers and could deliver the required message to the expected places within no time, cause trouble to the targeted places and celebrate the resulting damage, which could range from road accidents to building collapse.

In one of such audio CDs, one testified to have been behind the torching of a certain boarding high school in which over 100 students burnt to death in their dormitories, and the cause of fire suspected to have resulted from the electric fault.

Recently, there is another video CD release that is selling like hot cake, in which the narrator tries to shade light to the public about how some successful leaders, businessmen and musicians are using the power from the dark world of devil worshipping to enrich themselves.
Since there is no real prove to show that such individuals once in their history worked as the agents of the devil, it is hard to believe that any part of their stories is true, other than just a made up story to get the easy money out of the unsuspecting curious people who either lack faith in the true God or lack knowledge about the truth.

Too late to realize that it was all but the monkey business trick, sad to be funny

If you didn’t believe that some worthless things can be transformed to invaluable rare items by use of just a simple trick, and then fool the whole community to believe that indeed it has to take proper measures to protect the useless item for future benefits; then let me be your host and introduce you to one true but funny story that happened in one village in Kenya.

In the year 2010 in a village in the western Kenya called Cebu, there came one strange gentleman who introduced himself to the village as a businessman who solely dealt in monkeys, he convinced the whole village to believe that he was working under the ministry of wildlife. Posing as the representative of the government, he offered to buy all of the monkeys available in the area for Kshs.20 each. ($0.3 dollars)

The villagers were happy for the profitable business opportunity and worked hard in hunting
down the monkeys and selling them off to the merchant, and he even increased the price per monkey by 100% to buy monkeys @40 Ksh. ($0.6 dollars) when the supply for the monkeys reduced to a trickle.

When the stranger trader was sure that there were no more monkeys left in the area, he sent out his assistant informing the villagers that his boss had travelled, taking with him the monkeys the villagers had sold him but would be back soon to continue buying the rare commodity, the monkeys at triple the price they were selling at.

He then offered to sell them some of the monkeys that claimed to have been put aside to sell to his boss at the expected high price when the boss returned, at a slightly lower price of Kshs 80 ($0.9 dollars)

Expectantly, the unsuspecting villagers took the hook along with the sinker, by accepting the offer and they bought all the monkeys that were available in the store of the assistant merchant.

Business closed, the mission accomplished; the assistant merchant disappeared and the village continued to keep the worthless monkeys in their homes expecting for the mystery man to come calling for the sale of monkeys.

It was too late to realize that it was all a trick and they were the same worthless monkeys they had sold off that had been bought back at a higher price.

Sometimes, it is better to stay away from forex trading than risk everything

The reality of forex is winning or losing, nobody can dispute that.

The general winning trick about online CFD trading is in the right timing of when to open and close trades by ensuring that your trades operate within the margin of safety with the minimized risk, but expecting a big gain.

There are times when the traders can be certain about the market trends and that would be the right time to open trades investing in the CFD instruments with well determined market movement in favour of the trades involved.

But there also exist the times when that market trends are so uncertain and anyone expects the market to move in any direction without warning, meaning that it would result in a loss or a gain depending on the trades opened by the trader.
For example, assuming one has opened the sell positions on a certain instrument, he would have
the winning trades if the currency pair involved loses value and there happens the downward movement of several pips.

The opposite would happen if the currency pair one is holding open gains in value and there occurs the upward movement in the currency exchange rate, whereby unless the trader acts quick to cut the losses, the movement would hit the stop loss and the trader will lose all the investment involved.

On etoro, the largest online trading platform where most of the traders trade by copying the successful traders whose trading strategy can be relied on based on the past performance of the trader as it can all be seen on the trader’s OpenBook.

It is very hard to place the full reliance on any good trader, since there are very few traders who can consistently close the trades in winning positions for long without getting caught up in the storm when the market trends act against the trades opened and force the trader to either close the positions in loss.

So it is better for some traders who are wise enough to avoid trading in uncertain times rather than open trade positions and end up losing everything to the market.

How to overcome the disappointments of working online

The phrase ‘working online’ can be used to denote several things people do online to earn them income whether legally or illegally. Whatever the online worker is involved in, for instance; the online paid writer, freelance writer, online publisher etc.

There is the involvement of the online clients whose business is to offer the jobs, promising to pay for the services to the willing and able online service providers, but to their disappointment the said clients decline to pay for the services provided leaving the workers very disappointed for the wasted efforts and time invested in the unfruitful venture, when they realize that it was all but a scam.

Unfortunately, this is the point at which most of the online dedicated jobseekers start from, learning by example the hard way and even worse, some service providers fall the victims of cyber crime where they end up investing money in some websites with terms of service that cannot be met to achieve the promised benefits.
Here are some reliabe tips to help the online earners not to be very exposed to the scammers in the cyber world;

Doing proper research homework about the potential client’s payments history: This can be performed by online searching and reading the reliable reviews about the selected site and ensuring that it can pay for the services rendered.

Ensuring that you are working for several clients at the same time: One should not rely on only one stream of online income source whereby some sites can die without notice and all your built up work vanish in a blink of the eye, when the target of the site is met; leaving the dependants disappointed.

To continually be searching for new online opportunities even though you have a stable stream of online source of income; to act as contingency in time of unforeseen occurrence; where the site that one is working for can go offline under maintenance leaving you no other option.

The new strategy to make a living by blogging has unlimited earning potential

Are you one of those desperate online workers who are still searching for the reliable online jobs that you will be guaranteed for the rewards equal to your efforts invested without any fee?

If you happen to be interested in making a living by blogging while working from the comfort of your home without hassles and tussles, then be my guest as I take you through a short guide that will change the way you view blogging.

Now that the internet/ digital world has evolved to make the online working a reliable jobs option, blogging has not been left behind either even though some think that blogging has now been declared obsolete by the coming of micro blogging platforms that have come up with the revenue-sharing strategy to bring together the online writers who work both as the readers as well as the content creators and share a predetermined percentage of the earnings accrued through ads.

With the blog-sharing systems that some blogging gurus have devised, that exist on large and growing platforms such as blogjob for example, Sign up here, one can be able to earn a living by just posting unlimited number of posts per day depending on how quick the writer can create engaging posts that can meet the site rules. And be able to earn through the 50 points rewarded per post, which can be equated to $0.5 dollar per post, in case of the blogger is focusing on redeeming upon reaching 10000 points, besides the passively generated earnings in case the author has a monetized the sites.

Assuming that one is a full time blogger, you can also collect some more earnings based on the active participation on blogjob whereby, you can reply to others’ posts, forum discussions, updating the wall, uploading pictures as well as making new friends.
Just as the welcome page to blog job promises, it all depends on the activity the user is able to create and share quality posts as quickly as possible with the interest of the readers in his mind.

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