Macadamia production is one of the booming businesses that seem to perform very well in most of the parts of the world.

Macadamia nuts can be produced both as a cash crop as well as for subsistence purposes based on the high nutritional value of the nuts and the industrial usefulness of the different parts of the plant.

Production of the macadamia does not involve much, and this is one area that makes their production much fun. In the first place, the macadamia trees are grown just like most of the hardwood indigenous trees and mature after a period of two and half years. Upon the maturity, the tree produces the nuts throughout the year for the following years as long as the lifespan of man.

This can be considered to be a lifetime investment, especially based on the fact that the man would not be required to put more attention in the output besides that harvesting of nuts, which can be estimated to be over 200kgs per year for every single tree.

Based to the current market price of Ksh.120 ($1.4 dollars) per Kg of macadamia nuts, each tree can be estimated to produce nuts worth Ksh.24000 ($282 dollars) per single tree in one year.
According to the experts in the macadamia production, one acre of land can hold up to 200 trees. Therefore, assuming that a farmer can allocate only one acre of his land to the macadamia production investment, he can be sure to pocket over Ksh.4.8 million ($56470 dollars) from the acre of land.

Comparing this productivity with other types of cash crops, any serious farmer can see why the macadamia production should be taken as the future investment project that does not involve a lot of attention, with the sure return on investment within a short period of time.

It can be advised that it does not require much to invest in macadamia production and yet it can be taken as a business with passive future earnings.