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Why the payment proof shouldn’t be relied on to identify a scam from legit online money making Sites

When most of the online working people working from home hear the word SCAM SITE, all that comes into their minds is that;

The site in question is a GPT that promises the users to earn big by actively performing simple specific tasks on the site in return for cash/gift cards based on the earning rate indicated, but never pays at all, wasting the users’ time.

Or, that the users have to invest some cash into their revenue-sharing investment program and earn a certain percentage gain return on investment (ROI) paid within a specific period of time. But when it comes to payments, the site Admins refuse to send the payments and eventually shuts down along with users’ money invested.

So, in order to avoid ending up as the victims of scam, many internet users approach every online earning opportunity with caution, ensuring that it won’t turn out to be just another waste of time or money by trying to confirm the reliability of the site ;

The proof of payment
Honest reviews posted by the current site users
Trust rate as indicated by the scamadvisor.com
(not reliable in case of a new site)

Some users usually jump to conclusions that the site is legit when they see the payment proof no matter when the payment was last made and would be ready to invest any amount of money expecting to gain more based on the percentage ROI indicated.

The scamming sites owners are very much aware of this, and would try their best to convince anyone who is skeptical about the site, by providing fake testimonial reviews everywhere online

Some have a strategy decide to pay selectively only to a handful users and force the paid users to upload their payment proofs just to win the trust of both the existing users and the new users. As the result, the new and existing users would try to recruit new users as well as invest whole-heartedly believing that it would be a sure win, relying on the baited hook.

This is why I recommend working on sites that only pay for the content supplied as opposed to the investment programs.

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Product Self-sustaining Marketing Technique every new Brand Product Marketers seem to employ nawadays

There is nothing challenging in the marketing industry than launching a new product onboard the market which is already congested by similar alternative brands.

The main challenge under such case is to convince the customers of the already existing product to believe that the new product is better in various ways as compared to the one they are used to in order for the new product to penetrate the market and gain a reliable market share.

One thing that the product owners have to ensure is that; every customer who accepts the offer to try out the new product is very important to the future existence of the product and has to be hooked to the extent that he finds value in the product and remain with no reason to go back to the old product he/she is used to.

Here is where the quality of the product in question should be self-sustaining in the sense that; no matter how much it costs the company in production process, it leads to satisfaction to the first time customers.

I have been observing some products being launched with a bang. After the customers testing the product, they tend to fall in love with the product based on the quality of the brand in satisfying the needs of the users.

But wait! After a few times of using the same product, it would be observed that the quality of the product would diminish with the length of the time it has been on market and the gain in market share.

It is clear that some companies find it more convenient to employ this marketing secret, than spend more on endless product promotions trying to out-compete the already established alternative brands, leading to increase in product prices.

I didn’t realize it is just a marketing strategy when some companies (especially dairy product companies, cosmetics, soap etc) come up with brands that come onboard the market with high quality products, but only after a while, gaining the reliable market share, the quality of the product diminishes without notice.

After all, it would be considered a success when the product quality is reduced to the sustainable standard upon reaching the sustainable market share.

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Have you ever had any experience with a product that launched with high quality but subsequently lost quality over time?

How To Earn As An Online Merchant Without The Hassle Of Operating Own Online Store Nor Own Products

Did you know that thousands of internet users out there are earning 1000s of dollars monthly in form of commissions as online merchants for just facilitating the sales of other peoples’ products?

Initially, it was known that in order to operate any online merchant business, one was faced by the issues of shipping, maintaining an online merchant store, promoting his own products and dealing with the complications of refunds resulting from the cancelled orders and refunds.

These issues need a lot of experience and high cost of running the business online.
But what if I told you that you won’t need to go through such hassle anymore in order to run the successful merchant business online, for someone will be performing everything for you, dealing with the customers on your behalf?

In fact, it will be like ‘some sort of a joke’ to realize how simple it is to start generating residual income by just facilitating the sales of others, by simply providing leads to the products and earning 45% commission on every sale, applying the marketing aids and methods available at your disposal.

Your journey to online earning as a virtual merchant starts by getting introduced to tripleclicks, the online store with over 89000 products from over 200 countries across the world, and still growing every day.

As a member of tripleclicks, one is considered a partner and thus entitled to 45% commission to every sale initiated (own purchases made) from his personal unique link.

This also means that the more the sales generated, the more the earnings, which can only be limited by one’s efforts to promote his store (tripleclicks products) to his network.

Again, as the SFI member (SFI is the co-partner with tripleclicks), one is able to tap into the full volume of sales of trippleclicks as long as he can satisfy a few simple requirements, and qualify as the associate of trippleclicks.

One is also able to convert all the useless items at home into cash, by simply listing them as some of the trippleclicks products on the available garage sale store and get sold to the willing customers, who might be just other SFI members.

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One Main Mistake That Most Of The Niche Bloggers Make That Has Adverse Future Effects To The Online Business Success

Most of the bloggers or niche website owners can agree with me that choosing the right website niche to create the website about is the main challenge that the online entrepreneurs battle with for long before making their last decision (for it sometimes determine whether the business will succeed or not)

But what if I challenge you that there is NO RIGHT NICHE and that most of the bloggers or niche website creators fail to understand their chosen niche, and get lost along the way, at the stage of content creation, when they do not actually deliver the information to the targeted audience?

The reason here is that; with proper training and experience in internet marketing, the online entrepreneurs can master the art of walking into any niche and building a successful online business, without the need to be a professional or a background experience in the chosen area of interest.

There are some basic essential skills in website creation that many people overlook or never get access to, but their backlash in the future would be fatal to the existence of their businesses, when the website fail to stand out from the crowd and engage their targeted audience (customers to the products promoted on the site) and frustrate the individuals into thinking that online business success is just a dream that was never meant for them (or that they chose the wrong business niche)

In order for the online business to prosper, it should be created in a unique way to offer the services that would satisfy the audience, and also earn the recommendations by the satisfied audience to their friends.

The main challenge is how to build a website that would achieve all the above without engaging in (fumbling and struggling) activities that would compromise the SEO rules.

Fortunately, there are online training programs out there that offer most of these services for free, and guarantee the success in your online business, for those who wish to earn a living online by blogging or operating a successful internet marketing business, regardless of the niche chosen.

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The confusions between Internet Affiliate Marketing and internet vending ironed out

Did you know that internet affiliate marketers are some of the highest paid online working people?

Who is the internet affiliate marketer?
If anyone posed this question to any active forum whether online or out there.

Here are the 2 varying examples of the answers to be expected from the participants.

1. The internet affiliate marketer is the person who sells the products of the other person on his/her website.

2. The internet affiliate marketer places the products related to his website content and sells them to his website audience.

Do you think any of the above answers is correct as far as internet affiliate marketing is concerned?

The truth be said, none of the above 2 answers is correct.

The internet affiliate marketer is just a website owner who provides the potential customers with the relevant information about a product he is promoting (affiliated to), which in turn convinces and satisfies the customer.
If the customer is convinced by the information supplied that the product under review is indeed the one he is searching online for and goes ahead to buy it, through the link on the site to the product online store, the affiliate marketer earns the affiliate commission on the sale.

The amount of affiliate commission earned depends on the value of the product and the percentage of the sale under agreement.

In other words, the affiliate marketer is just a middleman pointing the confused customer to the right product he is looking for online. No shipping cost, no further bargains, (which is the work of the online vendor)

For example, a customer searching to buy a Samsung smart phone (but unsure of the model) would land on the site promoting a variety of smart phones. Based on how the information about the phones is presented, he would get satisfied by one model that best interests him.
Upon identifying the phone of his choice, the link on the marketing site would lead the customer to amazon where he would make a purchase.

Let’s say the smart phone costs $1000 dollars, and the affiliate commission is 20% on selling price. This means that the affiliate marketer pockets $200 dollars. Very easy cash without sweat, right?

I believe the next time someone approaches you, wishing to make you an affiliate marketer, you won’t start panicking about the complications related to shipping, bargains etc, for you now know, that would be none of your business.

That is how thousands of internet marketers are making massive gains off their niche websites, and you can become one of them in the near future if you take an extra step to join wealthy affiliates here now, the online platform that has all the support and tools required to enable anyone to achieve a successful online business, with an authority website of own domain.

The power of attention-grabbing titles in blogging/internet marketing

Marketing is all about convincing the targeted customer to realize the satisfaction in the product being presented before him and so, the marketer must be able to create a good first impression that will play with the emotions of the potential customer.

Unlike the offline marketing where the products are chosen by the potential customers from the shop shelves according to their tastes from the variety of the similar products, online marketing rely on the search engines results according to the searches by the online shoppers/internet users.

In order for the product getting promoted to get the attention of the targeted customer, the website offering the promotion of the particular product must have content that is rich in the key words that are likely to be used by the customers who are searching the web for the particular product.

Anyway, the challenge is that most of the potential customers do not really know what they are searching for and could be ready to take anything that is relative to the solution they are searching for to fix a given problem.

This is where the appealing headlines in posts play a very important role besides the quality content that helps in the high ranking of the sites in the SEO requirements. The appealing headline can be the main determinant on how many the post will attract the clicks to the main content of the post, by making the internet user believe that the post with the appealing title is the one that is holding the content he is searching for.

The great marketers tend to be great content creators too, because they would always create the post titles with the very view of the targeted customer and what he will be looking for from among the millions of other similar products.

This also answers the question, where some websites rank high in the search engines and yet attract only few visitors. The main reason being that; the potential visitors pick on other appealing title, ending up to the competing site.

3 things that internet marketing is all about

Did you know that most of successful online working people are internet marketers?

Internet marketing can look very simple but very complicated because it is only made possible when the three things are made to work together in order to earn the internet marketer (the middleman) money in form of commission.

The fully functioning website with reliable internet traffic is the foundation upon which all other 2 items are based on in order to facilitate a sale of the affiliate product.

The product to be promoted on the site is another thing that has to be considered when laying down the foundation of the website, which should be the basis of niche chosen by the internet marketer, who is looking forward to drive the customers to the product they are searching for online.

Engaging the customer and convincing him to accept the product that the marketer is recommending for is third thing that most of the online marketers should be skillful about whereby they earn the commission when the customer actually purchases the product promoted on their website.

Unlike the offline marketing, internet marketing requires an environment whereby the online shoppers are directed by the search engines to the appropriate product they are searching for when they use the search phrases that involve the product they want. Unfortunately, most of the customers don’t really know what they are actually searching for. Therefore, it is up to the internet marketer to come up with assuring review to explain to the customer the value of the product he is promoting and the satisfaction customer will get in using the product.

This is where the challenge is, especially if the internet marketer is promoting the product which a lot of other people are marketing, whereby the marketer with the most engaging and assuring/ persuading skill wins a sale and earns commission on sale.

This can only be achieved through the website content that contains the key words that would enable the site to get high indexing hence more chances of getting read by the buyer.
In other words, the three things that make up ‘internet marketing’ can be summarized as; directing the right customer to the right products to earn a commission on the sale.

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