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How some Kenyan publishers are making tonnies of cash from the free internet content

I have to admit that the internet has overwhelming number of money making opportunities, for those who are innovative enough to exploit just a handful of such opportunities to the fullest.

I find it really somewhat creative when some business-minded artistic Kenyans turn the free internet content into cash in their own interesting ways that tend to satisfy their potential customers.

So what am I writing about?

This post is generally about some creative men and women who have taken the magazine publishing industry by storm, relying on the readily supplied content from the internet, and skillfully making it suit the taste of their esteemed customers.

These guys are majorly great in creating the titles and that is the area that is the foundation to their booming business.

The business is run by underground print media owners, specialized in producing a daily 10 page magazines, of which most of the content is gathered from the internet web but packaged specially to sound mysterious to the target customers.

So how do they market their printed product?

Funny enough, these guys will never lack market to their 10 page magazines, provided there exist the public service vehicles and bus terminals.

They would be seen boarding any bus, loaded with flyers in hand together with numerous copies of their magazines. They freely supply the flyers to the bus occupants.

On the flyers, there would be very attractively printed killer titles of the topics contained in the magazine.

The topics would range from the current affairs in the country (touching on some sensitive issues that many wish to know more about) as well as the normal internet stuff like; how to become a millionaire, how to know if you your lover is faithful, how to lose weight in a week, tips to…, 19 secrets to…, 10 must know secrets about…. etc.

As usual, the topics outlined on the flyers are meant to create curiosity in the readers to wish know what the full story about the listed topic is.

Thus, for the price of only Ksh. 10, the customer would be able to buy the damn 10 page magazine, if touched by one or more of the topics highlighted.

What I fail to understand is how these little magazines win the trust of the people who are mostly just one time customers, when there are numerous brands of reputable magazines to outcompete.

This is a unique way to earn from online free content without getting branded a plagiarizer, and also no one can tell whether these publishers pay taxes on their sales.

Multiple Ways to Earn Unlimited amount of Cash Online using Traffic Monsoon with or Without Investment

It is the time to stop wasting time on some sites that limit the earning potential of the users to the upgraded level of membership and amount invested.

If you are looking for a way to earn online in a passive way similar to auto-pilot residual income with or without financial investment, then look no further.

Traffic monsoon is a paid-to-click cum traffic exchange site with a unique approach, giving the users the opportunity to earn in multiple ways while promoting their online businesses and referral opportunities they are affiliated to.

Currently, traffic monsoon is the only site that enables the users to earn $0.1 dollars daily as a free member with no referrals, by clicking only 10 daily ads worth 1 cent each. This means that it can take one only 20 days as a free member with no referrals, to reach the payout minimum amount of $2 dollar.

There is no need to limit yourself to $0.1 dollars per day when you can multiply the same amount of income to $1000s of dollars by simply referring friends under you and earning 100% of their ads click earnings.

For example, having 1000 direct referrals actively clicking ads will earn you $100 dollars daily as passive income earnings.

If you are wondering how you can be able to attract new referrals into any of your affiliate program, then you need to READ THIS short guide to attracting direct referrals.

Earning by Ad pack purchases:
Earn 110% cash back on every ad pack purchase (very reliable revenue sharing system)

One is also entitled to 10% on every Ad pack purchases by the referrals and 100% of referral clicks on cash links

Traffic monsoon has Paypal, payza, solid trustpay as the payment processors ,which gives the users the choice to process the payments using the system they normally find convenient to use online.

The users also enjoy traffic exchange in the ratio of 2:1 (1:1 for paid members) by freely surfing the sites and earning ads credits in their traffic exchange program, I have also been able to attract new referrals to the other affiliate programs that I currently earn from.

For the payment proof CLICK HERE to see my first traffic monsoon paypal payment, which was in fact instant (that is to mean, the moment I clicked on the ‘WITHDRAW’ button, the earning instantly reflected in my PayPal account as ‘completed’)

I believe this is enough evidence to rule out the fear of getting scammed as for those who are new to traffic monsoon and are wondering if there is a great risk of loss investing in the site.

If you are interested in trying out this new online investment opportunity, I hope that you sign up using my REFERRAL LINK HERE and I will feel very much appreciated especially when you find the opportunity worth it as I believe you will.

The latest biggest blow to international chitika ads network publishers, is it the beginning of the end of chitika?

After a full month of wondering what had happened to my chitika earnings rate, it is now clear that chitika ads network isn’t the option to earn online as a publisher, unless your content attracts ‘qualified traffic’- the users from the following 5 countries :
USA, UK, Germany, Australia and France

Why on earth should the internationally recognized ads network restrict earnings on clicks and impressions to 5 nations?

Doesn’t it also mean that no advertisers out of the 5 countries can advertize locally on chitika?

It was a month ago when I realized according to the chitika account stats that; although my sites were receiving the daily traffic of over 500 impressions, no ad clicks were available (my average weekly clicks used to be 20 and more)

Besides earning from the ad clicks, there was also impressive CPM earning rate, and I could see my earned balance steadily increasing, which I was ever happy about since it is all but passive income.

Now, that is history and my earnings of the month have stuck at 18 cents for 2 two months running. The number of impressions each day on the ads is as usual, but no ad clicks or CPM earnings.

Lately, I sought the assistance of the chitika support team by sending them an email detailing the issue I was facing. Unfortunately, the e-mail reached their auto responder which sent me the reply to notify me that the support team doesn’t work on the weekends and so my issue would be dealt with during the weekdays.

On Monday, I received an email from chitika support team in response to the e-mail I had sent them. in fact, I just wondered why they didn’t see it as a problem from the publishers point of view.

In their e-mail, they indicated that the issue was originating from the fact that; chitika no longer value the ad clicks or impressions from the users out of the 5 aforementioned countries.

As much as their e-mail was meant to convince me, there are still some things which don’t add up at all since most of my sites visitors originate from the great 5 nations and that means that I am being denied a share of revenue earned on ads. Another thing is that, some important changes should always be communicated to the users.

Anyway, I don’t see if chitika is a recommendable ads network site anymore and thus it is the time to put more focus on building my online business and spreading the tentacles wide enough, working on different reliable online earning sites so that I will always have something to lean on when one online income source dries up.

Are these abrupt changes just an indication of the beginning of the end of chitika?

See How I am Earning 100s of Euros/dollars By Posting Links with 10% Cointellect Affiliate Program

You must be wondering what this cointellect 10% affiliate program link posting crap is all about, especially if you know what cointellect site deals in.

Of course you have come across 100s of articles/posts claiming how the authors are making 100s or 1000s of dollars by simply posting links to the social sites and blogs.

After reading some of those great articles that promise huge sums of money online within a short period of time, you come to find that they would be wishing to sell you the app that they promise would unravel the secret that if used according to the directions given, will earn you like they do.

It annoys to find out that it is total scam crap that is just meant to find your mail address in their mail lists so that they can sell them to the other online users who would like to build their mail list as well.

This link posting service I would like to share with you is totally different and legit way of making money online, as long as you can apply it the way I am doing, which makes it totally the most unique way of earning income from the sites that are legit and offers a promising affiliate program.

This is the point at which cointellect site comes into view as the most recommendable legit site one can earn unlimited income without investing anything, as long as you can market your affiliate link and result in inviting the referrals who will in turn get interested in the available investment opportunity and purchase the contracts.

Cointellect is a site which offers the online investors the opportunity to called crypto-currency pooled mining where the users are able to earn through 3 ways namely;

1. Solo mining- the users can earn by directing their hashing power to the pool through the special coin mining software that can be freely downloaded from the site and installed.

2. Purchasing the mining contracts- the users can opt for purchasing the already predetermined mining contracts from the pool and mining through the rented hash rate.

3. 10% affiliate program– of course this is the basis of me creating this post. The cointellect users are entitled to the 10% affiliate commission on all the investments/the earnings of their referrals.

Here is the earning approach that has earned me hundreds of dollars in the last 2 months I have been using cointellect.

When I signed up to cointellect, I was not sure whether it was a legit or scam and so I was cautious not to invest any money in their high earning mining contracts. Instead I decided to blog about it and also to share my affiliate link to the social sites just to try invite new referrals. Fortunately I was very lucky to have 3 users register through my link who eventually bought the mining contracts.

My worry did not stop there, for I wasn’t sure if I would be able to withdraw the affiliate commission earned of 62 Euros ($76 dollars). After the 14 days pending period, I successfully withdrew the cash through paypal witout issues.

As if the referrals were also just tasting the waters with their initial investments, they started to make huge investments by buying the higher mining contracts, whereby passively earning me more dollars through the affiliate commission.

So far I just have only 4 referrals and they have made me feel like I just won a lottery, for I am currently expecting 421 euros which will be available for withdrawal after 14 pending days.

This amount will be added to the 92 euros successfully withdrawn. You can confirm all these in the cointellect statement attached.

This achievement has won my trust about the legitimacy of cointellect, and therefore I will be buying the starter contract when I withdraw the pending cash soon.

If you thought this is all about posting links just for the sake of it and only to be denied the hefty payments promised by scam sites, then you must be challenged. Take this as another online earning opportunity with high earning potential, offering different possible investment opportunities like nowhere else on the web.

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