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Exposing the most popular witchcraft trick used by witchdoctors in Kenya and many other parts of Africa

It is a common knowledge in Kenya that no customer would present himself to the witchdoctor and leave without getting his problems solved by the witchdoctor even if the problem addressed is faked as long as the customer would pay for the service.

Surprisingly, some of these witchcrafts conduct their services using the holy Bible, just to make the whole exercise look like it is the power inspired from above that is assisting them to perform their ‘Godsend acts.’

It is very surprising to see that a good percentage of the customers who ever visit the witchdoctors, are never able to fathom the real secret that the witchdoctors employ to deceive the customers to feel satisfied with the service and even recommend other friends and relatives by testifying how they got helped.

Here is the most used basic trick that the witchdoctors fool their customers with. When the patient is presented to them, the witchdoctor can be seen to peruse through the Holy Bible and after reading a certain verse or two, he/she throws about the cowry shells and pretend to interpret the message about their arrangement with the life of the customer.

After making the customer to understand his problem as per the arrangement of the cowries, the whole exercise of treatment begins, where the customer/patient is made to drink a certain liquid meant to be concocted from special herbs.

Then the most worrisome stage of the exercise follows, which involve the use of the razor (of which cleanliness is itself a question) to cut small incisions at several body parts, as the witchdoctor sucks at the cuts/wounds and spits out the contents of spell. The ‘spell’ can range from the pieces of glass, pebbles or even pins, etc.

After the exercise, the witchdoctor may advice the patient to go to hospital for further treatment. Here is the real trick used. Before the whole exercise, the witchdoctor had the pebbles, pins, glass pieces, or whatever in his/her mouth.

The so called special medicine given to drink might be just anything, meant to fool the patient, and the spells removed from the body was actually spat from the mouth. And the healing afterwards can be as the result of visiting the hospital and getting treated for the common illnesses which might be malaria, typhoid etc.

Have you realized how being a witchdoctor is just the art of convincing?

Inaccurate Ebola infections reports threatening tourism and economic development in Kenya

Since there is the outbreak of Ebola in some parts of Africa, there are some inaccurate reports hitting the news media headlines that all African nations have been hit by the Ebola virus, and thus scaring away the potential investors as well as the tourists from foreign countries.
According to the Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech a day ago, Kenya has put in place a special ieam of medical experts to look into the matter and are ready to deal with any Ebola case reported and no one should be threatened at all.

The biased Ebola reports seem to be targeting to bring down some large business corporations in Kenya and paralyze the economic developments in most parts of Kenya in commerce industry and other sectors dependent on the tourism industry.

Politicizing the issue of the Ebola spread is another backward move by some of the political enemies of Kenya’s leaders just to ensure that the current government regime fails to satisfy the nation in delivering some if not all the expected promises announced to the supporters during their campaign before the last general election.

The problem now is to assure the scared potential investors and tourists that the Ebola issue is under control and no one should run away in fear of getting infected by the deadly virus. As for those who had already cancelled their arranged visitations to Kenya for other countries upon receiving the misleading information, that would be a very heavy task to convince too.

As things stand now, if at any chance the Ebola virus is publicly reported to have been confirmed, the public panic will be out of control and just like some of the west African countries- foreigners will be fleeing for there safety to other countries, as well as ban all the flights from Kenya to other countries in the Europe and America.

I hope the media stations should uphold the required reporting standards in announcing any news about Ebola.

Only uncaring and ignorant parent can celebrate this as an achievement

Increased cases of underage pregnancies among the pupils in primary schools in the western Kenya are believed to be encouraged by both parents and teachers. This can be confirmed by the reactions of some of the teachers and parents when dealing with the similar case.

Recently, it was announced in the news that there was a primary school in the western parts of Kenya, in Bungoma County, in which there were 8 confirmed cases of underage pregnancy which involved the girls who were the candidates to the national exam KCPE, the exam meant for the transition from the primary school to the secondary school.

According to the chief, it was confirmed that when such incident occurred in the area, the parents of the impregnated girls do not take any serious legal action against the men responsible. Instead they just request for the letter from the school headmaster to be used as the weapon to rely on in negotiations for the pride price before the suspected men responsible.

The chief also wondered why a sane parent would jump up and down in jubilation when her
daughter who is underage gave birth to her grandchild, and she was very happy to celebrate her becoming a grandma, when she would be sorry about the whole thing if she really cared about her child’s future.

The general observation shows that the whole society in the area is being controlled by greed and thus the culprits are free to roam around destroying the future of the innocent girls who are yet to understand their role in life, and yet buy their way out by paying off the offended parents who end up sweeping everything under the carpet.

This confirmation makes the fight against the underage pregnancy more complicated, since the teachers and the parents- the people who are expected to be on the forefront in discouraging it are instead promoting it, by being selfish.

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