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How I am making $$$$ Passive Income as a Wealthy Affiliate without any initial financial Investment

WA paypalI can say it was just a coincidence that I came across an online earning opportunity that has proven to me that there is unlimited earning potential online as affiliate marketer.

In fact, I was chasing a scam site called monthlyyouths.com and wished to find more information before I could decide to join the site if I found any convincing review online from those sharing their personal experiences.

Instead I came across a well elaborated scam review about monthly youth and the review author instead recommended joining the wealthy affiliate as the only online business opportunity with proven reliability.

Then I had to give it a shot since it costs nothing to join as a starter member and there is no compulsion to upgrade to a premium member for as long as one wishes but people voluntarily upgrade based on the more earning potential that would be unlocked.

As a starter member, one is able to earn by simply promoting the program and earning the affiliate commissions based on the number of referrals who opt for premium membership. The starter members are also entitled to recurring commissions of $11.25 on each referral premium membership renewal each month.

You can learn MORE HERE about the breakdown of how affiliate commissions are earned by the starter and premium members respectively.

Hey! Don’t be confused that it is just another pyramid scheme scam online. This is not just a program to recruit and recruit like many scams out there. Instead it is a program that gives the members the platform, training and access to tools and support aimed at creating successful online businesses. It is all about gaining the ability to create high ranking niche websites that provide leads to sales of affiliate products, earning you the percentage commission per sale.

After a little while of promoting the wealthy affiliate through the blogs and social sites, using the training skill I had freely acquired in starter member package, I was able to refer a few new members and some of them who found the opportunity worthwhile upgraded to premium membership, and it earned me affiliate commissions.

It was very exciting moments to wake up to emails as copy-pasted below;

Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your WealthyAffiliate.com membership and visiting your affiliate stats page:


New Sale Details
Commission from this sale: $4.00
Order ID: 0DW595417X076513B

After a month or so, it was the time to celebrate recurring affiliate commissions and it was exciting to receive other e-mails like below;

Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your WealthyAffiliate.com membership and visiting your affiliate stats page:


Recurring Sale Details
Commission from this sale: $11.25
Order ID: I-89LR4TE9PWK4

I wasn’t satisfied even though my earnings in wealthy affiliate account steadily increased- until I started receiving WA PayPal payments for the first time as shown below in the payment proof representing my latest payment.
Click the to enlarge for a better view

Usually, the payments are sent on the first day of each month whenever the amount in the account balance reaches $25 dollars.

I now feel confident that I could be making $1000s if I was able to learn about this awesome online opportunity earlier and also assure everyone willing to start fulltime online business that the wealthy affiliate is the foundation and pillar to success. Anyway, I have decided to settle with my starter membership for a little while and enjoy the passive income, before going in full blast as a premium member.

Feel free to JOIN ME HERE for free and take a tour through the unlimited earning potential you will be exposed to. And also meet a community of awesome like-minded people who call themselves the wealthy affiliates. And feel the pride of becoming one of them too.

For any questions don’t hesitate to ask, but before that you can find all the answers to your questions within the WA once you join. Just click on the banner below and it will take you to your future paradise.

Why the payment proof shouldn’t be relied on to identify a scam from legit online money making Sites

When most of the online working people working from home hear the word SCAM SITE, all that comes into their minds is that;

The site in question is a GPT that promises the users to earn big by actively performing simple specific tasks on the site in return for cash/gift cards based on the earning rate indicated, but never pays at all, wasting the users’ time.

Or, that the users have to invest some cash into their revenue-sharing investment program and earn a certain percentage gain return on investment (ROI) paid within a specific period of time. But when it comes to payments, the site Admins refuse to send the payments and eventually shuts down along with users’ money invested.

So, in order to avoid ending up as the victims of scam, many internet users approach every online earning opportunity with caution, ensuring that it won’t turn out to be just another waste of time or money by trying to confirm the reliability of the site ;

The proof of payment
Honest reviews posted by the current site users
Trust rate as indicated by the scamadvisor.com
(not reliable in case of a new site)

Some users usually jump to conclusions that the site is legit when they see the payment proof no matter when the payment was last made and would be ready to invest any amount of money expecting to gain more based on the percentage ROI indicated.

The scamming sites owners are very much aware of this, and would try their best to convince anyone who is skeptical about the site, by providing fake testimonial reviews everywhere online

Some have a strategy decide to pay selectively only to a handful users and force the paid users to upload their payment proofs just to win the trust of both the existing users and the new users. As the result, the new and existing users would try to recruit new users as well as invest whole-heartedly believing that it would be a sure win, relying on the baited hook.

This is why I recommend working on sites that only pay for the content supplied as opposed to the investment programs.

Anyway, for those who wish to join the proven recommendable online earning opportunities, the sites listed HERE will be of high value and beneficial to you. Feel free to join for free and enjoy your new opportunity working online in 2016 and after.

Wikinut ceases paying the users- by changing from revenue-share model program to free authors community

Just like what mylot decided to do some years back. Wikinut has stopped payments to the content creators as from 10th December 2015. Their plan is to remove the revenue share system and operate the site as a free authors community.

According to the latest statement e-mailed to all existing users, the site had reached the conclusion after running into trouble with their advertisers; that led to being left with only two options; either to completely shut down the site, or remove the revenue-sharing system.

The problem is said to have originated from the existence of the fraudsters on the site, who obviously gamed the system by use of botnets, driving fake traffic to their posts as well as fraudulently clicking the sponsors’ ads. There were also cases of plagiarism- where the limited efforts of the site moderators were subdued due to the workload at hand and lack of effective tools.

This might be the similar bad experience the Beermoneynation faced in their short existence online before officially announcing its shutdown. The same case to bubblews and other online revenue-sharing writing/publishing sites that became unsustainable after short period.

It is a worrying trend to the online writing world where the sites provide a revenue-share incentive to the users. It is also a challenge to such sites if they lack reliable tools to curb the violations.

Wikinut owners decided to go for plan B in order to continue existing even though the users are likely to flee the site, going for greener pastures elsewhere, since most were attracted to stay on the site due to payment incentive.

It is also one of the most reliable methods to free the site from the online fraudsters- who usually get attracted to any site that offers payment incentives to the users; hence they will have nothing to hold them around.

The current users are now allowed to opt among the 3 available options;
1. Continue publishing articles for free
2. To do nothing at all; in other words, just stop being active on wikinut and let the already published content to be used by site readers.
3. To leave wikinut for ever, by deleting your account profile and along with your content already published. This option is very definitely for anyone who wishes to remove the articles and publish them elsewhere.

What do you think is the possible future of wikinut? Will they resume paying like mylot or shut down like bubblews?

One Financial Tip That Can Save You A Life-time Search For Reliable And Legit Online Investment Opportunities

This is not the first post on this site in which I am sharing my experience about this online investment opportunity. It is just another time I have decided to shade some more light about what I shared earlier.

Another major benefit that the online entrepreneur would be exposed to is that; one can work at his own pace and once the business is fully functional, he can sit back and relax but still continue to earn residual income indefinitely.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there that would promise you overnight riches by investing in their offers, only to lose your hard-earned cash to them when the expected results are never delivered. Such cases have made most of the potential investors lose heart in the search for the legit and reliable online investment opportunities (which is a blow suffered by the few legit programs, giving the potential investors hardtime sifting through the scams and come up with the real opportunity to trust)

But what if someone told you about a program that you won’t need to initially invest with in order to explore the services that it offers and decide whether to stay or leave?

There is only one internet program that has all that it takes to assist anyone willing to set up a successful online business, from ground zero to pro, allowing access to a training course, tools and person to person unlimited support which cannot be compared to any other program online.

You can be part of this awesome community by joining for free and start exploring the opportunity that will open doors to your future unlimited financial freedom, either as a starter member or a premium member. Learn more about the wealthy affiliates HERE.

I believe that joining the wealthy affiliates alone (leave out building the business itself) will turn out to be the wisest decision you will have ever made in your life, based on the invaluable treasure that you will have discovered.

If it is your first time coming across the information about the wealthy affiliates, and you have got some doubts about the opportunity, I would advise you to bookmark this page so that you won’t completely miss out on the opportunity, only to run into the next scam in your continued search for legit online earning opportunity.

Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to join.

Myallfriends is the new socio-blogging site that pays users, with multiple ways to earn besides posting content

It is barely a week when I posted a review about SFI, wealthy affiliates, tsu, bitlanders and mykites.net and now here I come again with
another new site worth a look.

If you are one of those online working type who are ever searching for the new sites to earn from and improve your online income as well as diversify the risk associated with the uncertainty of some online income opportunities, then myallfriends.com should be your next option to add to your list.

Myallfriends.com happens to be the newest promising socio-blogging site on the web with the face book look that is following the footsteps of tsu, blogjob, mylifeb etc as just another site that pays the users for their content and activity on the site, but with the lowest minimum payout threshold, which is another advantage it has against the competing sites.

With its unique structure, myallfriends.com also happens to be the only socio-blogging site that displays the features of the normal limited liability company, with the users (staff) broken down to different distinct departments.

The users of myallfriends.com are taken as the shareholders/staff, and thus entitled to the 80% of the revenue generated by the site, relating to each individual’s activity on the site.

The admin is considered to be the board of directors, taking 1% of the site total earnings as another 1% is used in the maintenance of the site. The moderater (chosen from the users) are regarded as the company departmental heads.

Just like tsu and other social sites that pay users, myallfriends.com has paypal as the only payment processor at the moment, and the users are allowed to claim their payment when they accumulate in their accounts the earnings to a minimum of $1 dollar (only one dollar) which is evidently the lowest minimum threshold amount in the industry, the fact which rules out the scam suspecions towards the site, for those who might have doubts about myallfriends’ legitimacy.

There are several things that the users can do to earn on myallfriends.com which include;
Sharing the youtube videos, Posting images. Uploading songs, Participating in the available forum discussions, Polling, blogging etc

It is not clear whether the users also earn by promoting the site using the available referral link, but it is one of the easiest way that the site is using to recruit new users to sign up after getting invited by the friends who are already registered members, and also adding them to their network of friends.

There seems to be no limit about how many posts the user can submit in a day, as long as the content is not considered as spam/inappropriate.

This is another site which I can recommend to anyone to try in addition to the following;
Wealthy affiliates

How To Earn As An Online Merchant Without The Hassle Of Operating Own Online Store Nor Own Products

Did you know that thousands of internet users out there are earning 1000s of dollars monthly in form of commissions as online merchants for just facilitating the sales of other peoples’ products?

Initially, it was known that in order to operate any online merchant business, one was faced by the issues of shipping, maintaining an online merchant store, promoting his own products and dealing with the complications of refunds resulting from the cancelled orders and refunds.

These issues need a lot of experience and high cost of running the business online.
But what if I told you that you won’t need to go through such hassle anymore in order to run the successful merchant business online, for someone will be performing everything for you, dealing with the customers on your behalf?

In fact, it will be like ‘some sort of a joke’ to realize how simple it is to start generating residual income by just facilitating the sales of others, by simply providing leads to the products and earning 45% commission on every sale, applying the marketing aids and methods available at your disposal.

Your journey to online earning as a virtual merchant starts by getting introduced to tripleclicks, the online store with over 89000 products from over 200 countries across the world, and still growing every day.

As a member of tripleclicks, one is considered a partner and thus entitled to 45% commission to every sale initiated (own purchases made) from his personal unique link.

This also means that the more the sales generated, the more the earnings, which can only be limited by one’s efforts to promote his store (tripleclicks products) to his network.

Again, as the SFI member (SFI is the co-partner with tripleclicks), one is able to tap into the full volume of sales of trippleclicks as long as he can satisfy a few simple requirements, and qualify as the associate of trippleclicks.

One is also able to convert all the useless items at home into cash, by simply listing them as some of the trippleclicks products on the available garage sale store and get sold to the willing customers, who might be just other SFI members.

Should I remind you that this opportunity is free to join and start enjoying benefits right now through a multiple streams you will get exposed to?

Here is another reliable online business building program you can find very effective to enable anyone to run a successful online business too.

SFI As The King Of Online Working Opportunities Offering Its Members Access To Over 1000 Genuine Ways To Earn Money Working From Home

Just like many of the cautious online people who have ever fallen victims of scams while searching online for the reliable internet income/job opportunities, I was very reluctant to join SFI for several times when I was presented by the opportunity but dismissed it casually without taking a keen look at it, for it displayed the earning opportunities that looked too good to be true.

What exactly is SFI all about?

SFI is an internet marketing platform affiliated to tripleclicks, the vast online shopping store with over 900 different products on its listing for sale. It has been successfully operating for the last 16 years and due to its reliable service and satisfaction to the members, SFI has been able to recruit millions of users and still growing strong each day.

Who can benefit from SFI?

SFI offers a vast range of services and thus anyone with the basic skills in using the internet is eligible to benefit whether directly or indirectly. The product manufacturers for instance, who would like to increase their sales through internet marketing, stay at home mums and retired people who would like to generate the second income, the list goes on and on.

How does SFI compensate the members?

As members of SFI, one is deemed to be the affiliate of the platform and thus is entitled to the share of the commissions earned by the sales generated on tripleclicks whether directly or indirectly.

The SFI members are the automatic E-commerce associates (ECAs) of trypleclicks and thus are able to shop online from tripleclicks at a rebate and still earn commission of 45% on the products that they need.

By referring the sales, the ECAs would be credited with 45% commission on every purchases made through their sales leads.

As a member of SFI, One doesn’t need to buy anything in order to earn commissions, like other internet marketing/ multilevel marketing platforms (MLM) do. It all starts by collecting versa points, earned by performing different simple tasks on the site.


See If Your Country Of Origin Is Blacklisted Under The Bad Reputation of Spammers In ‘Working Online Jobs’

Just like with corruption, there also exists the worldwide rating for spamming. As the result, some online sites or platforms have barred the users from certain countries from subscribing for their services, as the precaution against spamming.

One of those platforms happens to be the popular and reputable internet marketing training program known as the wealthy affiliates. This came into my attention when the internet user interested in the program, which I happen to be a subscriber emailed me, claiming that his attempt to sign up for a free starter account membership failed, and there was the notification indicating that the users from his country are barred from joining WA as free starter members.

Upon running the quick research in the site using the similar phrases, I found my answer within a few seconds. It indicated that the potential subscriber originated from one of the four countries which are blacklisted as the origin of the most spammers in the internet world under the ‘make money online category.’

Here is a list of the BIG four,


So, if you happen to originate from any of the four countries, and you have experienced a barrier when you tried to sign up for membership in a certain site, then just know that it is as the result of the bad reputation of the users from your nation.

When I joined the WA affiliate marketing training program, it never occurred to me that there is any restriction based on the country of origin, which makes me now feel proud of the fact that I don’t originate from any of the above named countries, else I would have missed this great internet training opportunity and the community of the real trainers highly knowledgeable in internet marketing business.

Anyway, don’t worry if you were interested in joining the WA training program but unfortunately blocked for the sins you didn’t commit yourself. The members from the blocked countries are allowed to join WA as premium members, which can be seen as a step taken by only serious and dedicated online entrepreneurs who wishes to build successful and profitable online businesses with access to continued support.

Is your country of origin blocking you from realizing your online business success dream by not joining the wealthy affiliate training program?

Oops, $1 credit earned (but skipped), What the…? Only happens at WA

This is according to the e-mail that I received from the wealthy affiliates yesterday.

This means that I would have earned a $1 dollar credit for inviting another sign up if I was a premium member, under the WA affiliate commissions program.

Unlike the WA premium members, starter members are entitled to the affiliate commissions only if the invited member upgrades to a premium member, whereby they earn $4 dollars out of the $19 dollar bonus premium fee (1 out of every 8 or 12% normally upgrade to premium membership).

In case the referral renews the premium membership subscription the following month, @ $47 dollars, the starter member referrer earns $11.25 dollars (recurring payment each month provided the referral is satisfied by the WA service and stays premium),

In case the invite converts to the yearly premium fee payment package (2 out of 12 always do), the starter member referrer earns $87.5 (which also recurs)

In case of a premium WA member, $1 dollar credit is earned for every referral sign up. If the referral upgrades to a premium membership afterwards under the initial premium bonus package of $19 dollars, the premium member referrer earns himself $8, and $22 dollars upon the renewal of the premium subscription by the referral. Things would look more interesting in case the referral converts to yearly premium subscription package of where the premium member earns instant $175 for each annual subscription by the referral.

This simply means that a starter member with only 10 premium referrals will be able to earn a recurring residual income of $110 dollars. All with zero investment, as long as one can be able to refer new members who upgrade to premium.

Under the same case, the premium member with similar number of premium referrals will be entitled to $225 each month, all as residual income, besides the other earning channels like the sales conversions, adsense etc.

Even though the premium members are faced by monthly/yearly premium subscription fee of $47 and $359 respectively, they are also entitled to unlimited benefits as you can see below.

This skipped earnings have motivated me to upgrade to a premium member in the near future so that I cannot experience it again (for it is unrecoverable chance) when others are making easy dollars as premium members, doing the same thing.

You can also have access to all these residual income here if you start building your own successful online business foundation now, with the free membership package that costs zero dollars. See more below.

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