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Most of my Cointellect Referrals happen to be the Former Etoro Traders, Evident from Their Performance Earnings

Those who have ever been day traders on etoro or any other online trading platform and are now on cointellect can agree with me that cointellect is very much of a win/win situation investment platform with guarantee of making gains (which is never the case to day trading platforms, which are more sort of a gamble)

I came to realize that some of the most active referrals whom I invited to cointellect are from etoro, who must have decided to join after I shared my cointellect affiliate links there.

Etoro is one of the largest online CFD trading platforms, with dedicated traders from all over the world numbering to over 2 million, actively investing in different instruments expecting to get some returns on investments regardless of the risk of loss their investments are exposed to.

Since most of the investments in trades are 50/50 either a win or a loss, the traders are aware of this and only invest the amounts of cash they are ready to lose, even though most of them tend to take precautions before deciding to invest, whether as personally or through the copytrader feature.

To some of my friends whom I introduced to cointellect, it must have been an opportunity like no other in the world, especially with the fact that, they would no longer worry about the outcome of the unpredictable events that drive the market forces either for or against investments like it always happen on the trading platforms.

To them, investing in cointellect mining contracts must have been looked at as a win/win investment opportunity with massive profits, far from what they had already experienced at etoro, where one can be happy today (for having gained a few more dollars, only to be lost the next minute, when the market forces go against the opened trades) the thing which makes the online traders the perfect target of users to recruit to cointellect.

Although they seem to be happy about their continuous returns on investments they are gaining from cointellect (based on their activity in buying the mining contracts) I believe they are keeping alive the common rule applied to all trading platforms- INVEST ONLY THE AMOUNTS YOU ARE READY TO LOSE, for there always exist the uncertainty of the existence of the same conditions in the future.

Based on the statistics and the affiliate commissions I am currently earning from cointellect, I have noticed that one out of the total 8 referrals I have so far, is making a contract purchase of 299 Euros almost daily, which earns me 29.99 Euros under the 10% cointellect affiliate program.

This is the legit online investment opportunity to join, cointellect cloud hashing platform and invest in their high profit mining contracts, besides referring your friends and earning 10% affiliate commissions on every mining contract purchase they make, as well as solo mining earnings gained.

How cointellect’s 10% affiliate program has helped me recover the money lost to bubblews and etoro copy trader

I have to admit that my New Year’s Day did not start off well, just like many other online writers who were expecting payments amounting to hundreds of dollars from bubbblews only to be disappointed by the demoralizing CEO’s payment updates post laughing at their faces.

This announcement made me count all the cash that I was expecting from bubblews, totaling to over $600 dollars as just another investment that has just gone done the drain just like the other time I had invested $200 to a copy trader in etoro whose trades were performing very well only to wake up few days after and finding the trades closed with the stop loss at 95% when the currency market had worked against the trades.

In CFD day trading, there is no consistency in gaining and thus every trader must be aware of the high risk his investment is exposed to.

As I was feeling down on the new year’s day, I had decided to keep looking for more reliable ways to make m oney online, but before that I had to check how my cointellect account was performing. To my surprise, I found that some of my referrals had purchased contracts which had earned me 91 euros in terms of affiliate commission, the exciting news I blogged about here on blogjob a while ago.

The following day, the 2nd January 2015, I was lucky to invite another referral registration (which must have been resulted from the latest success post) and he (not sure if it was him or one of the 3 referrals) was able to purchase the cointellect premium contract, worth 2999.95 euros.

As much as this excited me for it has earned me 300 euros affiliate commission instantly, which will be available for withdraw in the next 14 days through paypal/dogecoin/cryptopay, it also surprised me as to how some of the online investors have a lot of cash to risk losing to online investment platforms which no one can fully trust with the life investment.

Cointellect is cloud-hashing site which I was introduced to by a post on blogjob 2 months ago, which offers the users the opportunity to earn through 3 different ways which are;

1. Mining crypto currency using own computer equipment
2. Purchasing the mining contracts
3. Inviting new referrals and earning 10% of their earnings and investments.

So far, I have never bought any hash rate contracts but I have earned over 483 euros ($595 USD) to date through the affiliate program and the solo mining, where 92 euros has been successfully withdrawn through PayPal, and I plan to purchase my first contract, starter contract of 99.95 euros when I withdraw 391 euros ($480USD) pending earnings in the next 2 weeks, for I have full trust that cointellect is the right site to invest with for anyone searching for the reliable online investment opportunities.

I feel lucky to have invited 4 referrals who have eventually earned me more than I ever expected from the cointellect referral program and how I wish it will continue the same way for ever.

The reasons why the success in online trading is mostly short-lived

Most of the online currency or stock day traders join online trading sites expecting to double their invested finances within a short time span and get rich overnight, but only to become disappointed when they lose all their investment into the market even after gaining some profits consistently for a while.

Though some of the online trading platforms advice the users/traders to take precautions before investing on their platforms as well as warn the traders about the risk exposure, most of the platforms do not rely on the normal factors influencing the currency exchange rates in running their platforms, instead manipulate the system to ensure that most of the investors lose as compared to those who gain; of course that is the way trading platforms make money online.

This can be confirmed by one example found on the online platform called etoro. After being a trader there for almost a year, it dawned to me that the system is always manipulated to act against the expected trends as could be confirmed by the changes in factors affecting the currency exchange rates. As the result, many traders are caught by surprise when the market moves the wrong direction and the trades are closed in losses.

Initially, it was never a problem when the market acted against the opened trades of the traders, since they could hold their trades and wait for the market recovery so that the trades can be closed in profit, which is not possible anymore since the introduction of the overnight rollover fee, charged to the account balance. This means that the longer the trader holds the trades, the more he is charged.

As anyone invests in any online trading platform, just get it straight that it is just a game of gain and loss, there is a probability to gain for a while before losing everything afterwards. This is to clarify that your general knowledge and skill about forex cannot determine your success in online trading.

Online forex trading is for the patient not the greedy

Forex is not for the greedy. By being greedy, one is bound to lose more especially when he invests in a trade that performs well and closes it with good gains, whereby he can become convinced that he/she would have made more if he invested a lot, ending up to invest all his money in the market which ends up going the wrong way and lose everything.

For example; imagine you have opened a trade with $40 dollars with the high leverage of about 400%. The market moves in favour of your trades, and within a few hours, you close your trades in a gain of over $200 dollars, over five times the original equity invested.

Full of the winning excitement plus greed, driven by the urge to make more money as well as imagining, or wondering what if you had initially invested $200 dollars.

After doing your math about the possibilities of having made over $1000 dollars in case you invested $200 dollars within the same period of time, and thus you reach the final decision of making a killer investment.

You end up making the investment of all the equity in your trading account. At first, things look good but only for a short period of time. Then suddenly, the financial investment news is received on the online trading platform you are trading on. The trading trends change and before you act, you find that all your money has been lost to the trading platform.

This is the exact picture that I am seeing on etoro, the largest online trading platform in the world, whereby most of the traders who achieve to belong to the popular investors group do not shine for long without blowing their investment account and going back to the drawing board to revise their trading strategy and come back to try their luck trading cautiously.

Online trading is like gambling and that is why there is a warning not to invest the amount of money not ready to lose.

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