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I am Thrilled with the earning experience on bitlanders

If you thought that tsu is the only social site that is paying to users to do what they usually do on face book and other popular social sites, then join bitlanders and enjoy the new online earnings experience as well as cast your online fishing net wider to capture more income both passively and actively.

I have been on bitlanders for only a couple of days and now I have got something worth smiling about and give a real life testimony.

If you have no clue about what I am talking about, then sit back and relax to let me get you through a quick personal experience that I have so far gathered trying to spread the fishing net in trying to make the ends meet in my online earning business.

Bitlanders is just another online earning site with features similar to blogjob or face book where the users earn from posting any content ranging from images, videos, blogposts and microblogs; collectively referred to as content gaming.

The earnings is in terms of bitcoins and the earning rate is based on the buzz score which is dependent on the level of engagement with the other users and the performance of one’s posts both on the site and the social world.

For those who find the terms bitcoin/crypto-currency as new, bitcoin is just the digital currency that is accepted across the internet web to be exchanged for the dollar currency, which now stands at the value of $340 dollars per 1 Btc and it can be collected through paypal account.

The users are to log in everyday to be awarded the crypto-currency earned the previous day and do all the tasks many are used to on face book, finding new friends/followers known as subscribers on bitlanders.

To sign up, one must use his/her face book account, and even up his earning potential if he will be able to invite the face book friends to join as referrals, whereby the user will earn 10% of the earnings of the referrals indefinitely.

Join through any link given here and I will be glad to be amongst your first subscribers.

Impressive Tsu earnings stats from the other users have given me inspiration to invest more time in the site

Yesterday, I was very amazed by the impressive earning performance by several Tsu users who were posting the images of their Tsu bank sections printouts exposing the unlimited earning potential hidden within the Tsu social site.

There was one post that really caught my attention and made me to realize what I am missing by simply not being active on Tsu and dedicating more of my online working time to the site. The post showed that the user was short of only $9 dollars away from the cash out minimum threshold of $100 dollars. In fact, he might have already cashed out, based on his earning rate of over $7 dollars per day as it was reflected by his ‘yesterday’s earnings.’

However, I was further amazed when I took a closer look at his profile page. The user must have really worked extra hard to achieve his current network of friends and followers in his family tree. He had 9746 followers and 4995 friends in his network.

Comparing this with what I have in my tsu account so far, the bank is still at $0.00 balance, 21 friends and 57 followers, I can see that I have a long way to go if I am serious about ever earning and cashing out on tsu.

Anyway, I am challenged to have realized that to earn a penny from tsu, it is not as easy as a walk in the park or ‘earn a quick million overnight’ opportunity as some of the users put it. It requires a lot of dedication and patience in addition to hard work and the skill of interaction with the old and new friends in one’s network.

Due to my tight daily online working schedule, it will take me a while to build up and sustain a reliable network of followers and friends who will enable me to earn money on tsu at a reliable daily rate.

Here is my invite link for my new friends who would like to learn the new social site earning experience.

Is tsu’s earning potential really worth your time?

When I first got the information about tsu, as the newest social site that pays its users for their content and activity on the site, earning from doing what the face book never paid a penny to their users, it was like wow! At last, someone has just come up with the idea that will threaten other social sites to also start paying their users or else retreat to their extinction.

I believe I was among the first few users who signed up, under the invitation link I was given by a bubblews user through her facebook account. Infact I was very happy for discovering another reliable online source of income.

But I was demoralized when I got busy for the most of the first days on the site tsu, posting, sharing posts, commenting on other users’ posts, inviting other friends and doing anything that everyone was trying to make the ends meet using the site, but even though the posts were attracting some encouraging amount of traffic, my bank remained at 00 balance.This has left me wondering since I expected to earn some few cents based on the page views generated.

According to some users who seem to be earning well on tsu based on the stats they are posting, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to realize a penny. So, the question is, how long will it take for some users to reach the payout threshold of $100 dollars?

This does not mean that I have given up completely from using tsu, for it has other benefits especially to online content creators like me, whereby I will be promoting my blogposts there by simply posting the links. As a result, I will be indirectly earning from the visits to my posts directed from tsu.

All that I can advice new tsu users is that for anyone to earn any reasonable income from the site, he must have a very large network of friends and be active the most of the day, the thing which I cannot, for I have a very tight working schedule.

Join through the link given above, or here to give it a try, who knows, it might suit your earning interests. Maybe, I had unralistic expectations.

Anyway, I have dedicated most of my online work time towards bitcoin mining, the area I can trust to earn consistently.

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