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The power of attention-grabbing titles in blogging/internet marketing

Marketing is all about convincing the targeted customer to realize the satisfaction in the product being presented before him and so, the marketer must be able to create a good first impression that will play with the emotions of the potential customer.

Unlike the offline marketing where the products are chosen by the potential customers from the shop shelves according to their tastes from the variety of the similar products, online marketing rely on the search engines results according to the searches by the online shoppers/internet users.

In order for the product getting promoted to get the attention of the targeted customer, the website offering the promotion of the particular product must have content that is rich in the key words that are likely to be used by the customers who are searching the web for the particular product.

Anyway, the challenge is that most of the potential customers do not really know what they are searching for and could be ready to take anything that is relative to the solution they are searching for to fix a given problem.

This is where the appealing headlines in posts play a very important role besides the quality content that helps in the high ranking of the sites in the SEO requirements. The appealing headline can be the main determinant on how many the post will attract the clicks to the main content of the post, by making the internet user believe that the post with the appealing title is the one that is holding the content he is searching for.

The great marketers tend to be great content creators too, because they would always create the post titles with the very view of the targeted customer and what he will be looking for from among the millions of other similar products.

This also answers the question, where some websites rank high in the search engines and yet attract only few visitors. The main reason being that; the potential visitors pick on other appealing title, ending up to the competing site.

Bubblews has just resurrected as CGP gallery, same script different cast but promising one

I believe that this would be a million dollar information to all the current and old users of bubblews who are still wondering why bubblews is not paying for their pending payment claims.

According to some victims, they still believe that bubblews will one day pay them off for all the claims which have been under investigation status for months since the time filed. But others like me, believe that the site has reached their expected target but the owners are not openly saying it, whereby the services of the writers are no longer required.

The most interesting part of this information about some of my discoveries about bubblews is that another revenue-share writing site called CGP gallery has been created, not long ago, but is gaining popularity at a very faster speed, for it seems that most of the bubblews users are shifting believing that a relief to the torment that bubblews has finally sent from heaven to save them.

Just taking a first look at CGP gallery reminds you of the old bubblews (that is if you used to be a bubblews user) but with a few adjustments.

Here are some of the features that must make anyone who has been a member to bubblews realize that CGP gallery is just the new face of bubblews under the same management with similar rules and terms of use.

The posts must be unique/original and at least 400 characters in length.

The images to be used in posts submitted have to be original/or use the pixabay free images.

The minimum payout earnings is $20 dollars, and the waiting period of 30 days for the payment processing.

The users earn from the views and comments to their posts at the rate of $0.01 (every comment the user posts to other posts ear too)

Though others feel that CGP gallery is the best competitor to bubblews, it is very clear that both sites are owned by the same people and they are just diverting the focus of the bubblews users but still continue to earn from their content.

If you have not joined yet, I believe it is the time to stop focusing at what you expect from bubblews and jump to this new opportunity. There are more chances that you will get paid for a while before the site begins to show the real bubblews colours.

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