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Nothing impresses me more about the cointellect bitcoin mining earning service than their reliable lifetime 10% affiliate program

I have been using the cointellect bitcoin mining service for a while now and I am very impressed by the earnings results so far and thus I believe I will be earning a good share of my online income from the site, without doing much there as long as I will be able to invite serious affiliates who will also be grateful for the opportunity.

I find cointellect to have an unlimited earning potential, especially for the users who are taking advantage of the cloud-hashing bitcoin mining contracts which promise high returns on investment, where the earnings are paid daily at the consistent rate and only be renewed at the expiry date when the user’s invested amount has been paid out along with the profits, depending on the type of the contract purchased.

Right now, my earnings from the site are all resulting from the solo mining, which started after downloading and installing the free cointellect mining software to my computer and it is reset every morning I switch the machine on.

Besides the solo mining earnings, I am also getting paid 10% of the earnings/ investments of the affiliate users.
I feel very lucky to have invited some serious investors who have so far purchased some contracts and I will be getting paid 10% of their investments, which remains pending for 14 days since the day the contracts are purchased; in my case, just a few more days and I will be receiving over $30 dollars, all out of the affiliate program, besides the 10% of the referrals’ solo and affiliate earnings.

I am considering reinvesting part of the gains back to the site, by buying the demo contract of 14.95 euros and be paid back with profits, daily for the following 10 days.

Feel free to join us here and enjoy the benefits of the new cloud-hashing service and the free lifetime affiliate 10% program as long as you will invite friends and relative to invest as well.

Online earning made easier by the free new bitcoin mining software

Bitcoin is the digital currency which is which is very valuable and internationally accepted in the internet world, known to be generated by the IT equipment while processing data in the normal uses based on the computational power of the machine.

In order to transform the PC equipment’s processing power into digital currency, a special kind of software known as the ‘miner’ is required to transform the computational power (hashing power) of your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU) into real crypto-currency.

This is where the service of cointellect software comes in handy. The company is providing this software free of charge to be downloaded and installed on the user’s computers to perform the mining of the digital coins by connecting the user’s machine to the pool where by the realized earnings are distributed according to the hashing power of the equipment as long as the computer is in use or left idle provided it is switched on and the program connected to the pool network through the internet connection.

In order to maximize from the services of cointellect, the miners have access to three options that can help the miners optimize the earnings from the opportunity freely provided besides the solo mining directly from the same software program

Since the ability to generate earnings is mostly based on the limited computational power of your computer, one can opt to purchase the contract hashing power. The service of purchasing the contract is split into 9 types which can be opted based on the financial capability of the users.

Affiliate program; the users are entitled to the 10% commission of all the earnings of their referrals, this program gives unlimited earning potential to the users provided they can invite friends, family and any interested person who would active afterwards. You can start your bitcoins mining by simply join our company through this link. Or, by clicking on the banner below.

I Just discovered another wonderful legit site to earn online

It is always good news when the online workers discover a new way to earn online and expand their capabilities to increase their online income through multiple streams which in turn brings about diversification and the level of earning security.

It is pleasure to share some of the online earning ways with the like-minded internet users who would like to learn earning in different ways and maximize their earning potential as well as share the good news with their friends to join in the race to the making the living online.

In my endless online search to discover the greener pastures and to add to the already existing ways that I depend on to make my extra earnings online, and to supplement or substitute the others that are about to dry up, I was able to dig up another legit reliable post-to-earn site by the name bitlanders.

This is another social site on which the users earn bitcoins from the content they share with their followers, called subscribers. The users have to login everyday to earn.

The content allowed to be posted can be anything to do with images, wall updates (called micro-blogs), blogs, as well as videos. The content can also be shared to facebook, twitter and google+ to maximize the earnings each time of posting.

The site is zero tolerant to plagiarized content and thus anyone submitting the copied content risks the user’s account getting deleted without warning.
Bitlanders also has a referral program which enables the inviting user to earn for eternity from his refferals’ activity.

Feel free to join bitlanders through this link and you stand the chance to make me your first follower (subscriber) using the face book sign up.

This site has thousands of users and has been in existence for more than 5 years, you will just wonder why you did not discover this the whole time you have been searching work online trying to make your first dollar only to end up in the hands of the scammers.

For any question, feel free to ask in the comments section. I wish you a wonderful online earning time

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