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Most of the successful online CFD/ forex traders once lost their all initial investments

Trading in financial instruments whether through online trading platforms or the normal stock markets is a risk and therefore, there is no guarantee of making consistent gains by even the most experienced traders in the industry.

Every trader who invests his finances in online trading sites is always warned against the risks his investment is exposed to and it is assumed that one is ready to lose all the invested amount of money by the time he/she accepts the terms of use and makes his investment.

This is the point at which financial trading is seen as a gamble whereby the outcome is uncertain and is based on the factors beyond control which might result in the end that can be against the trader or in favour of him.

Based on my experience in financial trading on etoro, the largest online trading platform in the world with over 2 million members, I have come to notice based on the performance history of the popular investors/traders in their open book portfolio, they once lost all their initial investment but did not give up. Instead, they learnt the lessons out of their mistakes and gained confidence in trading with the view to cover up for the lost funds and change their trading strategy to trade safely by minimizing the level of risk.

Out of their persistence, patience and optimism that their success has been born from, one can learn that forex trading is not always about winning, but instead it is about how to reduce the risk and be able to earn constant gains in the long run by cutting the losses if one happens to make a wrong move.

As a dedicated online trader, one has to bear in mind that where there gain, there is also the risk attached but just expect the uncertain future market conditions to change in the favour of your investments. If you are interested in knowing more about online trading, click here to learn more.

Things you must have in order to successfully work online as the online forex day trader

As a dedicated online day trader, one is always faced by the risk of losing the invested amount of funds in case the financial market works in the opposite of the trades opened, whereby the trader should react swiftly to act accordingly to reduce the level of the losses at the right time.

According to online trading, time is money and the right decision has to be executed immediately, else any impeding factor to the execution of the required action can reduce the gains to losses within very few seconds.

Here are some of the most important factors to be considered before any trader is ready to trade on his own under minimum risk:
A reliable internet connection: This one is a must to have for anyone who is considering to venture into online day trading, whether as a hobby or as the main source of income. The fast and reliable internet connection will enable one to open trades and close them at the very right time the opportunity arises.

A good and reliable internet connection around the clock will also enable one to login to his trading account and perform any measures either to reduce the risk or increase the gains, without getting hindered.

The reliable source of financial information affecting the types of the instruments one has decided to trade: This information is very important to enable the trader make thoughtful long term investment decisions regarding the trading instruments that are likely to be affected by the certain geographical occurrences or ideological decision.

If you are interested in online trading but you are not up to date with the above factors, you should give it a break or else be ready for the disappointment when things run out of hand but you do not find yourself in the position to control them, ending up to lose all your initial investment.

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