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See How I am Earning 100s of Euros/dollars By Posting Links with 10% Cointellect Affiliate Program

You must be wondering what this cointellect 10% affiliate program link posting crap is all about, especially if you know what cointellect site deals in.

Of course you have come across 100s of articles/posts claiming how the authors are making 100s or 1000s of dollars by simply posting links to the social sites and blogs.

After reading some of those great articles that promise huge sums of money online within a short period of time, you come to find that they would be wishing to sell you the app that they promise would unravel the secret that if used according to the directions given, will earn you like they do.

It annoys to find out that it is total scam crap that is just meant to find your mail address in their mail lists so that they can sell them to the other online users who would like to build their mail list as well.

This link posting service I would like to share with you is totally different and legit way of making money online, as long as you can apply it the way I am doing, which makes it totally the most unique way of earning income from the sites that are legit and offers a promising affiliate program.

This is the point at which cointellect site comes into view as the most recommendable legit site one can earn unlimited income without investing anything, as long as you can market your affiliate link and result in inviting the referrals who will in turn get interested in the available investment opportunity and purchase the contracts.

Cointellect is a site which offers the online investors the opportunity to called crypto-currency pooled mining where the users are able to earn through 3 ways namely;

1. Solo mining- the users can earn by directing their hashing power to the pool through the special coin mining software that can be freely downloaded from the site and installed.

2. Purchasing the mining contracts- the users can opt for purchasing the already predetermined mining contracts from the pool and mining through the rented hash rate.

3. 10% affiliate program– of course this is the basis of me creating this post. The cointellect users are entitled to the 10% affiliate commission on all the investments/the earnings of their referrals.

Here is the earning approach that has earned me hundreds of dollars in the last 2 months I have been using cointellect.

When I signed up to cointellect, I was not sure whether it was a legit or scam and so I was cautious not to invest any money in their high earning mining contracts. Instead I decided to blog about it and also to share my affiliate link to the social sites just to try invite new referrals. Fortunately I was very lucky to have 3 users register through my link who eventually bought the mining contracts.

My worry did not stop there, for I wasn’t sure if I would be able to withdraw the affiliate commission earned of 62 Euros ($76 dollars). After the 14 days pending period, I successfully withdrew the cash through paypal witout issues.

As if the referrals were also just tasting the waters with their initial investments, they started to make huge investments by buying the higher mining contracts, whereby passively earning me more dollars through the affiliate commission.

So far I just have only 4 referrals and they have made me feel like I just won a lottery, for I am currently expecting 421 euros which will be available for withdrawal after 14 pending days.

This amount will be added to the 92 euros successfully withdrawn. You can confirm all these in the cointellect statement attached.

This achievement has won my trust about the legitimacy of cointellect, and therefore I will be buying the starter contract when I withdraw the pending cash soon.

If you thought this is all about posting links just for the sake of it and only to be denied the hefty payments promised by scam sites, then you must be challenged. Take this as another online earning opportunity with high earning potential, offering different possible investment opportunities like nowhere else on the web.

How cointellect’s 10% affiliate program has helped me recover the money lost to bubblews and etoro copy trader

I have to admit that my New Year’s Day did not start off well, just like many other online writers who were expecting payments amounting to hundreds of dollars from bubbblews only to be disappointed by the demoralizing CEO’s payment updates post laughing at their faces.

This announcement made me count all the cash that I was expecting from bubblews, totaling to over $600 dollars as just another investment that has just gone done the drain just like the other time I had invested $200 to a copy trader in etoro whose trades were performing very well only to wake up few days after and finding the trades closed with the stop loss at 95% when the currency market had worked against the trades.

In CFD day trading, there is no consistency in gaining and thus every trader must be aware of the high risk his investment is exposed to.

As I was feeling down on the new year’s day, I had decided to keep looking for more reliable ways to make m oney online, but before that I had to check how my cointellect account was performing. To my surprise, I found that some of my referrals had purchased contracts which had earned me 91 euros in terms of affiliate commission, the exciting news I blogged about here on blogjob a while ago.

The following day, the 2nd January 2015, I was lucky to invite another referral registration (which must have been resulted from the latest success post) and he (not sure if it was him or one of the 3 referrals) was able to purchase the cointellect premium contract, worth 2999.95 euros.

As much as this excited me for it has earned me 300 euros affiliate commission instantly, which will be available for withdraw in the next 14 days through paypal/dogecoin/cryptopay, it also surprised me as to how some of the online investors have a lot of cash to risk losing to online investment platforms which no one can fully trust with the life investment.

Cointellect is cloud-hashing site which I was introduced to by a post on blogjob 2 months ago, which offers the users the opportunity to earn through 3 different ways which are;

1. Mining crypto currency using own computer equipment
2. Purchasing the mining contracts
3. Inviting new referrals and earning 10% of their earnings and investments.

So far, I have never bought any hash rate contracts but I have earned over 483 euros ($595 USD) to date through the affiliate program and the solo mining, where 92 euros has been successfully withdrawn through PayPal, and I plan to purchase my first contract, starter contract of 99.95 euros when I withdraw 391 euros ($480USD) pending earnings in the next 2 weeks, for I have full trust that cointellect is the right site to invest with for anyone searching for the reliable online investment opportunities.

I feel lucky to have invited 4 referrals who have eventually earned me more than I ever expected from the cointellect referral program and how I wish it will continue the same way for ever.

Many online workers run scared of joining sites that involve downloading software

I reached this conclusion when I received a comment to one of my posts sharing my experience about how I am earning a steady income from cointellect bitcoin mining cloud hashing site, which involves downloading and installing mining software.

According to the commentator, he sounded interested to test the new earning source but the software downloading part scared him, but he is still considering joining the site when he becomes satisfied that the site in question is safe. It is clear that some downloads contain malicious malwares that can damage the system, or give away private information. Running the Microsoft essential to the cointellect software proved it threats-free.

Since most of the reviews about some earning sites are fake/paid reviews, I understand the dilemma of some online workers who are unsure of the trustworthiness of some sites which seem to have double-edged reviews in the sense that some users are posting about how they have personally benefited from the given site and thus recommending others to try it too.

On the other hand, the online world also contain some posts throwing mud at the same site, which may be true as to the experience of the post creator according to his unsuccessful experience with the site in question or it might be as a result of paid defamation of the site by the website business competitors offering similar services. This is normal in the cutthroat business competition and thus one has to make up his mind and make wise decisions. For you never know the opportunity before you that you are missing just out of the misleading information.

In the first place, I was wondering why very few readers to my reviews seemed interested in the opportunity that I felt was legit and reliable, even without monetary investment, as long as one can invite serious referrals whereby earning 10% affiliate commission on their total earnings.

I am sure that I made the right decision in joining cointellect and downloading and installing their software that so far is working without issues, earning me some income passively.

Nothing impresses me more about the cointellect bitcoin mining earning service than their reliable lifetime 10% affiliate program

I have been using the cointellect bitcoin mining service for a while now and I am very impressed by the earnings results so far and thus I believe I will be earning a good share of my online income from the site, without doing much there as long as I will be able to invite serious affiliates who will also be grateful for the opportunity.

I find cointellect to have an unlimited earning potential, especially for the users who are taking advantage of the cloud-hashing bitcoin mining contracts which promise high returns on investment, where the earnings are paid daily at the consistent rate and only be renewed at the expiry date when the user’s invested amount has been paid out along with the profits, depending on the type of the contract purchased.

Right now, my earnings from the site are all resulting from the solo mining, which started after downloading and installing the free cointellect mining software to my computer and it is reset every morning I switch the machine on.

Besides the solo mining earnings, I am also getting paid 10% of the earnings/ investments of the affiliate users.
I feel very lucky to have invited some serious investors who have so far purchased some contracts and I will be getting paid 10% of their investments, which remains pending for 14 days since the day the contracts are purchased; in my case, just a few more days and I will be receiving over $30 dollars, all out of the affiliate program, besides the 10% of the referrals’ solo and affiliate earnings.

I am considering reinvesting part of the gains back to the site, by buying the demo contract of 14.95 euros and be paid back with profits, daily for the following 10 days.

Feel free to join us here and enjoy the benefits of the new cloud-hashing service and the free lifetime affiliate 10% program as long as you will invite friends and relative to invest as well.

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