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Wikinut ceases paying the users- by changing from revenue-share model program to free authors community

Just like what mylot decided to do some years back. Wikinut has stopped payments to the content creators as from 10th December 2015. Their plan is to remove the revenue share system and operate the site as a free authors community.

According to the latest statement e-mailed to all existing users, the site had reached the conclusion after running into trouble with their advertisers; that led to being left with only two options; either to completely shut down the site, or remove the revenue-sharing system.

The problem is said to have originated from the existence of the fraudsters on the site, who obviously gamed the system by use of botnets, driving fake traffic to their posts as well as fraudulently clicking the sponsors’ ads. There were also cases of plagiarism- where the limited efforts of the site moderators were subdued due to the workload at hand and lack of effective tools.

This might be the similar bad experience the Beermoneynation faced in their short existence online before officially announcing its shutdown. The same case to bubblews and other online revenue-sharing writing/publishing sites that became unsustainable after short period.

It is a worrying trend to the online writing world where the sites provide a revenue-share incentive to the users. It is also a challenge to such sites if they lack reliable tools to curb the violations.

Wikinut owners decided to go for plan B in order to continue existing even though the users are likely to flee the site, going for greener pastures elsewhere, since most were attracted to stay on the site due to payment incentive.

It is also one of the most reliable methods to free the site from the online fraudsters- who usually get attracted to any site that offers payment incentives to the users; hence they will have nothing to hold them around.

The current users are now allowed to opt among the 3 available options;
1. Continue publishing articles for free
2. To do nothing at all; in other words, just stop being active on wikinut and let the already published content to be used by site readers.
3. To leave wikinut for ever, by deleting your account profile and along with your content already published. This option is very definitely for anyone who wishes to remove the articles and publish them elsewhere.

What do you think is the possible future of wikinut? Will they resume paying like mylot or shut down like bubblews?

All That You should Know About Legit Smart Scam writing Sites?

I have a long list of the writing sites that I have tried to earn from but it is so disappointing to see that most of the writing paying sites that promise a huge share of the ads revenue to the users are getting created each and every day but are not able to stand the test of time in the industry.

Fortunately for me, I am part of one site that never disappoints the users when it comes to the benefits promised, and has been in business for over 10 years without issues with the users, that I can recommend to anyone who wishes to build long term online business with.

It has been a common trend to see that some of these writing sites enter the market with a lot of empty promises, targeting the few users who sign up as first members to invite their friends and thus growing the membership list until they attain the traffic expected, without the need to spend any money on site promotion campaigns.

Most of the like sites seem to enter the business with a different intention from the one they disclose to the users in their “how it works”

Take for instance the following sites which I was a member and once earned some cash from;
Gicacircle- I learnt about this site from a friend when writing on bubblews, and I decided to make an attempt, just to spread the risk of uncertainty of working online. When I had signed up and posted a few articles, I realized that it was not worth my time, thus waited for a while but when I decided to take another look at the site, it happened that the site didn’t exist anymore.

Teckler- I was able to get paid once from teckler before they stopped paying the users, even though the site still exists with content contributed by the users, still earning them residual income.

Bubblews- since I couldn’t cope up with their change in earnings rate and payment policy, very many users couldn’t cope up with the site, especially after failing to pay me over $570 dollars. My account is still alive with over $20 dollars, but could take a lifetime to reach their minimum threshold of $50 dollars, and still wait for more 3 months for the payment to be sent.


Click on the banner below to see an overview of what to expect from this opportunity.

How online writers are currently earning from bubbews regardless of the site nonpayment

It is not clear whether bubblews completely ceased paying the users for their content and activity, there still happen to exist rare cases of paid members as the rest of the members patiently wait for the payments that seem to be far overdue based on the processing period promised by the site.

The lack of trust in the site by some members who happen to write for the multiple revenue-sharing writing sites has led them to devise the new and reliable way to earn from bubblews indirectly.

Here are some of the ways the creative writers are employing to at least console themselves over the wasted efforts and resources they devoted to bubblews but seem to have ended up in smoke.

Since all the users who still have their accounts with bubblews (those whose accounts are not deleted yet) can access their content without issues, they have decided to pull out some of the high quality posts and submit them elsewhere, earning from them.

Though it is also a challenge, especially according to the fact that most of the posts submitted to bubblews were of low quality (specifically created for bubblews) hence not readily acceptable to some writing platforms where quality override quantity.

Other users (especially those whose bubblews accounts got deleted for pestering for payments) have now been left with only one option; writing on other platforms bad reviews about their real life experience on bubblews, trying their level best to tarnish the bubblews name, but still earn from the rants.

As for me, one of the international veteran bubblews members with the account still intact but with over $500 dollars still pending/under investigation; my hopes for ever getting paid the due payments are still hanging on the thread, always checking to see what news has developed.
In venting out your anger of mistreatment, you can opt for any of the above ways to still earn from your experience about bubblews, or patiently wait for the last answer from the site admin.

Will MylifeB.com Die Without The Users Realizing Any Promised Earnings?

I discovered the site Mylife.com a few weeks ago as another social site with the opportunity for the users to earn by posting content and socially interacting with other users just like the face book and tsu.

Unlike other post to earn sites I have experience about, where the popularity of those sites grew overnight and within a few days after launching, the news would have reached every corner of the world where the internet is present and millions of user sign ups achieved.

For example, within one week, the tsu site (which is another social site that pays the users) had already grossed over a million users, which is not the same case with MylifeB.com site, with almost the similar set up platform but different earning rules.

It is now almost a month or more, and the site’s registered users have barely gone above 100 sign ups. The site looks very deserted with very little activity by some of the users who are not spending more of their valuable time there.

This can be as the result of a few possible reasons as follows;

Their main requirement of the users to qualify to earn from their posts, of the minimum of 1000 followers seems to scare away the prospective users, who tend to see it as the sign of a scam.

Another cause might be that, the site seems to have not taken seriously the initiative to promote the site through different methods available. Instead relying on the few available users to spread the news about the site’s existence, and yet the site lack the referral program, where the users would use to invite their friends to the site, where by winning the trust of the new users at the first impression.

According to my personal experience about MylifeB.com, the site possesses all the qualities of a quality website. It is user-friendly, loads very fast and easy to navigate; displaying the quality of a business website.

If things continue as it is now, the site is under the risk of closing down after a short period of time for it will not be able to meet the costs of operation without the required level of traffic which would earn the site the ads revenue to keep it alive.

The question is, how long will it take the users to gain over 1000 followers so as to qualify into the earning program?

Bubblews has just resurrected as CGP gallery, same script different cast but promising one

I believe that this would be a million dollar information to all the current and old users of bubblews who are still wondering why bubblews is not paying for their pending payment claims.

According to some victims, they still believe that bubblews will one day pay them off for all the claims which have been under investigation status for months since the time filed. But others like me, believe that the site has reached their expected target but the owners are not openly saying it, whereby the services of the writers are no longer required.

The most interesting part of this information about some of my discoveries about bubblews is that another revenue-share writing site called CGP gallery has been created, not long ago, but is gaining popularity at a very faster speed, for it seems that most of the bubblews users are shifting believing that a relief to the torment that bubblews has finally sent from heaven to save them.

Just taking a first look at CGP gallery reminds you of the old bubblews (that is if you used to be a bubblews user) but with a few adjustments.

Here are some of the features that must make anyone who has been a member to bubblews realize that CGP gallery is just the new face of bubblews under the same management with similar rules and terms of use.

The posts must be unique/original and at least 400 characters in length.

The images to be used in posts submitted have to be original/or use the pixabay free images.

The minimum payout earnings is $20 dollars, and the waiting period of 30 days for the payment processing.

The users earn from the views and comments to their posts at the rate of $0.01 (every comment the user posts to other posts ear too)

Though others feel that CGP gallery is the best competitor to bubblews, it is very clear that both sites are owned by the same people and they are just diverting the focus of the bubblews users but still continue to earn from their content.

If you have not joined yet, I believe it is the time to stop focusing at what you expect from bubblews and jump to this new opportunity. There are more chances that you will get paid for a while before the site begins to show the real bubblews colours.

Presenting a friendly challenge to bubblews users who once earned a bubblews e-check but now claim bubblews is scam

This is an open letter to my friends we met on bubblews. This is to put straight some of the confusions that are surrounding the uncertainty of the payments earned by some/all the current bubblews users.

If someone asked me to give a brief description about the experience I have regarding bubblews, here is what I would say:

“Bubblews is a writing site of which the owners initially underestimated its earning potential and as a result got overwhelmed by the work it had attracted, based on their high pay rate. Now that the owners of bubblews have attained their targeted goals earlier than they expected, they no longer require the services the bubblers are supplying and yet the bubblers need bubblews.”

I know you are about to ask why I came up with this theory. Here is the answer to your question;

I am not saying that bubblews is not a scam, and yes, it isn’t. I have personally suffered non payments to several redemption requests, totaling to over $500 dollars, but I am yet to be convinced that I have been wasted, for I can blame that on myself for having accepted their terms of use, which I did not take time to read to exhaustion.

If you are still complaining, then show me that you did not accept their terms of use; whereby there was a clause explaining that, ‘the site could decide to change the terms without reason or notice.’

Now here you are. Pointing fingers at the site which gave you the first opportunity to earn online, and no longer requires your services, in other words, contract terminated without notice, whereby you are now persistently working there at your own risk.
Doesn’t that make it clear that bubblews no longer need your services, and yet you are claiming that it is scamming you?

If you really need to confirm my findings, try to request them to delete your account so that you won’t have any relationship with them; I believe they will do so without the second thought. Or if you decide to remove your posts from their site, they won’t give a damn.

The funniest thing is that, some of the scam complaints about bubblews are getting posted to other earning sites that it will take the users a lifetime to be able to earn the income equal to what bubblews paid in one time, even if they get paid consistently. Doesn’t that make those sites more scam than bubblews, only that they are delaying what bubblews paid you in advance?

Now, show me any great online site that you are able to earn a decent income for the tasks you performed on bubblews.

Aren’t you challenged, dear bubblers?

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