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Why the payment proof shouldn’t be relied on to identify a scam from legit online money making Sites

When most of the online working people working from home hear the word SCAM SITE, all that comes into their minds is that;

The site in question is a GPT that promises the users to earn big by actively performing simple specific tasks on the site in return for cash/gift cards based on the earning rate indicated, but never pays at all, wasting the users’ time.

Or, that the users have to invest some cash into their revenue-sharing investment program and earn a certain percentage gain return on investment (ROI) paid within a specific period of time. But when it comes to payments, the site Admins refuse to send the payments and eventually shuts down along with users’ money invested.

So, in order to avoid ending up as the victims of scam, many internet users approach every online earning opportunity with caution, ensuring that it won’t turn out to be just another waste of time or money by trying to confirm the reliability of the site ;

The proof of payment
Honest reviews posted by the current site users
Trust rate as indicated by the scamadvisor.com
(not reliable in case of a new site)

Some users usually jump to conclusions that the site is legit when they see the payment proof no matter when the payment was last made and would be ready to invest any amount of money expecting to gain more based on the percentage ROI indicated.

The scamming sites owners are very much aware of this, and would try their best to convince anyone who is skeptical about the site, by providing fake testimonial reviews everywhere online

Some have a strategy decide to pay selectively only to a handful users and force the paid users to upload their payment proofs just to win the trust of both the existing users and the new users. As the result, the new and existing users would try to recruit new users as well as invest whole-heartedly believing that it would be a sure win, relying on the baited hook.

This is why I recommend working on sites that only pay for the content supplied as opposed to the investment programs.

Anyway, for those who wish to join the proven recommendable online earning opportunities, the sites listed HERE will be of high value and beneficial to you. Feel free to join for free and enjoy your new opportunity working online in 2016 and after.

Wikinut ceases paying the users- by changing from revenue-share model program to free authors community

Just like what mylot decided to do some years back. Wikinut has stopped payments to the content creators as from 10th December 2015. Their plan is to remove the revenue share system and operate the site as a free authors community.

According to the latest statement e-mailed to all existing users, the site had reached the conclusion after running into trouble with their advertisers; that led to being left with only two options; either to completely shut down the site, or remove the revenue-sharing system.

The problem is said to have originated from the existence of the fraudsters on the site, who obviously gamed the system by use of botnets, driving fake traffic to their posts as well as fraudulently clicking the sponsors’ ads. There were also cases of plagiarism- where the limited efforts of the site moderators were subdued due to the workload at hand and lack of effective tools.

This might be the similar bad experience the Beermoneynation faced in their short existence online before officially announcing its shutdown. The same case to bubblews and other online revenue-sharing writing/publishing sites that became unsustainable after short period.

It is a worrying trend to the online writing world where the sites provide a revenue-share incentive to the users. It is also a challenge to such sites if they lack reliable tools to curb the violations.

Wikinut owners decided to go for plan B in order to continue existing even though the users are likely to flee the site, going for greener pastures elsewhere, since most were attracted to stay on the site due to payment incentive.

It is also one of the most reliable methods to free the site from the online fraudsters- who usually get attracted to any site that offers payment incentives to the users; hence they will have nothing to hold them around.

The current users are now allowed to opt among the 3 available options;
1. Continue publishing articles for free
2. To do nothing at all; in other words, just stop being active on wikinut and let the already published content to be used by site readers.
3. To leave wikinut for ever, by deleting your account profile and along with your content already published. This option is very definitely for anyone who wishes to remove the articles and publish them elsewhere.

What do you think is the possible future of wikinut? Will they resume paying like mylot or shut down like bubblews?

How The Bitcoin’s Drop In Value Is Affecting The Earning Rate On Bitlanders And Other Sites That Offer Btc For Payments

Bitlanders, as the name suggests, is a social networking site just like tsu, which compensates users for their activity, using bitcoins as the main currency determining the earnings.

Initially, when I joined bitlanders some months ago, the market price for the bitcoin was $340 dollars each, and thus the users could be able to receive instant bitlanders payment of $10 for 0.039 bitcoins earned, or $25 dollars for 0.1 through the paypal; which was not very hard to earn, for those who understand the game well.

This is not the case anymore, not that bitlanders reduced the earning rate, but because the market value of the bitcoins dropped against the dollar and other major currencies, and yet the CPA (cost per action) remained the same with using bitlanders.

If you have been closely monitoring the performance of the popular cryptocurrencies in the digital market world, then it is not news to note that bitcoins value has been on the downtrend for the last couples of months and right now, its value against the US Dollar is ranging from $212 to $240 dollars each, and the market seems to be very volatile sometimes.

It is not long ago when everyone was chasing to invest in bitcoins, the high demand for the cryptocurrency had made the price per bitcoin to skyrocket to over 350 dollars per piece.
With the high exchange rate against the dollar, the individuals with a large stock of the cryptocurrency seem to have made a killing in massive profits as they sold off the bitcoins to dollars. Now that the demand for the bitcoins has gone down, the value also went down in relation to the supply level which seems to be high (just as it could be expected with any product sales ubder the control of demand and supply market forces)

This is a very big blow, not only to the users of bitlanders but also to those who are the users on other sites that offer bitcoins as the only means of payment. I hope the uptrend in the value of the bitcoins resumes soon and the bitlanderns will be the happy lot as before.

In the meanwhile, I will be focusing more of my efforts on blogging and internet affiliate marketing, for it now requires the bitlander user to have the minimum of 0.55 BTC to receive $10 dollars through paypal. Otherwise one has to take the 0.025 to his bitcoin wallet, which will be subjected to an exchange fee during conversion to US dollars, especially through cryptsy, which happens to be the most reliable exchange market for any type of crypto-currency.

The wrong first impression I had about earning from dailytwocents writing site

Daily2cents is a writing revenue-share site that pays the users according to the unique page views their posts attract, at the rate of half-cent per view. Just like bubblews, PAA etc but different in a way that the posts must meet the SEO requirements; else it can be difficult for the post to attract any traffic through the search engines.

When I was first introduced to the site; some months ago, while on bubblews. I must have misjudged the site based on the site’s name thinking that it meant that the users earn a passive daily 2 cents per post no matter what. This made me to think that, if that is the case, the users with thousands of posts can be able to earn a very decent pay without doing anything, since each post would bring in 2 cents.

It was very interesting to the extent that I had to take a closer look at the site, but only to get disappointed by how hard it was to earn from the site since there is no view exchange as it is with other writing sites that I was used to where each user have to give back the favours given in order to earn faster.

Anyway, I am thinking of giving the site a second attempt, for I signed up an account but I was not able to post the first article due to some of the sites strict rules I did not have time to look closely so that I could not violate them and get my account suspended.

In fact, I was reluctant to invest my efforts in daily2cents because I compared the earning rate of half cent to that we had on bubblews of a cent per action and decided to exert all my efforts on bubblews expecting to be paid every cent earned there.

But to my surprise, not every effort was paid for, there is a number of payment requests which remain pending for the last 5 months, which I have lost hope of ever getting paid. So, it is better a low earning rate which one is sure to be paid that ha high rate but there is no certainty in payment.

What happened to giga circle.com pay site?

Hopefully, the term giga circle is not new to most of the internet users in the blogging and micro-blogging world where the users or content creators earn a share of the revenues that the content they submit to paysites.

Just like blogjob, bubblews and other revenue-sharing sites the freelance workers earn income from; giga circle was one of the examples, accepting only original content.

I was introduced to giga circle while working on bubblews through a post by one of my friends who wished to share his experience about earning on other sites that he had membership with, besides bubblews.

As curious as any other freelance writer is when he discovers another online earning opportunity, I was eager to test the new site and see if it could be worth my time. As usual, I read the terms of use on the site and the FAQs as well as how the site worked.

After signing up and exploring the site for some time, I decided to submit my first post. The submission was successful and thus I had to share the post to several social sites so that my social friends would visit the link to the post, and boost the earnings.

Though I had already accumulated some earnings to the bank balance on the site, besides the sign up bonus, it looked like it could take long with hard work to reach the first payout, and so, I did not find giga circle worth my online working time.

Recently, I was trying to log in to the site just to see how everything was, and see if the site had improved to be worth the second try, but to my surprise, all that the browser could get in the search results was ‘giga circle’ with everything written in Chinese, even the images available were Chinese.

When I tried to refresh the search using different key words like content-sharing site but only to come up with similar results, I decided to conclude that the site might have been sold to a Chinese owner and can now be used by the Chinese or people who understand Chinese.

To my experience in working online, this is another revenue-sharing site which has just transformed into a different site besides the bindspace.com, teckler.com and mylot.com.

5 reasons why many blogjob users find it hard to write blog posts

In the short period that I have been the member on blogjob, I have come to learn several issues surrounding the low activity in submitting blogposts, the fact that must have prompted the admin to reduce the reward points in some of the sections about using the site.
Here are some of the points which I managed to gather, that seemed to derail my activity on blogjob as well;

Thinking about complex topics to share about: I used to think about complex things that I wished to create posts about and yet I could not come up with enough content about them, and thus ending up not making any progress at all.

Procrastinating: This is the main impeding factor to any blogger, always postponing to write a post about a certain topic, expecting to do so at a later date, ending up to pile up everything.

Using more time than necessary to interact: I personally had and still have this problem; I find myself devoting most my online time on blogjob interacting with other members on the site, motivated by the few points earned, when I should have used the same time to compose several posts for my blogjob sites.

Coming up with topics that you have no enough facts/information about- Of course many of the writers can agree with me that one will always get stuck in the middle of the sentence if he has limited information about the topic that he/she is addressing.

Self-dismissal- sometimes, we writers might have great content to blog about, but we refrain from posting about them in fear of what others/ readers will think about us.

I am learning to let go of the few above weaknesses and believe that if anyone can consider this information addressed in this post and respond positively about it, he/she is going to emerge as one of the greatest blogger both on blogjob and the internet world.

The road to success is before you but only that you expect too much

If you looked closely to the history of some of the successful persons, you will find that the road that they took to their current success was just amongst the things others were doing, only that they focused more efforts in the area at the right time resulting in escalation from the crowd.

According to the speech by one of the successful persons in my country who is my role model, he stated that it all starts with spotting the opportunity before you and acting in the right direction as well as exerting reasonable efforts in the venture, and success will come towards you no matter what your competitors do to stop it.

We all see things from different angles and that is why someone else can be able spot gold out of the quarry others are mining stones and even take away with it without those focused in the stone mining noticing it, only to be surprised by his achievements later when he has been propelled out of the crowd above everyone else.

The life is itself a puzzle with millions of solutions arrived at from different directions by use of numerous means that justify the human needs and desires.
The hardest stage to success is the initial stage, that is, spotting the opportunity that others have not, out of many options and maximizing your efforts in the area of interest with the vision to outperform everyone who has been in the same field and did well.

This is why humans should be experienced in many things in order to come up with many options in store for the dream future and choose wisely for the option that one visionalizes the highest probability of not disappointing his target and fully focusing with the positive mindset without vacillating.

This is when you find that the path towards your success is before you only if you can change your mindset and think positively towards what you love doing.

The new strategy to make a living by blogging has unlimited earning potential

Are you one of those desperate online workers who are still searching for the reliable online jobs that you will be guaranteed for the rewards equal to your efforts invested without any fee?

If you happen to be interested in making a living by blogging while working from the comfort of your home without hassles and tussles, then be my guest as I take you through a short guide that will change the way you view blogging.

Now that the internet/ digital world has evolved to make the online working a reliable jobs option, blogging has not been left behind either even though some think that blogging has now been declared obsolete by the coming of micro blogging platforms that have come up with the revenue-sharing strategy to bring together the online writers who work both as the readers as well as the content creators and share a predetermined percentage of the earnings accrued through ads.

With the blog-sharing systems that some blogging gurus have devised, that exist on large and growing platforms such as blogjob for example, Sign up here, one can be able to earn a living by just posting unlimited number of posts per day depending on how quick the writer can create engaging posts that can meet the site rules. And be able to earn through the 50 points rewarded per post, which can be equated to $0.5 dollar per post, in case of the blogger is focusing on redeeming upon reaching 10000 points, besides the passively generated earnings in case the author has a monetized the sites.

Assuming that one is a full time blogger, you can also collect some more earnings based on the active participation on blogjob whereby, you can reply to others’ posts, forum discussions, updating the wall, uploading pictures as well as making new friends.
Just as the welcome page to blog job promises, it all depends on the activity the user is able to create and share quality posts as quickly as possible with the interest of the readers in his mind.

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