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Why the payment proof shouldn’t be relied on to identify a scam from legit online money making Sites

When most of the online working people working from home hear the word SCAM SITE, all that comes into their minds is that;

The site in question is a GPT that promises the users to earn big by actively performing simple specific tasks on the site in return for cash/gift cards based on the earning rate indicated, but never pays at all, wasting the users’ time.

Or, that the users have to invest some cash into their revenue-sharing investment program and earn a certain percentage gain return on investment (ROI) paid within a specific period of time. But when it comes to payments, the site Admins refuse to send the payments and eventually shuts down along with users’ money invested.

So, in order to avoid ending up as the victims of scam, many internet users approach every online earning opportunity with caution, ensuring that it won’t turn out to be just another waste of time or money by trying to confirm the reliability of the site ;

The proof of payment
Honest reviews posted by the current site users
Trust rate as indicated by the scamadvisor.com
(not reliable in case of a new site)

Some users usually jump to conclusions that the site is legit when they see the payment proof no matter when the payment was last made and would be ready to invest any amount of money expecting to gain more based on the percentage ROI indicated.

The scamming sites owners are very much aware of this, and would try their best to convince anyone who is skeptical about the site, by providing fake testimonial reviews everywhere online

Some have a strategy decide to pay selectively only to a handful users and force the paid users to upload their payment proofs just to win the trust of both the existing users and the new users. As the result, the new and existing users would try to recruit new users as well as invest whole-heartedly believing that it would be a sure win, relying on the baited hook.

This is why I recommend working on sites that only pay for the content supplied as opposed to the investment programs.

Anyway, for those who wish to join the proven recommendable online earning opportunities, the sites listed HERE will be of high value and beneficial to you. Feel free to join for free and enjoy your new opportunity working online in 2016 and after.

One mistake that skypip did that earned them bad/scam alert reviews immediately after launch

It has been a while since skypip was lounged and I have been closely monitoring the site’s progress from a distance but so far nothing appealing. I couldn’t join the site even though I was amongst the first people who received an e-mail notification inviting them to register as members and post to get paid.

I can’t say that skypip is outright scam site yet, but there are dozens of reviews out there that link the site to former scams, which seem to confirm my doubts about skypip as being just another one of those short-lived scams.

I refrained from joining the site due to several reasons that made me believe that skypip is just the same scam site owned by the admins of the former sites that scammed the innocent writers who worked hard on the sites only to receive no payments afterwards upon requesting, then the sites in question folded without notice.

As a former member of several writing scam sites- the likes of CGP gallery, bestwriters, elitevisitors, bindspace, bubblelife, linkerzone, etc. it didn’t seat well on me when I received the e-mail inviting me to join a new writing site promising to pay well.

In fact, there were several questions raised in my head. One main question was; how the site owners got my e-mail address when the site was just newly launched?
Another question was how they reached the conclusion that I was the possible potential user of the site, and that I would be interested in the services of the site.

So, if there is one grave mistake the skypip marketing people made, then it was the decision to rely on the mailing list of the former members of the revamped sites that had very bad reputation (which they had carefully stored, believing that it was the ready list of the potential users)

Anyway, let’s give it time and watch how it puns out. I hope that the site will surprise the skeptics like me and leave them regretting why they couldn’t jump in and earn when the opportunity was raw.

What do you think about the future of skypips?

All That You should Know About Legit Smart Scam writing Sites?

I have a long list of the writing sites that I have tried to earn from but it is so disappointing to see that most of the writing paying sites that promise a huge share of the ads revenue to the users are getting created each and every day but are not able to stand the test of time in the industry.

Fortunately for me, I am part of one site that never disappoints the users when it comes to the benefits promised, and has been in business for over 10 years without issues with the users, that I can recommend to anyone who wishes to build long term online business with.

It has been a common trend to see that some of these writing sites enter the market with a lot of empty promises, targeting the few users who sign up as first members to invite their friends and thus growing the membership list until they attain the traffic expected, without the need to spend any money on site promotion campaigns.

Most of the like sites seem to enter the business with a different intention from the one they disclose to the users in their “how it works”

Take for instance the following sites which I was a member and once earned some cash from;
Gicacircle- I learnt about this site from a friend when writing on bubblews, and I decided to make an attempt, just to spread the risk of uncertainty of working online. When I had signed up and posted a few articles, I realized that it was not worth my time, thus waited for a while but when I decided to take another look at the site, it happened that the site didn’t exist anymore.

Teckler- I was able to get paid once from teckler before they stopped paying the users, even though the site still exists with content contributed by the users, still earning them residual income.

Bubblews- since I couldn’t cope up with their change in earnings rate and payment policy, very many users couldn’t cope up with the site, especially after failing to pay me over $570 dollars. My account is still alive with over $20 dollars, but could take a lifetime to reach their minimum threshold of $50 dollars, and still wait for more 3 months for the payment to be sent.


Click on the banner below to see an overview of what to expect from this opportunity.

PostAnyArticle Admin Expresses his anger against the PAA users discussing other reliable ‘Pay to Post’ sites by deleting their posts

Many PostAnyArticle users woke up to the shock of logging in to their accounts and finding that their earnings had reduced significantly, but before finding their breath to shout “what happened to my earnings?” they noticed the site rules updates post by the admin.

Reading the post, we found out the reasons explaining why the earnings balance had reduced.
Even though the reasons given were suspect and questionable, the users had no say about what had happened to their posts.

According to the Admin’s explanation, the PAA site no longer allow duplicate content and thus no user will be allowed to republish the posts written elsewhere on the web, so that the site can improve with search engine rankings.

Thumbs up for this rule, any internet user who has a little understanding about the importance of SEO to any site can see the relevance in this rule update, even though it might also not work well based on the fact that the minimum word count of posts on PAA is 50 words, which may be very short to be picked up by the search engines during the content searching online.

Another update explained that did not sink well in the minds of the users is the deletion of the posts promoting other ‘post to earn’ sites like blogjob, elite visitors, CGP gallery etc as well as those discussing the frustrations the members of bubblews had undergone recently (which always attracted much attention on the site)

Here, the admin, The Crazy Texan , who is also the old member of bubblews explained that; the sites that use adsense and pay the users to post do it illegally and thus any discussions arising from them are considered fraudulent and banned on the site.

Looking closely at the action taken, one can still have doubts about the earnings connected to the deleted posts prior to deletion, meaning that the admin will be paid by the advertisers for the activity relating on the content but the content creator won’t.

This also left the users wondering why all this is happening when bubblews is going downhill and more users from bubblews are joining PAA, more new writing sites getting created promising better pay, and the fact that PAA no longer run adsense ads on the site (their adsense account got disabled long ago due to fraudulent activity on the site)

In my conclusion, PAA fears fair competition, which would probably lead to losing the writers/users to other writing sites when promoted on PAA and the users discover that the other sites offer better earning opportunities and join the new sites. As opposed to the PAA’s low earning rate of less than $3 dollars per 1000 views (where only views from the unlogged in reads are counted) and the minimum cash out threshold is $1 dollar which can take up to a month to be earned.

The new changes also include the payment update of increasing the minimum cashout to $5 dollars, which will become effective when the site introduce alternative payout methods besides PayPal.

Or is it just the personal hatred from the PAA admin against other writing sites whose adsense accounts are intact besides the fact that they are doing exactly what was considered fraudulent about his adsense account and got disabled?

The Factual Lessons I Learnt From Bubblews Rise And Downfall

As one of the veteran members of bubblews, I have a long history of the drastic transformations the site went through from the time it was at the peak of the trending topics online when it came to earning money online by writing, to the time it started showing suspicious signs of the scam, and eventually the recent shock.

While writing and earning from the site, I used to see some users boasting about how they loved bubblews and they were ready to remain loyal users without the payments, for they just enjoyed the opportunity offered by bubblews to share their thoughts freely and learn more experiences from other bubblers.

Now what? It is very shocking to see that the very users who used to throw dust into the eyes of other users were the first people to leave the site when it started having the payment crisis with the users. What does this imply?

It definitely shows that some people are just out to mislead others into thinking that they are in the same sinking ship when they already escaped using the rescue boats and they are the first to claim that they had read the writing on the wall.

Another thing learnt is that, humans hang on the empty hopes of things getting better in the future based on the trust they had in someone and always believe he would deliver what is promised, until it dawns to them that he is no longer the same. This can be explained by the number of the clingers who are still hanging on to bubblews expecting for the things to turn around in their favour.

There is also the fact that most of the online earners are desperate for the opportunities to make more money and thus they lack the opportunity cost of their time they spent online on worthless tasks openly seen as scam.

The last factual truth that can be highly considered by the online writing earners is that one should never trust any single earning site and devote all their efforts there with the view to built their lifetime successful business online.

How online writers are currently earning from bubbews regardless of the site nonpayment

It is not clear whether bubblews completely ceased paying the users for their content and activity, there still happen to exist rare cases of paid members as the rest of the members patiently wait for the payments that seem to be far overdue based on the processing period promised by the site.

The lack of trust in the site by some members who happen to write for the multiple revenue-sharing writing sites has led them to devise the new and reliable way to earn from bubblews indirectly.

Here are some of the ways the creative writers are employing to at least console themselves over the wasted efforts and resources they devoted to bubblews but seem to have ended up in smoke.

Since all the users who still have their accounts with bubblews (those whose accounts are not deleted yet) can access their content without issues, they have decided to pull out some of the high quality posts and submit them elsewhere, earning from them.

Though it is also a challenge, especially according to the fact that most of the posts submitted to bubblews were of low quality (specifically created for bubblews) hence not readily acceptable to some writing platforms where quality override quantity.

Other users (especially those whose bubblews accounts got deleted for pestering for payments) have now been left with only one option; writing on other platforms bad reviews about their real life experience on bubblews, trying their level best to tarnish the bubblews name, but still earn from the rants.

As for me, one of the international veteran bubblews members with the account still intact but with over $500 dollars still pending/under investigation; my hopes for ever getting paid the due payments are still hanging on the thread, always checking to see what news has developed.
In venting out your anger of mistreatment, you can opt for any of the above ways to still earn from your experience about bubblews, or patiently wait for the last answer from the site admin.

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