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Interesting secret on how the online affiliate marketers earn massive affiliate commissions doing so little

Affiliate marketers play a very vital role in selling the online products through facilitating sales by connecting the potential buyers to the products they are affiliated with, playing the role of the middleman and earning a percentage of the total sale.

The percentage affiliate commissions to be earned vary depending on the affiliate product being promoted through the affiliate marketer’s website, which can range from 1 to up to 20 percent of the total product sale. This means that, in case the website user comes across the product that interests him/her and ends up purchasing the product under promotion. The affiliate marketer pockets a good amount of money in terms of the affiliate commission, by just offering space on his website for affiliate promotions.

I have been sitting back watching the image in an ad on my computer screen. The ad image is in promotion of a very large and complex industrial stone crashing machine, suitable for quarry mining and other hard materials used in construction.

Such heavy duty machines cost thousands of dollars and thus I was imagining how much the affiliate marketer can earn in case such costly machine is bought under the affiliate program.

For example; let’s assume the cost of this industrial machine is $10000 dollars. And further assume that the affiliate commission to every sale is 10% of the product price. It means that the affiliate marketer is able to earn $1000 dollars on one machine sold.

Even if the marketer would be able to facilitate the sale of 2 machines each month, he/she will be able to pocket $2000 dollars per month without directly handling the products sold.

It is really interesting how some online workers are able to reap massive profits for just providing the promotion space on their websites to market the affiliate products.

This is why having own website and promoting affiliate products is the only easiest way to become a successful online entrepreneur.

This success can only be achieved by those who have access to proper affiliate marketing knowledge and reliable tools, costing thousands of dollars thus keeping away many interested people. But what if I told you that wealthy affiliate university is giving out all these valuable training for free?

It is not joke, and you can start off here, by setting up your free website in less than 30 seconds.

3 things that internet marketing is all about

Did you know that most of successful online working people are internet marketers?

Internet marketing can look very simple but very complicated because it is only made possible when the three things are made to work together in order to earn the internet marketer (the middleman) money in form of commission.

The fully functioning website with reliable internet traffic is the foundation upon which all other 2 items are based on in order to facilitate a sale of the affiliate product.

The product to be promoted on the site is another thing that has to be considered when laying down the foundation of the website, which should be the basis of niche chosen by the internet marketer, who is looking forward to drive the customers to the product they are searching for online.

Engaging the customer and convincing him to accept the product that the marketer is recommending for is third thing that most of the online marketers should be skillful about whereby they earn the commission when the customer actually purchases the product promoted on their website.

Unlike the offline marketing, internet marketing requires an environment whereby the online shoppers are directed by the search engines to the appropriate product they are searching for when they use the search phrases that involve the product they want. Unfortunately, most of the customers don’t really know what they are actually searching for. Therefore, it is up to the internet marketer to come up with assuring review to explain to the customer the value of the product he is promoting and the satisfaction customer will get in using the product.

This is where the challenge is, especially if the internet marketer is promoting the product which a lot of other people are marketing, whereby the marketer with the most engaging and assuring/ persuading skill wins a sale and earns commission on sale.

This can only be achieved through the website content that contains the key words that would enable the site to get high indexing hence more chances of getting read by the buyer.
In other words, the three things that make up ‘internet marketing’ can be summarized as; directing the right customer to the right products to earn a commission on the sale.

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