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How cointellect’s 10% affiliate program has helped me recover the money lost to bubblews and etoro copy trader

I have to admit that my New Year’s Day did not start off well, just like many other online writers who were expecting payments amounting to hundreds of dollars from bubbblews only to be disappointed by the demoralizing CEO’s payment updates post laughing at their faces.

This announcement made me count all the cash that I was expecting from bubblews, totaling to over $600 dollars as just another investment that has just gone done the drain just like the other time I had invested $200 to a copy trader in etoro whose trades were performing very well only to wake up few days after and finding the trades closed with the stop loss at 95% when the currency market had worked against the trades.

In CFD day trading, there is no consistency in gaining and thus every trader must be aware of the high risk his investment is exposed to.

As I was feeling down on the new year’s day, I had decided to keep looking for more reliable ways to make m oney online, but before that I had to check how my cointellect account was performing. To my surprise, I found that some of my referrals had purchased contracts which had earned me 91 euros in terms of affiliate commission, the exciting news I blogged about here on blogjob a while ago.

The following day, the 2nd January 2015, I was lucky to invite another referral registration (which must have been resulted from the latest success post) and he (not sure if it was him or one of the 3 referrals) was able to purchase the cointellect premium contract, worth 2999.95 euros.

As much as this excited me for it has earned me 300 euros affiliate commission instantly, which will be available for withdraw in the next 14 days through paypal/dogecoin/cryptopay, it also surprised me as to how some of the online investors have a lot of cash to risk losing to online investment platforms which no one can fully trust with the life investment.

Cointellect is cloud-hashing site which I was introduced to by a post on blogjob 2 months ago, which offers the users the opportunity to earn through 3 different ways which are;

1. Mining crypto currency using own computer equipment
2. Purchasing the mining contracts
3. Inviting new referrals and earning 10% of their earnings and investments.

So far, I have never bought any hash rate contracts but I have earned over 483 euros ($595 USD) to date through the affiliate program and the solo mining, where 92 euros has been successfully withdrawn through PayPal, and I plan to purchase my first contract, starter contract of 99.95 euros when I withdraw 391 euros ($480USD) pending earnings in the next 2 weeks, for I have full trust that cointellect is the right site to invest with for anyone searching for the reliable online investment opportunities.

I feel lucky to have invited 4 referrals who have eventually earned me more than I ever expected from the cointellect referral program and how I wish it will continue the same way for ever.

PostAnyArticle Admin Expresses his anger against the PAA users discussing other reliable ‘Pay to Post’ sites by deleting their posts

Many PostAnyArticle users woke up to the shock of logging in to their accounts and finding that their earnings had reduced significantly, but before finding their breath to shout “what happened to my earnings?” they noticed the site rules updates post by the admin.

Reading the post, we found out the reasons explaining why the earnings balance had reduced.
Even though the reasons given were suspect and questionable, the users had no say about what had happened to their posts.

According to the Admin’s explanation, the PAA site no longer allow duplicate content and thus no user will be allowed to republish the posts written elsewhere on the web, so that the site can improve with search engine rankings.

Thumbs up for this rule, any internet user who has a little understanding about the importance of SEO to any site can see the relevance in this rule update, even though it might also not work well based on the fact that the minimum word count of posts on PAA is 50 words, which may be very short to be picked up by the search engines during the content searching online.

Another update explained that did not sink well in the minds of the users is the deletion of the posts promoting other ‘post to earn’ sites like blogjob, elite visitors, CGP gallery etc as well as those discussing the frustrations the members of bubblews had undergone recently (which always attracted much attention on the site)

Here, the admin, The Crazy Texan , who is also the old member of bubblews explained that; the sites that use adsense and pay the users to post do it illegally and thus any discussions arising from them are considered fraudulent and banned on the site.

Looking closely at the action taken, one can still have doubts about the earnings connected to the deleted posts prior to deletion, meaning that the admin will be paid by the advertisers for the activity relating on the content but the content creator won’t.

This also left the users wondering why all this is happening when bubblews is going downhill and more users from bubblews are joining PAA, more new writing sites getting created promising better pay, and the fact that PAA no longer run adsense ads on the site (their adsense account got disabled long ago due to fraudulent activity on the site)

In my conclusion, PAA fears fair competition, which would probably lead to losing the writers/users to other writing sites when promoted on PAA and the users discover that the other sites offer better earning opportunities and join the new sites. As opposed to the PAA’s low earning rate of less than $3 dollars per 1000 views (where only views from the unlogged in reads are counted) and the minimum cash out threshold is $1 dollar which can take up to a month to be earned.

The new changes also include the payment update of increasing the minimum cashout to $5 dollars, which will become effective when the site introduce alternative payout methods besides PayPal.

Or is it just the personal hatred from the PAA admin against other writing sites whose adsense accounts are intact besides the fact that they are doing exactly what was considered fraudulent about his adsense account and got disabled?

The Factual Lessons I Learnt From Bubblews Rise And Downfall

As one of the veteran members of bubblews, I have a long history of the drastic transformations the site went through from the time it was at the peak of the trending topics online when it came to earning money online by writing, to the time it started showing suspicious signs of the scam, and eventually the recent shock.

While writing and earning from the site, I used to see some users boasting about how they loved bubblews and they were ready to remain loyal users without the payments, for they just enjoyed the opportunity offered by bubblews to share their thoughts freely and learn more experiences from other bubblers.

Now what? It is very shocking to see that the very users who used to throw dust into the eyes of other users were the first people to leave the site when it started having the payment crisis with the users. What does this imply?

It definitely shows that some people are just out to mislead others into thinking that they are in the same sinking ship when they already escaped using the rescue boats and they are the first to claim that they had read the writing on the wall.

Another thing learnt is that, humans hang on the empty hopes of things getting better in the future based on the trust they had in someone and always believe he would deliver what is promised, until it dawns to them that he is no longer the same. This can be explained by the number of the clingers who are still hanging on to bubblews expecting for the things to turn around in their favour.

There is also the fact that most of the online earners are desperate for the opportunities to make more money and thus they lack the opportunity cost of their time they spent online on worthless tasks openly seen as scam.

The last factual truth that can be highly considered by the online writing earners is that one should never trust any single earning site and devote all their efforts there with the view to built their lifetime successful business online.

Cointellect has rekindled the smile that had faded with bubblews disappointment

Even though I was not expecting a lot from bubblews, at least I was expecting something to smile about in the year 2015 arising from the efforts that I had invested in bubblews the last year.Totally the opposite of what I was expecting from cointellect,but proved wrong.

To be a bit exact, bubblews was owing me over $600 dollars that was still pending in the ‘under investigation’ status for the past few months, but not anymore, for it all disappeared under their last payment updates reported on the New Year’s Day.

In their payment updates post about the pending payments submitted on 1st Jan 2015, bubblews openly claimed dishonoring all the redemption requests submitted before November 11 2014 (for having been highly manipulated)

They further indicated that the payment requests submitted after November 11 2014 will be paid according to the current payment policy which is based on the local advertising rates in relation to the users’ origin rather than the old fixed earning rate.

Since I had no pending payment that falls under the new earnings policy, it simply means that I lost everything except the current earnings in the bank section that would take a century to reach the next payout.

A smile was rekindled when I checked my cointellect account which has been a while, to realize that some of my referrals had purchased the mining contracts of of investment totaling 900 euros (over $1120) in a row where I the referrer is entitiled to 10% affiliate commition.

Under this case, me as the referrer will be pocketing 90 euros ($110) after 14 days of purchasing the contract, whereby the cash will be available to be withdrawn through paypal, dogecoin or cryptopaay.

This will make it the third time I am collecting a payment from cointellect brnging the total of the earnings received received from cointellect to $220 dollars. All passively earned by inviting the referrals through my cointellect referral link who in turn purchased the mining contracts and earned me 10% of their revenue.

I must admit that I am just the lucky cointellect user, for I only have 3 referrals to date, but have been active enough to earn me big cash.

If you are new to cointellect, this is a site that offers the users the opportunity referred to as cloud-hashing to either purchase the cryptocurrency mining contracts or rent their hash rate and earn a share of the digital currency mined. For more information, check here or here.

$80 dollars donated by mistake to UNICEF while using the ATM machine to withdraw cash

What a disappointment it must have been trying to withdraw some cash from the ATM machine only to end up realizing that you just made a donation you did not had any slightest idea about?

This is exactly what happened to my friend who was in rush to catch the bus to the place of his residence and thus he had decided to pass by the ATM to withdraw some cash to be spent during the next weekend for domestic purposes.

After he inserted the ATM debit card, he absent mindedly punched the buttons on the ATM dashboard without carefully looking closely and monitoring what he was really doing.

As he was waiting for the machine to spit out the money he had requested along with the cash withdrawal receipt, just like he had done it numerous times, instead he saw a message displayed in capital letters on the ATM dashboard, “THANK YOU FOR THE DONATION TO UNICEF.”

It took a while to register in his mind that he had really donated his hard-earned Ksh.8000 (over $80 USD ) to UNICEF out of a mistake.

Whether such kinds of transactions are reversible, it did not matter anymore to my friend nor did he even pursue the issue with the bank?

According to him, he had to count the transaction as just another loss like others he had encountered in his working life and move on without having another thought about the whole coincidence.

This is one of the banking problems a few people encounter while carrying out their daily business and no one has the idea about how to go about it and thus end up accepting it as another lesson learnt the hard way.

Anyway, what if one can take such mistake as just the direction from above to donate to the one of the reputable charity organizations and earn you some blessings to even earn more in future?

LeapViral, is it just another scam site to stay away from or a legit way to earn big online?

LeapViral is a site just like mylikes that promises the online publishers to earn from sharing links of blogposts to their social media accounts eg twitter, face book, google+, blogs, forums etc and attract visits through the links by their audience, whereby the earning potential would be determined by the quality of traffic generated through the link. The main reason of creating the site is said to be, sending traffic to the sponsored sites owners who pay leapviral for the service.

As a publisher/user, one is recommended to perform a test to the link and determine the kind of the traffic/audience targeted before submitting the link to his (most recommended audience is aged 35+) and the performance of the link would also be affected by the time of submission.

The users are also able to earn from reffering new members to the site besides the earnings from the link submissions and it is said that some users who are able to attract QUALITY traffic to the given sites are able to earn up to over $42 dollars for 1000 visits (which varies based on quality), this also means that the publisher can be able to attract quantity traffic and earn nothing.

When I was introduced to leapviral, I was so eager to earn through my personal blog, face book, twitter, tsu, google plus audiences etc and I would improve my audience afterwards when things worked.

As usual, I had to carry out a scam check about the new site to earn from. The proved a trust rating of 75%, while had no much information about leapviral, after also reading some positive reviews on the web I decided to give it a shot for I had nothing to lose since it is just free to join.

After trying to submit the given links to my audience severally without any results of earnings (not even a single click in my stats), I am convinced that something is not really right, or did I miss something?

Anyway, this might be as the result of sending QUANTITY traffic instead of QUALITY traffic, and the fact that I am not a US user. But wait! Most of my audience on social media sites are from USA.

My suspicions that LeapViral is scam have been strengthened by the factual evidence that all the links provided to be shared by the publishers lead to the posts found on the same site, called (can it be a real fact that this is the only sponsored site available so far?) and no new links added since the time I signed up, a week ago.

In conclusion, I can summarize my scam claims about LeapViral as just a fake site created to send traffic to, the site which is probably owned by the same person. And that the positive reviews around the web about LeapViral are all the work of the site owner promoting it to attract the unsuspecting users.

Suppose my suspicions are right, I believe this is the smartest way to drive traffic to any site to be employed by the scammers to earn big through different ways, CPA, CPM etc.

This is my stand for now as I wait for a convincing feedback as to why I should change my mind about it. Feel free to leave your opinion about this; you never know how much it might help me or anyone else, especially if you can prove that LeapViral works as supposed to.

Away fro the doubtful sites that claim to make you earn more, doing almost nothing. I know that to land to this page, you are really seriously searching for a way to make the ends meet. This is why I find it reasonable to inform you about a training program that will unlock unlimited opportunities of making 1000s of dollars from your home based on the hard work and time you will be dedicating to the skills you will learn from it.

It is not a get rich quick scheme (sorry if you are looking for that), wealthy affiliates university offers its members access to the internet marketing training course, the tools and support to build the successful online business. The service that cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Stop struggling to make money online and get the training and the support you need to take you from a novice to a pro.

One great idea I learnt from my role model that keeps me motivated towards achieving success

Everyone who aspires to be successful in life must have a role model to follow in his footsteps and achieve his dreams either to the same level or beyond his role model’s goals.

One can have as many role models as he wishes based on his interests and ambitions but in order to accomplish the success similar to that of the role models, one has to learn the personal strengths and weaknesses of the role models.

Though it is rather hard to keep in pace with the role models’ strengths due to the natural factors like the limited resources at your disposal that can limit your scope, you can get more motivated if you realize that your role model is weak in some areas that you are okay with.

One of my role models is a professional journalist by the name Leonard Mambo Mbotela. This is a man who is currently in his seventies and has been able to achieve a lot in his career as a journalist.

He has worked as a radio presenter, a news reader, a news reporter, a TV show host in a Kiswahili show called ‘je, huu ni ungwana?’ (Translated to mean; ‘is this being a gentleman?’) And featured in many other radio shows besides being a football commentator and also earned a lot of journalism awards.

What really caught my attention more about Leonard mambo is that; the man does not know how to write the job application letter, the thing which must keep anyone wondering how he was able to move from one job to another, meaning a promotion after another, without applying for those positions.

According to him, the good company must just recognize the abilities of the employees and promote them without bothering them with job application letters; let the experience do the talking during the job interview, but not the well written application letter bought from the internet, expressing what the employer wants to hear from the person who is not.

How online writers are currently earning from bubbews regardless of the site nonpayment

It is not clear whether bubblews completely ceased paying the users for their content and activity, there still happen to exist rare cases of paid members as the rest of the members patiently wait for the payments that seem to be far overdue based on the processing period promised by the site.

The lack of trust in the site by some members who happen to write for the multiple revenue-sharing writing sites has led them to devise the new and reliable way to earn from bubblews indirectly.

Here are some of the ways the creative writers are employing to at least console themselves over the wasted efforts and resources they devoted to bubblews but seem to have ended up in smoke.

Since all the users who still have their accounts with bubblews (those whose accounts are not deleted yet) can access their content without issues, they have decided to pull out some of the high quality posts and submit them elsewhere, earning from them.

Though it is also a challenge, especially according to the fact that most of the posts submitted to bubblews were of low quality (specifically created for bubblews) hence not readily acceptable to some writing platforms where quality override quantity.

Other users (especially those whose bubblews accounts got deleted for pestering for payments) have now been left with only one option; writing on other platforms bad reviews about their real life experience on bubblews, trying their level best to tarnish the bubblews name, but still earn from the rants.

As for me, one of the international veteran bubblews members with the account still intact but with over $500 dollars still pending/under investigation; my hopes for ever getting paid the due payments are still hanging on the thread, always checking to see what news has developed.
In venting out your anger of mistreatment, you can opt for any of the above ways to still earn from your experience about bubblews, or patiently wait for the last answer from the site admin.

What I do to find new topics to blog about as well as continuously earn as a freelance writer

Working online as a freelance writer is challenging in the sense that your job entails creating unique posts of varying topics continuously whereby one should be able to come up with a different interesting idea write about.

That is why any serious freelancing writer must come up with the long lasting method to gather information from various sources to create the posts based on them without exhausting them within a short period of time and fail to meet the expected writing targets when one doesn’t come up with ideas to post about.

Here are some of the methods I have devised to ensure that my information sources are not depleted soon;

Watching my favourite TV shows:
I never watch the show just as any other TV viewer, instead I watch the show (mostly drama) with a different perspective in the sense that I keep looking for the answer to some arising issues from different angles of ‘what if’ and trying to brainstorm for the reliable solution. This way, I cn be able to come up with the new version of the show which can only be twisted a little to make an interesting post.

Listen to my favourite local radio station
Since most of the radio shows aired by my favourite radio stations are current and nvolve the issues affecting the modern man; to a keen listener, I can be able to come up with different interesting ideas about the issues that many internet users are seeking information about and create posts relating to them.

Take a short walk around the city
Since I happen to live in the city packed with people from all walks of life, by just strolling about for about 30 minutes, I would have stumbled against several ideas to note down and create blogposts about.

Just make a phone call to someone interesting to talk to
If I am bored and feeling blank, a phone call to some of my friends and a short friendly chat about general life can trigger a topic to write about and blog about.

Browse the internet- Browsing the web about any of my favourite topics or the current trending topic can be a very good source of the new idea to write about besides participating in social media contests and chat rooms.

Every freelance writer has different ways to keep coming up with the ideas to write about and keep the clients satisfied as well as meet the scheduled targets.

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